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(Some Guy) Boobies Lolita star gets naked for PETA (mildly not safe for work)   ( divider line
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102149 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Dec 2001 at 1:21 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-12 01:23:57 PM  
2001-12-12 01:25:52 PM  
One more reason to eat meat
2001-12-12 01:26:05 PM  
Wait wait, having now actually seen the pic, I retract my yum and go with a more apt, yuk.
2001-12-12 01:26:27 PM  
farked already or just my network? please put up here for ol' Rabb

2001-12-12 01:27:43 PM  
nice big butt...mmmmm
2001-12-12 01:29:32 PM  
Link gone... anybody mirror?
2001-12-12 01:30:52 PM  
this page doesn't seem to want to load!! fark
2001-12-12 01:31:10 PM  
big deal...

Naked chicks don't make me want to stop eating meat.
2001-12-12 01:31:19 PM  
Let's go french fry some white tailed deer. Maybe kill a minx or two, but not for the fur, that would be wrong. No, we'll do it just for the fun of it.
2001-12-12 01:32:50 PM  
I think the only reason people work at and support PETA is so they can see these hookers get naked.
2001-12-12 01:35:25 PM  
Owww, sweet. Now they just need to get hold of Thora Birch.
2001-12-12 01:35:37 PM  
Has anyone seen my toilet?
2001-12-12 01:35:50 PM  
I'd rather have her go naked than wear fur :)
2001-12-12 01:38:03 PM  
this is a proud day for me - my first accepted FARK link - sweet!
2001-12-12 01:38:16 PM  
2001-12-12 01:40:01 PM  
I'd rather she put on clothes and step aside... let Britney do the damn posters!
2001-12-12 01:40:02 PM  
2001-12-12 01:40:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-12 01:41:14 PM  
Wow I would do her. Isn't Britney doing one of these too?

Does this mean she shaves?
2001-12-12 01:41:50 PM  
"If all I have to do is stand in front of a blackboard naked to make people think about the cruelty that animals go through to make a fur coat, I'm perfectly willing.
yeah. I dont think her standing naked in front of me will make me think about cruelty to animals, but I still dont mind her effort though.
2001-12-12 01:44:34 PM  
Have you ever seen this chick being interviewed? She is really weird.
2001-12-12 01:46:22 PM  
I'd rather she go naked too.

Fur is wrong. Everyone knows that cured leather is FAR superior for protection purposes. Sure, a heavy fur cloak looks cool, but what good does it do against a broadsword?

On the other hand, fur is very warm. Perfect for wintering adventuring. With that consideration, I would recommend leather armor covered in a nice black bear cloak. Stylish AND warm!

Wait... she's serious isn't she? And here I thought she was into role-playing.

PETA spelled backwards reflects their mission statement. Assholes Taking Everything Personally.
2001-12-12 01:47:05 PM  
talk about reinforcing stereotypes. why does she have to be anorexic and then saying she doesn't wear fur. i bet she doesn't eat anything besides lettuce and carrots.
2001-12-12 01:47:10 PM  
dudes... we have been sharing this pic on the thread about britney doing this.... this is old news....
2001-12-12 01:47:44 PM  
2001-12-12 01:48:41 PM  
This is her in Lolita. She's sure grown up.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-12 01:50:26 PM  
That's a great pick-up line..
"listen baby..all you need to do to get people to think about the cruelty that animals go through to make a fur coat is get nekkid.."
for some reason, I have the feeling that I wouldn't be able to pull it off.
2001-12-12 01:50:51 PM  
this is taking far too long...who is this woman, anyway?
2001-12-12 01:54:01 PM,+Dominique

Birth name Dominique Ariane Swain

Date of birth 12 August 1980

She was a 15-year-old Malibu High School sophomore when she made her film debut in Lolita (1997). She was selected after a six month search from more than 2,500 girls considered for the role.

An actress who won a significant dose of notoriety for her title role in
Adrian Lyne's 1997 adaptation of Lolita, Dominique Swain had the dubious
honor of being caught up in the scandal of her feature film debut. Thanks to
the content of the film -- which, unlike Stanley Kubrick's earlier version
of Nabokov's novel, emphasized its more explicitly sexual aspects -- Lolita
had great difficulty finding a U.S. distributor and was effectively
consigned to video store shelves. However, many of the critics who did see
the film were impressed with Swain's performance, remarking that she more
than held her own opposite such seasoned costars as Jeremy Irons and Melanie
Griffith. Born, according to legend, in the back of her father's Datsun
somewhere on the Santa Monica Freeway on August 12, 1980, Swain grew up with
three sisters (one of whom, Chelsea, is also an actress) in Malibu. Her
interest in acting led to a role as a stunt double in The Good Son and an
audition for the lead in Lolita; the fledgling actress was eventually chosen
for the part by director Lyne over 2,500 hopefuls. Following her work in the
1997 film, Swain appeared as the rebellious daughter of John Travolta and
Joan Allen in John Woo's Face/Off later that same year, and then starred as
the eponymous heroine of Girl (1998), a coming-of-age drama about a spoiled
high school student trying to make sense of sex. Swain's growing popularity
was more than adequately demonstrated in 2000, when she was involved in no
less than eight screen projects. Included amongst them were The Smokers, in
which the actress played one of a trio of teens who want revenge on their
boyfriends, and Intern, which cast her in the title role of an intern who
becomes the head of a fashion magazine.
2001-12-12 01:55:27 PM  
Sure would be better if she swanked up to the front of the class waering nothing but a fur. Now there's a show !
2001-12-12 01:55:51 PM  
ok, ok, ok.....who were the Rutles?
2001-12-12 01:56:54 PM  
i have a farking boner
2001-12-12 01:57:35 PM  
what a great ass
2001-12-12 01:57:57 PM  
I didn't see Jeremy Irons anywhere in that ad!
2001-12-12 01:59:39 PM  
I know that yesterday I saw an image of a girl in a similar pose writting "I will not suck dick in class." But I'll be damned if I can find it today....please help, I can't get any work done until I find it.
2001-12-12 01:59:47 PM  
She can write on my chalkboard anytime.
2001-12-12 02:01:10 PM  
I'd rather go naked with Dominique Swain than wear fur too!
2001-12-12 02:03:34 PM  
Is shaving a beaver considered animal cruelty?
2001-12-12 02:05:59 PM  
I wonder if she was wearing fur when they shot that pic.

"Okay, Dominique, just turn an inch more to the right..."
2001-12-12 02:06:08 PM  
Finally PETA do some good.

Can't believe that campaign is still going, i thought it stopped in the 80's. Who the hell wears fur these days anyway? A few fat 50 year old millionaire wives, big farking deal.
2001-12-12 02:06:18 PM  
She may have a nice ass, but she's got feet the size of a polar bear.
2001-12-12 02:06:26 PM  
PETA is a sex cult, like I always thought.

When you look at their leader, he reminds you of the Heavens Gate guy.

What does going naked have to do with saving animals? If you really wanted to stop animals from being butchered, you'd come up with an advertising gimmick much better than this.
2001-12-12 02:09:24 PM  
She is ugly.

You can not judge asses with a side view only.

There must be hotter PETA lovers out there.
2001-12-12 02:10:31 PM  
And it's funny PETA slipped in the word "kindness" into their ads. PETA treats animals better than humans... well, humans not part of their cult.
2001-12-12 02:11:57 PM  
Makes me want to eat Tuna
2001-12-12 02:12:59 PM  
I got sent that pic too.. but deleted it.. let me know if you still want it and I'll get it again...
2001-12-12 02:14:17 PM  
Girls just like getting naked.
2001-12-12 02:16:44 PM  
I know I've got a hankerin' fer some fur now.... ;)
2001-12-12 02:19:57 PM  
Someone needs to hit that ass while wearing a mink fur condom.
2001-12-12 02:23:40 PM  
Christ, you guys are so predictable. Every time a PETA-related link rolls in, it's only a matter of few seconds before the first "Boy, this makes me want to kill animals and then eat them! Hahahahahahaha!" comment rolls in. It's embarassing.
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