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(Fark)   It's a lovely Friday, you're still (mostly) sober, and you're dreaming about the weekend. Must be time for the Fark Weird News Quiz   ( fark.com) divider line
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1790 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Aug 2014 at 4:46 AM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-08-29 02:20:53 PM  
Thanks as always to the team that put it together for you all. Your quizmasters this week are meow said the dog, Sim Tree, Tziva, phlegmmo, and Sinto. Incredible team, thank you for the hard work.
2014-08-29 02:21:53 PM  
Winners of last week's quiz:

jaksmata 1027
SordidEuphemism 932
VooDoo_Blonde 926
loveblondieo 923
crisp-ss 923
susler 921
pkrzycki 921
ThisIsntMe 921
Oliver Twisted 919
daisygrrl 919

Hope you can replicate that success this week.
2014-08-29 02:22:27 PM  
2014-08-29 02:23:44 PM  
Better than last week
Final Score:

8 out of 11 correct, total points = 707
Total time elapsed:

2 minutes (123 seconds)

texdent 707
Unfreakable 0
2014-08-29 02:25:00 PM  
Holy crap, this one is brutal.  Or else I've been working at work this week.
2014-08-29 02:25:29 PM  
Literally Addicted618
Dance Party518
Sliding Carp273
Unfreakable 0
2014-08-29 02:27:49 PM  
I really wish I would read the articles more.
2014-08-29 02:33:06 PM  
6/11 & 5/10

Productivity: A bit much.

Waiting on the real quizmaster still, but in the meantime, I beg to differ on thunderstorms being the best part of summer. Best is when it's over!
2014-08-29 02:38:38 PM  

Literally Addicted: I really wish I would read the articles more.

There are articles?!
2014-08-29 02:41:25 PM  
Greenlighted for 11pm? That's a bit later than usual isn't it?
2014-08-29 02:43:42 PM  
Final Score:
5 out of 11 correct, total points = 483

*Price is Right fail horns*
2014-08-29 02:51:33 PM  
Final Score:
7 out of 11 correct, total points = 630
Total time elapsed:
1 minute (112 seconds)

Not bad I suppose.
2014-08-29 02:58:36 PM  
True indeed, Subby. I only hit half of my joint at lunch. The rest is for the ride home.
2014-08-29 03:02:05 PM  
704!  Better than I usually do!
2014-08-29 03:04:36 PM  
11/11 - 907
2014-08-29 03:10:36 PM  

FourDirections: Final Score:
5 out of 11 correct, total points = 483

*Price is Right fail horns*

Same here, but I got a 409. Not bad for only knowing one and guessing the rest.

One order of fail horns. Pick it up!
2014-08-29 03:17:16 PM  
Hard: 10 out of 11 correct, total points = 839 (199 seconds)
Easy: 9 out of 10 correct, total points = 835 (88 seconds)

Also, it doesn't rain here during summer, and I'm off by one again. And again. (Good work again, quizzinators!)
2014-08-29 03:39:19 PM  
Final Score:
6 out of 11 correct, total points = 552
 Total time elapsed:
1 minute (100 seconds)

Yeah, I was actually working this week.
2014-08-29 03:41:14 PM  
Jesus, I get worse every week
2014-08-29 04:21:36 PM  
5 of 11 ... but

420 points

shaka brah, irie mon, I & I quite the happy to see that score on a Friday afternoon.  It was meant to be, praise Jah !

/puff puff pass
2014-08-29 07:25:04 PM  
OK, fess up! Which one of you is still mostly sober?
/too busy drinking to take the quiz.
2014-08-30 07:49:27 AM  

hillary: Hit front page on Saturday at 4:46 am. That's not a Friday.

It hit yesterday around 2PM ET. I bumped it a bit for the Saturday crowd. Should have tweaked the headline.
2014-08-30 12:11:40 PM  
media.tumblr.comView Full Size

Look, just because the quiz is getting harder doesn't mean I was more productive. Nobody wants the weekend to end.
2014-08-30 03:36:40 PM  
Damn! First time I get a perfect score and only a few seemed to participate. Urrgggh!
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