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2004-02-21 01:10:51 AM  
Microsoft getting into an area that they don't need to get into...let the media spinning begin
2004-02-21 01:15:46 AM  
A modded XBOX is the best device anyone can own. I have 3 xbox's now each when modded can view the streams off my tivo via XBMC. The Xbox also does a nice job of emulation every game console that came out before it.
2004-02-21 01:32:08 AM  
^ Was that english?
2004-02-21 01:34:10 AM  
So who can point me in the direction of how to mod my Xbox?
2004-02-21 01:35:21 AM  

This is just ridiculous. I mean, I have an XBox and a PS2... I have XBox Live, and used it a lot for MechAssault (pretty fun), and Crimson Skies (far more fun). Halo is still a shiat-ton more fun playing than any of the PC ports or even most of the PC games period, IMHO. To play Half-Life online, you need to commit a good 100 hours of playing just to be competitive. Even then, you rarely get more than 15 seconds to get anything done before someone puts you down. With Halo, just about anyone can pick up a controller and be fairly competitive. With the PS2, I look menacingly at the network adapter every time I play anything on it, because its simply not useful to me.

There's something to be said about being able to get 4 XBoxes together in one place and being able to play a couple of fun games, needing only a hub or switch and some CAT5. The Box has come a long way since it came out... and its the only choice if you want to get a lot of drunk people involved in a video game.

Now all this new crap they're trying to add isn't going to help sell XBox Live, or increase the value of the XBox... taking the harddrive out is the dumbest plan I've heard yet. Its all fluff, and I'm never going to use any of the new features.

There aren't thousands of titles out for the Box, but very few of the PS2's immense collection even mildly intrigued me. The graphics are awful across the boards, thanks to the lack of anti-aliasing, and while I love the PS2 controller, the XBox-S controller is very good.

Plus, its a console. its not a PC. Its never going to be a PC (unless you hack it) and comparing games on XBox to games on PC is the most asinine thing I've heard.

'nuff said!

oh, the lack of a hard drive for 'Xbox Next' is a rumor..
2004-02-21 01:50:37 AM  
I've modded my xbox up so much MS would ban me from Live in half a millisecond. I don't think I'm missing much though. I don't like any Xbox games enough to bother playing, or paying for Xbox Live. The media player and emulators keep me busy enough, and makes the xbox a worthwhile purchase.
2004-02-21 01:59:51 AM  
Yeah, but how much did you spend getting a good TV out card and two controllers?

I'll admit that was kind of expensive but the extra benefits of that card alone(ie video capture etc) make it all worth it. Besides the graphics power of the card was more important to me than TV out funcionality(which I consider a nice extra) Not to mention PC games >>>>> X-box games IMO.

And do you have your PC sitting right next to the TV, plugged in and ready to go by hitting one button?

I realize that I'm in the minority on this one but yes :) OK one button and a double click to start TVtool(a great app for anyone with an Nvidia TVout card) up. Even if I didn't though, the quality of games on X-box vs games on PC doesn't even come close. PC games can be absolutely stunning where as I have yet to be blown away by anything I've seen on X-box.

Can you launch games and movies using just the controller, and never have to get up and fiddle with the mouse?

Yep, my computer is in my living room on a coffee table. The monitor's view is just off to the left of the TV screen's and my mouse is always right there in front of me. Anyway, not here to get involved in flame wars, just stating opinions. I personally own a PS2 and Gamecube, wish I didn't buy the gamecube since it does nothing but gather dust right now. BTW I'm no PS2 fanboy either, I've been quite disappointed in what's been available on it for the past while. Nothing has grabbed my interest on any console since GTA:VC came out for PS2.

One thing I can say for sure, when WoW comes out what little is left of my social life will be gone.
2004-02-21 02:01:02 AM  
[image from web.syr.edu too old to be available]

Ice-T has some words for the fanboys in this thread.

At this point in the consoles' cycle, you should really consider owning both an Xbox and a PS2. The hardware is cheap and there are plenty of good exclusives (including $20 titles) for each system.
2004-02-21 02:01:37 AM  


What can't the PS2 do?? oh wait, you mean it Can Run better versions of Media Center without Voiding the warranty?? HOLY SHIAT... anyways, I'm jealous of the Xboxes Graphics, but until they put Gran Turismo onto the Xbox or PC I'm gonna have to keep buying a sony console...
2004-02-21 02:03:18 AM  
Microsoft is the only company with an alienating online strategy.

The PC, DC and GCN version of PSO all work together.
2004-02-21 02:08:54 AM  
I'm curious about the Tivo thing, are you using the evo-x dashboard?
2004-02-21 02:17:40 AM  
Some don't care who makes the product, just how the product works. If you go by that route, the Xbox is great. Mine's been since day one and has let my other consoles collect dust (except for a few select GC games which are surprisingly good).
2004-02-21 02:21:21 AM  
fellow ignorant farkers...


how is this 'asinine'? i've seen stupider ideas presented at AWARD SHOWS.. guys, don't jump on the bandwagon and hate microsoft like 'everyone else'... that's just plum stupid. here's what the ps2 can't do: compete with the xbox currently. the ps2 is obsolete compared to what the xbox is capable of doing. ps2 can run linux but you have to go buy the damn thing yourself. you can't mod linux onto it.. you have to buy it pre-modded to run linux, and even then it's retarded as hell. why run a linux OS on a console anyways? they're consoles for a reason; that reason is NOT so that you can sompete about 'my console mods better' fark get a computer. i buy... consoles to.. OMFG TO PLAY GAMES

i have 2 playstation 2's.. one xbox. i got the ps2s for real cheap because they, like many playstation2's have, received a disc read error and the people didn't feel like wasting money and sending it back to sony after the warranty was expired. i fixed both, the 2nd one actually had 2 fried diodes on the psu. bet they wouldn't have replaced that shiat, either.

2004-02-21 02:22:58 AM  
"..may not include a hard drive in the next version of the Xbox console, in favor of..."

[image from freepressed.com too old to be available]

"...in favor of charging you tons of $$$$$$$$$$ for every type of ridiculous & minute function you could've done at home for free, had we included a simple hard drive. Soon we'll find a way to charge you for air! (Windows users, you're NEXT! New version of windows to have tons of "online services" as well!)"
2004-02-21 02:26:14 AM  
Xbox live is limite to same country gaming, thus eliminating the point of online... (it's no fun without owning koreans who think they are elite in games =( And I can't play with my british friend either.)

So xbox's online=overrated and pointless (Look! I gotta pay TWO bills now! WOW!) Dreamcast's online idea was best (use your existing online services line, pay nothing else)
2004-02-21 02:34:46 AM  

damn my typeing... Also, the PC version of halo is better, I can actually aim.
2004-02-21 02:49:27 AM  
2004-02-21 02:08:54 AM carl_spackler
I'm curious about the Tivo thing, are you using the evo-x dashboard?

I use Evox, but the Tivo stuff is being done from within Linux using Freevo. Try googling for "Freevo" - currently it's not too hard to find a linux distribution that includes freevo for your Xbox. If you pick up one of those external USB tv tuners, you're set. We have the open source community to thank for all this.
2004-02-21 02:54:21 AM  
Confabulat: Xbox-scene has absolutely everything you need to get into modding. They have tutorials from soldering to installing the chips/new hard drives. The forums are also very helpful so check them out. Just cruise through the site and find what you need.
2004-02-21 03:53:52 AM  
If they had released the thing with a 40gb drive, 512mb of ram
What on earth for?!? Unmodded the Xbox barely uses the 8gb in the machine, and games run fine on 64. Microsoft didn't drop the ball, they designed the machine to do what it needed to do.

Modded Xboxes are freaking cool. Running a 120Gb in mine - chock full of games/movies - Makes a great portable Entertainment centre.
2004-02-21 04:14:01 AM  
PC gaming == gaming for nerds
PS2 gaming == gaming for kids
XBox gaming == gaming for grown ups

/loves the big controller
2004-02-21 05:26:42 AM  
Love that fake business-speak. Why use a perfectly good word ("function") when you can make one up that has more syllables ("functionality")?

I don't care if it's in the dictionary. "Ain't" is in the dictionary now. It's not a farking word.

It was made up by manager types who aren't useful and serve no purpose. They invented this word and words like them to hide the fact that they do no actual work. There's a whole bullshiat language out there built on catch phrases and pop business culture that everyone pretends is real and valuable. It's hard for me to listen to people who speak it with a straight face. It's crap, people! Just speak Englishiathe point of language is communication. When you say that your value-adds can be migrated into the white spaces of the economy for a more top-down, customer-centric approach to functionality, people who speak English won't understand what you're talking about. So you're not communicating. So you're full of shiat. And it looks like you're just hiding your uselessness in a vague cloud of tired, hackneyed, bullshiat phrases.

/bitter programmer tired of dumbasses cluttering the workplace
2004-02-21 06:25:19 AM  

I just got done playing Project Gothem 2 on xbox live against a guy in London.. Im in the US.. No same country limitations that I know of. And the first 14 months of my live service is free. So no extra bill for a while anyway, then its only $6 dollars a month. Money Well Spent!.
2004-02-21 06:29:35 AM  
Only new feature I am interested in is a pricecut...

I dont understand people with the either-or mentality either. I got a DC, a PS2 and a GameCube to satisfy all my gaming needs. Think about all the exclusives!! The GC itself is solely bought for Super Mario Sunshine, Metroid and Zelda...anyway, dont get just one, get em all!!
2004-02-21 06:40:36 AM  
i own all 3 'super' consoles out of sheer nerd-dom, and out of all them, i'm most happiest w/ my box. Even though i've been a little slow to get onto modding this thing (most likely due to a lack of soldering skill) i feel that once i've added another hard disk and some emulators, and whatever else i can throw onto it, the console will have attained that much more value. Having cool and alternative uses/functions (albeit for the do-it-yourselfers) is what makes the x-box 'cool' in my mind.

as for the article, i'm not really suprised that they decided to bring '.net' into the mix, but how could any of the new afforementioned 'features' detract from the gaming experience?

/in this thread way too late.
2004-02-21 06:41:50 AM  
I don't know what all the fuss is about. PC Gaming will ALWAYS be better than console gaming anyway. You could try to argue with that, but it would be futile. I mean look up at the beginning of this thread. "I can't play half-life... it's too hard... boo hoo hoo.. Halo is |337!" Now I remember why I don't associate with console gamers.
2004-02-21 06:55:05 AM  

Half-Life wasn't THAT hard.

besides, there ARE people who experience the best of both worlds. Also, I won't argue with 'pc gaming' thing since it would be futile, but would you care to enlighten me as to how it will the 'be all and end all' of gaming?
2004-02-21 07:00:02 AM  
Yeah, too bad consoles games are about 20 times as popular as their PC counterparts.

Ahh, PC gamer elitism. Face it, you're just as much of a dork as the console gamers you insult.
2004-02-21 07:11:54 AM  
Anyway you look at it the Xbox is here to stay, even if they dont sell any!

MS can say that they are no longer a monopoly in the PC world if they also sell console based technology.

it all stems from the anti-trust law suit a few years back.
2004-02-21 09:18:19 AM  
Man, the Xbox is LOADS better than the PS2. The PS2 is a joke! All of it's games are overrated...SOCOM for instance, the most overrated shooter I've ever played gets rave reviews from everyone even though it sucks.

The GC is awesome, can't diss it.
2004-02-21 09:42:41 AM  

PC gaming == gaming for nerds
PS2 gaming == gaming for kids
XBox gaming == gaming for grown ups

Putting things in simple categories to make yourself feel better from thinking that your video game hobby is less geeky than someone else's == Priceless
2004-02-21 10:02:44 AM  
4) You can rip CD's to the Xbox, and use it as a pretty decent stereo with your TV setup. If you buy the extra software for it, you can copy the MP3's from your PC on the same network.

5) It's a damn nice DVD player. I don't need to buy a separate one because of it.

Decent stereo? Damn nice DVD player? Ewwww....

Why would I want anything that big, that ugly and that noisy sitting under my TV?

If I did want an all-in-one entertainment centre of that ilk, I'd get a shuttle PC. At least they look a little nicer.
2004-02-21 10:28:17 AM  
Darth.Balls thanks for pointing me to that website.
I had no idea the X-box could do so much.
2004-02-21 10:39:37 AM  
Cannonhawk also check out:




2004-02-21 11:31:48 AM  
Dear Microsoft,

Please lower the price of the Xbox. In case you didn't notice, Sony and Nintendo are outselling you like mad.
2004-02-21 11:45:32 AM  
Xbox live is limite to same country gaming, thus eliminating the point of online... (it's no fun without owning koreans who think they are elite in games =( And I can't play with my british friend either.)

Xbox Live is not limited to same country gaming you jackass. I've played against/with people from the UK, Germany, Japan, Canada, etc. Maybe you haven't realized that most of these countries are in different time zones, therefore the people might not be on at the same time as you.

This is the most retarded use of the asinine tag I've ever seen--the only thing asinine about this topic is the people who swear that their PC's are better (and for $2500 they should be) than Xboxes. Xboxes are fantastic, especially when you consider what you get for the price. The games are great (Halo, Crimson Skies, GTA x2, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, PGR 1 & 2, Rallisport, MechAssault, etc.) and Xbox live is the way to go for online gaming. The playing field is always level, so eat it you trolls.
2004-02-21 11:50:25 AM  
Oh, and I forgot to mention that people who comment about the Xbox being too big, or ugly are extremely gay. It's not that much bigger than a PS2 (and it's not any louder) and they're both black. End of that argument. Of course the Cube is smaller, but why would that matter if your first priority is function? I'd rather have a larger device with a hard drive, DVD playback, huge modding potential over a tiny system with mostly kiddie games.
2004-02-21 12:12:19 PM  
Look, I understand what many of you are saying, that the Xbox is a great thing, and so is Halo.

Don't accuse people of being a fanboy against Microsoft when you are yourself a Halo fanboy.

2004-02-21 12:40:43 AM CarbonScoring

It seems to have been overlooked but I'll say it again, this time in bold.

Here's a tip for you idiotic flamers: When you see a link with the words "Xbox" in the title, simply ask yourself: "Do I like the Xbox?". If you answered no, please don't click the link, and please don't bullshiat up this thread with your inane ramblings.

Please don't act like you are smarter than anyone else.

I would just like to throw in Tribes and Tribes 2, Half-Life and Enemy Territory if anyone wants to chat up a lot of Halo.

Congrats, you have a jeep and some jets. This stuff has been done YEARS AGO. If you have an issue with this, and think that online games are going stagnant while the Xbox is the master of online play, may I humbly suggest you get a copy of the demo of UT2004. It rocks. It also plays better than Halo, and honestly, in the grand scheme of things, Halo is just not that old. So please spare us. Welcome to the genre. I am glad you're here. Halo is not breaking it though. It is firmly in the middle.

Tribes and Tribes 2, IMHO, has been the innovator. They are the ones that take the risks. Halo is a shinier version of a game that was very much in development and distribution YEARS ago.
2004-02-21 12:19:44 PM  
Peter_Stickums, Who pays $2500 for a PC, jackass?

Xbox is good, but PS2 has better RPG's. I have both and I want a modded XBOX and a Cube because we all know Nintendo kicks ass
2004-02-21 12:20:59 PM  
2004-02-21 11:50:25 AM Peter_Stickums

Oh, and I forgot to mention that people who comment about the Xbox being too big, or ugly are extremely gay. It's not that much bigger than a PS2 (and it's not any louder) and they're both black. End of that argument. Of course the Cube is smaller, but why would that matter if your first priority is function? I'd rather have a larger device with a hard drive, DVD playback, huge modding potential over a tiny system with mostly kiddie games.

Because those kiddie games actually are fun to play?

Have ya played F-Zero?

Have ya played Zelda? Or Metroid? Or Pikmin? Or anything like that?

Look, it is just that Nintendo is a different market. It is a quality controlled market. They are the Japanese company in games, they have a Japanese attitude about things, meaning they don't think that title glut is the best strategy. They are interested in their clients almost exclusively. Some of us are those people. And we will respond to that. I just don't think that anyone that buys a Nintendo wants DOA hardcore. They want Mario and Zelda, Metroid and Pikmin, they want FF:CC. Nintendo people want a pleasureable experience, not the fastest thing out there.

Ask yourself this. Do the people that drive the new VW Beetle spend so much on a car that goes fast? No. Think of Nintendo like that. Nintendo products have always been improving. That is their style. The only thing that has stunted them is their anti-piracy efforts, which is completely understandable... especially in asian markets. You think piracy is bad here? HA!

Nintendo is child like. But who plays games? Look at the portables market. I seriously doubt that Nintendo is going to get knocked around on that one.

Honestly, some of us adults go to see Disney movies, but yet you don't scream that Disney is too childish, do you?

Maybe some of us want the gore turned off, and to just play the game.
2004-02-21 12:31:32 PM  
PC for FPS and RPGs.
Consoles for sports games.

Xbox if you want the best-looking games, and PC ports.
PS2 if you want to be able to swap games with your buddies.

All three if you can afford it.

Seriously, can we move onto a Chevy/Dodge/Ford debate?
Or Gateway/HP/Dell if we wanna keep it nerdy.

2004-02-21 12:49:13 PM  
2004-02-21 12:50:52 PM  
ah yes, the usual anti x-box posts. All done by angry computer nerds that are jealous of Bill's sucess.

But hey, why would you want to play games with real people near you when you can hide in your parent's basement and not have to talk to anyone?

We are seeing the beginings of the Sony/Microsoft war here people. Both are and will be competeing for our multimedia attention. You just have to choose a side,

ultra proprietary hardware and a cumbersome OS that will only work with other Sony products?

Or a PC based system that can be moddified easily, with better functionality?

Both will offer options that will be miserable failures from time to time. But I definately think that Microsoft has a better grip on the main idea. Sony's online presence is a joke,
2004-02-21 02:19:16 PM  
"I can't play half-life... it's too hard... boo hoo hoo.. Halo is |337!" Now I remember why I don't associate with console gamers.

You're a sad, sad human being.
2004-02-21 02:53:35 PM  
Why should we choose sides?
Get both in the end it's the games not the hardware
that decides who's on top.
2004-02-21 04:36:24 PM  
actually it is not the games or the hardware. the final choice is made by the people playing the games. bottom line is If you like a game , Play it!. If you do not like a game, Give it to your kids and buy something else. I personally am glad there are alot of choices out there. Because if all the people that piss and moan about xbox didnt have any other choice they would be coming onto xbox live and turning it into another fark. and trust me when I say,, 1 Fark is plenty for this world.
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