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(USA Today)   Vanderbilt University has the happiest students in the country. Apparently it doesn't hurt to have the campus within easy access to all the bars in Nashville   ( usatoday.com) divider line
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2014-08-19 12:20:37 PM  
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What a happy Vanderbilt student might look like.
2014-08-19 01:47:14 PM  
The access to cheap hooch may be about the only thing that Vandy students would have to be
happy about.  Being a student there means you have to live in Nashville.
2014-08-19 01:47:40 PM  

BKITU: What a happy Vanderbilt student might look like.

They are not just students they are also employees, how happy are you at work?
2014-08-19 02:10:07 PM  
And I'm sure Tulane is on that list because of how much they like their professors...
2014-08-19 02:14:01 PM  
If you work in Nashville and you didn't go to Vandy, you didn't go to college.  They're real snobs about it.
2014-08-19 02:16:20 PM  
I know, no other college campus has access to bars.
2014-08-19 02:18:42 PM  
They don't live in Charlottesville, I see.
2014-08-19 02:38:41 PM  
Near the concrete Parthenon in Nashville, there is (or was) an establishment named Colony Cleaners. Students would steal the Y.

That's why Vandy students are so happy.
2014-08-19 02:44:35 PM  
Nashville's a fun town. I imagine it could even take the khaki-wearing country club kids that apply to Vandy and turn them into tolerable people.
2014-08-19 04:06:14 PM  
A student could get into a lot of trouble on Broadway in Nashvegas on a saturday night.
2014-08-19 05:47:46 PM  
If I had the money to go to Vandy, I'd be pretty happy, too.

/grew up near Nashville
//went to UTK
2014-08-19 06:06:01 PM  
Heyyy... Nashville made it on FARK.

/South Nashville FARKer.
2014-08-19 08:19:13 PM  
Brentwood (south Nashville) here. After living in Memphis for 20 years, Nashville is like the greatest place on earth.

The landscape reflects the city, I think. Memphis is flat. Very, very flat. Occasionally you'll get lucky and find a small hill, but nothing you could sled down. It makes you feel vulnerable and overcrowded because nothing breaks up the flow of cars and people. There is not a single place in Memphis that you would stop at and say "wow, it's beautiful here." And that accurate description describes the city and surrounding suburbs perfectly ... well, if the trees were all prone to fits of illogical violence, then it'd be perfect.

Nashville, on the other hand, has lush mountainscapes and you're never more than a mile away from something beautiful to look at. It feels very serene and relaxed. It's like the "cabin by the lake." And, again, it reflects the city. The people are so kind everywhere you go as long as they're not driving.

I am probably biased, though. Living in that shiathole for 20 years probably makes Nashville seem like a paradise.

As far as Vandy goes, whatever. I am too old to care. I'm glad I passed my college days before colleges got out of control with tuition and such. But, it is prestigious and it will get you a nod, in or out of Nashville.
2014-08-19 10:00:17 PM  
I had fun at Vanderbilt in the 90's.

After graduation I moved back to the West because of the shiatty summer weather.

Nashville is a fun town, anybody who tells you otherwise has never been there and is probably casting aspersions because of their bias against country music.

There's more than country in music city.

Also, go see a songwriter perform their songs at the Bluebird cafe, visit the Opry, stand in line for breakfast at the Pancake Pantry, see a show at the Ryman and spend an evening on 2nd Ave South and or printers alley.  You will have a good time.
2014-08-19 10:12:24 PM  
If we could just keep them damn kids out of The Villager I would be a happy man. Nothing ruins a good dart game like 13 assorted coed assholes trying to play on a single board right beside you.
2014-08-19 11:21:20 PM  
Anderson Cooper went there.
2014-08-19 11:45:50 PM  

BalugaJoe: Anderson Cooper went there.

His great great great grandfather endowed the university.  He did not go there.

Dierks Bently was there when I was there, I did not know him.
Willie Geist was there when I was there, I did not know him.
Molly Sims was there before I was there.
Amy Grant
Roseanne Cash
Lamar Alexander
Pauline Gore graduated from the law school and Tipper was at Peabody which has since merged with the university.
2014-08-19 11:52:54 PM  
Here in Baltimore I meet lots of alums of Virginia Tech (#5 on the list in tfa). They all *love* their alma mater. And they all display the VT logo proudly.
2014-08-20 01:08:28 AM  
Vanderbilt's have their own university?, seems excessive.
2014-08-20 11:04:09 AM  
Vanderbilt: "The Northwestern of the SEC"

I would have very little issue if my kid wanted to go to Vanderbilt. Hey, they were making a big push to recruit Jews.
http://www.beliefnet.com/Faiths/Judaism/2002/05/Vanderbilt-U-Woos-Je wi sh-Students.aspx

However, she seems more of a St. John's College kind of kid.
2014-08-20 10:41:46 PM  
That's because there are some insanely hot women on the Vandy campus.
2014-08-21 01:16:30 AM  

brimed03: Here in Baltimore I meet lots of alums of Virginia Tech (#5 on the list in tfa). They all *love* their alma mater. And they all display the VT logo proudly.

As pointed out in the article, the on-campus food is second to none. Some of the options are quite expensive, but a regular dining hall has steak and lobster on the menu every single day if you can pay for it....of course, I was never that rich, but it all was really damn good. So I presume a huge chunk of the happiness can be traced back to that. And the centralized campus is awesome too. I always hated campuses like UVA that were spread out in random parts of a city.

/I sound fat, but I promise I'm not
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