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6464 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Dec 2001 at 8:45 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-12 08:48:51 AM  
Had to read that topic header 3 or 4 times before it made sense...
2001-12-12 08:50:46 AM  
Note to self: Remove camera from my shoe. Its illegal to have a camera on your shoe now.
2001-12-12 08:51:09 AM  
What the hell is wrong with this country?!?!?

I can't look at asses or panties without their consent. I thought Slick Willy would have changed that law.

Besides women enjoy being degraded and taken advantage of.
2001-12-12 08:51:54 AM  
wow, the x10 camera is really catching on.
2001-12-12 08:53:51 AM  
Old habits are hard to break??
2001-12-12 08:53:52 AM  
Somebody needs to show this guy the wonderful world of online porn.
2001-12-12 09:07:40 AM  
They failed to mention the only way he was caught was his trench coat rapidly moving back and forth...
2001-12-12 09:14:05 AM  
The ironic part of this story is the webcam link on the left side of the page.

2001-12-12 09:19:59 AM  
Boy this boy just wont quit there gonna have to take his camera away!
2001-12-12 09:25:52 AM  
Anybody ever see the Pee Wees playHouse before it wa a kids show? There was one 'sketch' where pee wee walked around with mirrors on his shoes to look up Miss Evvones dress. Hilarity ensued
2001-12-12 09:28:35 AM  
When men can't look up women's skirts using hidden toe-cams, then the terrorists like boobies.
2001-12-12 09:31:14 AM  
He should just crawl uder desks and around on the floor..then if they ask whats he doing, he could say: lost my contact
2001-12-12 09:31:17 AM  
When all he needed to do was follow Britney....
2001-12-12 09:46:08 AM  
His autobiography would be titled "Looking for the mumbler."
2001-12-12 09:46:28 AM  
Imabmf: Yes I have. Major Pee Wee fan here. Miss Yvonne,,,grrrrrrrrr. People are always picking on Pee Wee, but the dude was a hilarious genius. I've got the video set and whenever my kids have their friends over, I put them in. Someone's got to teach the next generation.

And the shoe-mirror episode was priceless.
2001-12-12 09:48:44 AM  
Fark boobies......We want panties, panties, panties. On video, on video. Did I just say out loud?
2001-12-12 09:58:58 AM  
He should use the entrapment defense. Because the ladies were wearing skirts or dresses, they WANTED somebody to look up said clothing.

Why is it that women tend to complain of men peeking down blouses, and all the blouses i have seen have low neck lines?

How many men's shirts have low neck lines? Why can't women wear t-shirts,so then they won't be biatching at us?

2001-12-12 10:01:26 AM  
Amen brother!
2001-12-12 10:02:27 AM  
Well said Mrstickerman. These women had it out in public. The man had every right to look at it.
2001-12-12 10:04:21 AM  
Mrstickerman: Have you ever considered a career as a judge?
2001-12-12 10:06:27 AM  
rat takes nephew to local mall for sole purpose of staring down the blouses of women bending over to fondle said nephew...what about my nephews rights not to be fondled, dang blammit???
2001-12-12 10:18:35 AM  
This dude needs to get a job in the womens shoe department...
2001-12-12 10:56:03 AM  
I think this new terrorist filter is actually better than the original farkism!
If the terrorists like boobies then the terrorists like boobies!

2001-12-12 11:01:04 AM  
I'm for deleting any post that has the word terrorist in it. This has gotten fvcking moronic.
2001-12-12 12:02:28 PM  
Don't make me pound mu GAVEL!
....uh, that sounds a bit perverted, move along, nothing to see here.....
2001-12-12 12:58:41 PM  
Yeah, girls are always asking for it. Why can't they always wear sweat suits?
2001-12-12 01:11:52 PM  
"I tell you, there's something that just rubs me wrong when you're on probation and you're doing this same offense."
2001-12-12 01:12:46 PM  
Have you ever wondered why Women will wear thong Bikinis to the ocean beaches and to swimming pools, thus exposing most (if not all) of their "assets", yet they still get upset when someone sees their Panties which usually cover more?

I don't understand. Can anyone enlighten me about this contrary female behavior?
2001-12-12 01:21:48 PM  
Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Walter R. Heinrich said, "I tell you, there's something that just rubs me wrong when you're on probation and you're doing this same offense.''

something just 'rubs' him wrong while watching the videotapes....
2001-12-12 01:23:08 PM  
Investigators are reviewing about 45 videotapes, some four hours long, seized from Searfoss.

Where do I sign up ??
2001-12-12 01:52:39 PM  
I'm surprised Mrs. Tickerman is siding with the opposite sex.
2001-12-12 02:17:26 PM  
Bobbie: I can.
Chicks who wear a thong in public, won't biatch about you seeing her panties. 1) She doesn't wear any. 2) Only strippers wear thongs to a public beach/pool, so they have no modesty.
So, there is no direct connection between the 2. Thong wearing tramps like to be ogled. That's why the rest of us wear suits that go ON our butts. Not in.
2001-12-12 03:43:06 PM  
Translation of Dllsgrlz post:
Hot girls wear thongs. Ugly girls don't.
Guess what category Dllsrlz belongs to?
2001-12-12 04:26:11 PM  
You have us confused, CapnWacky.
2001-12-12 04:27:09 PM  
I agree, in my professional opinion.
2001-12-12 04:28:15 PM  
Three different names, just to get people to remember....
2001-12-12 04:30:06 PM  
If any of you motherfarkers have the balls, check out my yahoo profile. If you are smart enough, that is all the info you need.
2001-12-12 04:30:44 PM  
This part is amusing:

Investigators are reviewing about 45 videotapes, some four hours long, seized from Searfoss.

Hmm... "reviewing," eh?

2001-12-12 05:02:55 PM  
I am pretty sure that once you go out in public that all of your rights to privacy are gone. Hence
2001-12-12 05:39:59 PM  
"It's a trick question. If you say you don't, you're a prude. If you say you do, you're a slut."
("The Breakfast Club")
2001-12-12 06:53:11 PM  
First up, I AM NOT AN EXPERT ON PEEKING UP WOMEN'S DRESSES. My skill lies solely within the friendly confines of video production and its facets. My question is where the hell did he hide the video recording device? Unless he walked around with a bag containing a concealed camcorder used as a VCR (which the article does not mention), I don't see how this could be done.
2001-12-12 06:56:54 PM  
Isn't it ironic that Dllsgrlz name in her profile is "Queen Sassy Pants"? And now she's bad mouthing strippers who wear thongs? How can she live up to her name with an attitude like that? Go figure...
2001-12-12 07:09:03 PM  
There's a filter?

The terrorists like boobies.
2001-12-12 07:19:43 PM  
All I know is that there's a dude in Amsterdam that makes a living from filming up girls skirts.
Dutch lolitas, mmmmm....
2001-12-12 07:29:48 PM  
I'm getting really drunk, and I know I shouldn't, but anyways:
Have you noticsed how hard it is to pick up a beverage using only your left pinky and the palm of your left hand?

(Unless you're a lefty, of course)
2001-12-12 07:44:47 PM  
Actually, my last girlfriend was only 17 the first time I plugged 'er.
But that's LEGAL in the civilized world, so fark you USAians!

US-pedo and proud of it!
2001-12-12 08:34:44 PM  
This deserves the 'Hero' tag :)
2001-12-12 10:43:13 PM  
Sheeeeit, we used to use shoe-mirrors way back in junior high...

But anyway, this is the part that bothers me:
Searfoss was arrested in January for using a video camera in his shoe to look up women's skirts at a WalMart in Plant City.
Last month he was arrested again on voyeurism charges after police said he filmed women at Peddlers Mall Flea Market in Brandon"

For the love of jeebus, if you're gonna up-skirt a chick, at least pick a decent specimen!
2001-12-13 05:28:15 AM  
Oh yea. Here's something scary and unrelated. If that russian dude can be arrested and incarcerated in the U.S. under the DMCA. That means Spazzm, myself, and any other Euro-shagger who's started on 16 year old's, can be arrested and incarcerated for statutory rape on a trip to the US. How stupid is that?
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