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(Politico)   You know it's bad when a "good night" in Ferguson results in only 6 arrests. Progress, people   ( politico.com) divider line
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2014-08-22 01:28:19 AM  

Pull the Plug on Grannie: iremo: All of the these things are of course possible! Whether they fall within the purview of reasonable doubt should be decided by a jury. At a trial. After they indict the guy for second-degree murder.

What's wrong with letting the grand jury to their job? If there is clear evidence of Wilson's facial injury + corroboration from witnesses that be was bum-rushed, why would you drag Wilson through a trial? What if he really was in fear for his life and feels like a pile of shiat about it? What does a trial accomplish if there's a 99.99% chance he will be found innocent?

Because Grand Juries are the exception rather than the rule for felony prosecutions in Missouri.  Wilson would be entitled to a  preliminary hearing if he was prosecuted by filing of a complaint instead of a grand jury indictment.  A  preliminary hearing where he could be present for all of the testimony and could confront and cross examine witnesses,  have the assistance of counsel present with him throughout the proceedings and introduce his own evidence challenging the existence of probable cause, none of which is true of a grand jury proceeding, would probably be more favorable to Wilson if he is indeed innocent of any crime.  I think the prosecutor is going to drag the grand jury proceedings out which of course will be secret as is required by law.  That might leave Wilson twisting in the wind until October while the political officeholders get to avoid any responsibility and public accountability for the case.
2014-08-22 01:33:18 AM  

parasol: Callous: jst3p: Callous: dr_blasto: I'll buy the broken face story when the hospital confirms the ER admission and releases what they certify as the cop's CT or Xray scans. Too much bullshiat to buy anything about it now, they have zero cred.

So the only proof that you'll accept requires a criminal act on the hospital's part to provide it to you?

Are you that ignorant or are you just trying so hard to hang on to your narrative that you are willing to demand the impossible so as not to have to reconsider it?

The way I see it, if there was extensive damage to the cops face they would have released pictures as soon as possible because it would provide support that the shooting was justified. They probably would have released them at the same time as the still images of Michael tossing the store clerk around for maximum effect.

I realize I could be wrong but until I see  anyevidence of Brown assaulting the cop I am going to believe he didn't.

But blasto is demanding that the release comes certified from the hospital.  Last I knew it's illegal for doctors or hospitals to release medical records. without patient's permission

Or pursuant to a subpoena or other specified legal authorizations specified in HIPPA.
2014-08-22 01:39:34 AM  

rinasaunce: Geoff Peterson: The fact that you think it is important shows you to be easily distracted and lacking reasoning ability.

/It's an irrelevant strawman.

You are a very silly man.  The fact that a person, any person, who was involved in an altercation with a police officer was just leaving the scene of a strong arm robbery is absolutely relevant.  It goes to the immediate actions of M. Brown prior to the incident and it reflects his state of mind.

It is clearly not determinative, but only an imbecile would say it is an irrelevant strawman.

/critical thinking
//how does it work?

So releasing all of Wilson's records is necessary to evaluate his state of mind as well, right?  Not just the 'he's never been disciplined" statement but all of the records including any complaints since Brown was never afforded an opportunity to contest the robbery accusation, it's certainly fair to release any records where Wilson was afforded such an opportunity.
2014-08-22 07:48:45 AM  

Land_of_the_Magic_Dragon: parasol: Land_of_the_Magic_Dragon: Grungehamster: Land_of_the_Magic_Dragon: they were demanding a lynching.

Umm, I must have missed that. Here was the list of demands when this first started, distributed by flyer at the protests:

- The officer involved in the shooting death of Michael Brown be IMMEDIATELY identified.
- The same officer should be immediately fired and charged with murder.
- The Ferguson Police Department "Protocol Handbook" be distributed throughout the Ferguson community.
- The racial composition of the Ferguson Police Department should reflect the racial demographics of the community.

Now I think murder would be a difficult thing to try to convict him with (manslaughter is much more reasonable if you do believe that he did do wrong in this case) and the union ain't going to let any cop be fired until actually convicted. I also think that asking the racial composition of the force to match the community is an exercise in futility: if you have evidence of bias in hiring or promoting practices then go after that but trying to make it "equal" isn't going to do anyone much good. However none of those things were demanding his death without trial.

Someone got shot in broad daylight unarmed from several yards away while unarmed with multiple witnesses saying at the scene that he wasn't posing a threat to the officer when it happened. The police department response was "we will not release the name of the officer involved; he will face an internal review if he acted properly and will file charges if we find he acted criminally" with no promises to even let anyone know anything if the internal review cleared the officer. Do you see why the Weeners was protests, and how the crackdown on the protests that didn't attempt to discriminate between the protesters and the rioters just got people more angry?

If you feel those are reasonable demands it's a waste of time trying to reason with you.

You haven't negotiated much, have you?

Considering that every de ...

I love it when right wing nuts suddenly hide behind a union. But only when it is the cops, mind you.If this were a bus driver being protected by a CBA after running down a grandmother at a street crossing, you can bet we'd be hearing about how  evil those damn government employee unions are. Authoritarian hypocrites.

stan unusual: Not just the 'he's never been disciplined" statement

And considering the policy under the previous police chief was that all non-lethal confrontations that officers were involved in were investigated by the officer himself, and that the record was attached to the case file, NOT the officer's file, making finding them a herculean effort that could not have been completed yet...
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