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(   Reminder for Farkers in East Central Indiana to show up for Mardi Gras in downtown Muncie on Saturday. Plenty of beer and boobies for everyone   ( divider line
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2169 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Feb 2004 at 1:08 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-02-19 12:37:30 AM  
Mardi Gras in anywhere but Rio de Janeiro or New Orleans=WEAK.
2004-02-19 4:02:31 AM  
St. Louis is O.K.
2004-02-19 9:53:48 AM  
"Fat Tuesday" is Tuesday, not Saturday.
2004-02-19 4:18:31 PM  
Muncie is the f*cking ghetto.
2004-02-20 1:11:54 AM  
Gooooo, Muncie!

/you know, for kids.
2004-02-20 1:16:35 AM  
I wouldd shwo, up, bug i am at purdue. and raelly, really drunk.
2004-02-20 1:19:57 AM  
BI Hell yeah, from one drunk Purdue engineer to another...!
2004-02-20 1:21:35 AM  
That's not Mardi Gras. Take it from a New Orleanian. Although, there's prolly less chance of getting shot there while watching a parade.

1 Murdered, 3 Injured on Parade Route
2004-02-20 1:31:32 AM  
Krikey, if someone's promising me all the boobies I can fondle, I'll drive up from Indy...
2004-02-20 1:38:43 AM  
i went last year. there no boobies. it was too damn cold. only nudity were drunk guys who flashed their wieners and they were arrested. i didnt care. it was my b-day and i got hammered.
2004-02-20 1:50:12 AM  
It was about 26 degrees last year

no thanks, try it in June
2004-02-20 2:11:21 AM  
Did someone say Muncie?

[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-20 2:15:08 AM  
Mobile, AL brought mardi gras to all you posers so bow the fark down.
2004-02-20 2:17:04 AM  
Don't forget the rednecks and trailer trash, cscx!

I went last year and froze my arse off, but it got warmer after about 7 beers. Most of the boobies were in front of the DJ booth (not many).
2004-02-20 2:22:55 AM  
I don't live in said area. What can I do to ensure that, in the future, any Farkboobiebeer parties are within a robot's flight from where I live. In case anyone is curious, I don't live in New Jersey, despite what my profile might try and tell you. I actually hail from Borneo, though I also have a house on the moon, in England, Siberia, and Easter Island. And yes, this house is in all of those places simultaneously.
2004-02-20 2:25:33 AM  
drive from purdue all the way to muncie for midwestern boobies (and thats a maybe on the boobies anyway)....
rather just wait for mardigras nights at the bars (it may not be real mardigras.. but when girls eat each other on the bar, its pretty damn close... god bless impaired judgement.)
and god bless brothers mug night.
2004-02-20 2:51:31 AM  
The Biloxi, MS parade isn't too shabby. It's a pretty big deal, but that's only because of the city's relative proximity to New Orleans.
2004-02-20 5:27:03 AM  
How do the revelers avoid Muncie's mighty potholes?

/served time at Ball State: think of mullets when Muncie is mentioned...
2004-02-20 6:54:11 AM  

You captured the Ball State/Muncie experience very well, unfortunately.
2004-02-20 7:10:08 AM  
All that has been said about Muncie is true

/Grad student at Ball State
2004-02-20 7:30:59 AM  
Hmmm...that's strange...I don't remember posting on this thread last night. In any case, I have a couple of friends who go to BSU, and the Mardi Gras celebration should consist of a bunch of rednecks and possibly, though unlikely, a few attractive girls. Though it seems like everyone already realizes this.
2004-02-20 7:59:20 AM  
I think I'll pass and just stay in Lafayette, thank you.
2004-02-20 8:06:40 AM  
Avoid the potholes? Muncie is one giant damn pothole.

/BSU undergrad
2004-02-20 8:28:06 AM  
I never knew there were so many of us from Muncie here. It's funny that not one of us has anything good to say about this town. We're all in agreement.
2004-02-20 9:14:21 AM  
Well...we do have the Shafer Shaft...and an incredibly fabulous mall (please read with sarcastic tone).
2004-02-20 9:23:33 AM  
So where is the alternative Mardi Gras hot spot for us Boilermakers?
2004-02-20 9:57:39 AM  
Any chance of a Chicago Fark party anytime soon?
2004-02-20 10:24:56 AM  
Unfortunately, when I picture Mardi Gras in Muncie, I get the mental image of David Letterman's mom wearing a neck full of beads and a bikini in front of a bunch of redneck frat boys. Someone could come up with something better... Photoshop, anyone?
2004-02-20 10:45:04 AM  
St. Louis Soulard Mardi Gras is the shizznizzlebambizzle. 2nd only to the almighty Nawlins.
2004-02-20 10:51:01 AM  
Yes, Farkers, it's Mardi Gras.

Laissez les Bon Temps Roule! From your fellow Farkers in New Orleans.
2004-02-20 11:55:06 AM  
There is nothing good to say about Muncie, and the only time I saw good boobies was when Dustin Diamond was on his college cafeteria come-back tour. I'm doubting Muncie Mardi-Gras will have the same kind of drawing power.
2004-02-20 1:10:26 PM  
avoid muncie at all costs

/serving time at Ball State
2004-02-20 3:12:23 PM  
Hello, Muncie! Wish I could join in!

/born in Muncie, raised in Yorktown, Alexandria, and Daleville, now living in Boston
2004-02-21 10:14:49 AM  
93-5 & 96-7 MAX...MAXimum Classic Rock will, again this year, will be broadcasting from the MAX Tower Of Power in downtown Muncie during the MAX/Budlight/Muncie Mardi Gras 3.

If you farkers wanna see the boobies...that's the place to be.

And no, they don't ALL look like Dave Letterman's Mom.
2004-02-21 1:47:53 PM  
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