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2014-08-13 09:53:26 AM  
That is literally not ironic.
2014-08-13 10:42:09 AM  
THIS got a greenlight?  Really?!?
2014-08-13 12:11:34 PM  
At least it wasn't "Another one bites the dust".
2014-08-13 12:14:21 PM  
Pull me Under
2014-08-13 12:14:32 PM  
I wouldn't call it ironic but these guys use Bicycle Race by Queen as their hold music.
img.fark.netView Full Size
2014-08-13 12:14:50 PM  
totes thought for sure it would be "I can't wait" by Nu Shooz

2014-08-13 12:16:04 PM  
Hanging on the Line -- Blondie?
2014-08-13 12:17:59 PM  
would have been funny if he doctor's office primarily dealt with erectile dysfunction
2014-08-13 12:18:30 PM  
Finally! An article that is on an interesting topic, is well written and timely and will make you think. I'm going to find everything Paul McNamara has published to the internet an read it beginning to end. Man is a genius!
2014-08-13 12:18:32 PM  
It's not news, it's Fark.com!
2014-08-13 12:19:18 PM  
Right, because every single caller to a physician's officer is calling to complain.  Every single one.
2014-08-13 12:19:59 PM  
Your blog sucks dude.
2014-08-13 12:20:22 PM  
Most ironic hold music?

Why, Black Sabbath's Iron Man, of course.
i942.photobucket.comView Full Size
2014-08-13 12:21:38 PM  

Riche: THIS got a greenlight?  Really?!?

Exactly, WTF

your blog sucks subby.
2014-08-13 12:21:41 PM  
This guy really *gets* it, you know?  I bet he also knows what the deal with airline food is...
2014-08-13 12:22:55 PM  
2014-08-13 12:26:24 PM  

BigSnatch: That is literally not ironic.


Ironic would be if a porn star lived on Virtuous Road. A coincidence would be if she lived on Hussy Lane.
2014-08-13 12:27:05 PM  
I couldn't have been the first one to think of this, could I?
2014-08-13 12:27:44 PM  
data1.whicdn.comView Full Size
2014-08-13 12:31:01 PM  
Put the lime in the coconut.
2014-08-13 12:37:56 PM  
My choice would be Cake's "No Phone"
2014-08-13 12:38:53 PM  

Riche: THIS got a greenlight?  Really?!?

Fark admins be trollin us again.

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2014-08-13 12:46:40 PM  

strangeluck: Riche: THIS got a greenlight?  Really?!?

Fark admins be trollin us again.

[images4.wikia.nocookie.net image 340x255]

That or some modmin just got a really nice hummer.

/Not talking about the gas-guzzling vehicle, either.
2014-08-13 12:46:41 PM  

12349876: My choice would be Cake's "No Phone"

or fashion nugget.
2014-08-13 12:52:02 PM  
i was once on hold with the IRS, the music was the nutcracker suite.

2014-08-13 01:06:03 PM  

2014-08-13 01:08:15 PM  
Called my dentist and got put on hold, listening to
- Simon & Garfunkel, "Bridge Over Troubled Water", then
- Morris Albert, "Fillings" and
- Blue Swede, "Hooked on a Filling"
2014-08-13 01:09:19 PM  
Seasons in the Abyss might be more appropriate.

/and awesomer
2014-08-13 01:13:30 PM  
This guy might as well have titled this "I Have Nothing To Write About Today"
2014-08-13 01:13:39 PM  

BigSnatch: That is literally not ironic.

Ironically, that is metaphorically not literal.
2014-08-13 01:29:24 PM  
Baby come back.

deadhomersociety.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2014-08-13 01:31:22 PM  
There is no irony here at all. Someone buy that geek a dictionary.
2014-08-13 01:43:40 PM  
Homer loses Maggie (above): Baby come back, Player, 1977
Homer is attacked by an Evil Clown Doll: Everybody loves a clown, Gary Lewis & the Playboys, 1965
On hold for the mental hospital:  Crazy, Patsy Cline
Telephone hold music for the National Fatherhood Institute, Cat's in the Cradle, Harry Chapin, 1974

Homer's voice mail: "I'll put you on hold."

The Simpsons writers spend hours on these little one-off gags such as music gags or store names. That's why everybody loves them ....

That's why everybody who matters loves them.
2014-08-13 01:45:50 PM  
Warning, that clip may start to play automatically.

You already knew that though and I don't care, so why did I bother to post this?
2014-08-13 01:47:22 PM  
Irony. People abuse the word "irony" so much that it changes meaning to cover non-ironic situations that are sort of funny or poetic justice but not quite literally ironic.
2014-08-13 02:32:31 PM  
Simply Red:  "Holding Back the Years".

Actually happened to me.
2014-08-13 02:50:20 PM  

NothingCanPossiblyeGoWrong: No, THIS is

When I worked in Customer Service, I made a CD for our hold music. I had "Help" (The Beatles), "Help is on the Way (Little River Band), "With a Little Help from My Friends" (Joe Cocker), "I Can Help" (Billy Swann), a few others. Wish I'd remembered that Yes song.
2014-08-13 03:15:44 PM  
I would've preferred the Stones' "I Am Waiting"
2014-08-13 03:44:33 PM  
2014-08-13 04:00:10 PM  

I'm on the Brute Squad: Simply Red:  "Holding Back the Years".

Actually happened to me.

Do you know Mick Hucknall was once arrested while trying to have sex with a rabbit?
2014-08-13 04:11:31 PM  
It beats Lover With a Slow Hand played as hold music for the Rape Crisis Center.  Jes sayin.
2014-08-13 04:27:28 PM  
Burning down the House, for the Arson hotline.
2014-08-13 04:44:43 PM  
At least the Hold music at the Rape Crisis line is safe for work unlike this not safe for work Hold music

2014-08-13 05:41:28 PM  

/bonus Dawson's Creek nostalgia
2014-08-13 06:04:13 PM  
My current ringtone is "Get over it" by The Eagles.

/why yes, I do phone support.
2014-08-14 07:50:52 AM  

jamspoon: I'm on the Brute Squad: Simply Red:  "Holding Back the Years".

Actually happened to me.

Do you know Mick Hucknall was once arrested while trying to have sex with a rabbit?

Johnny Carson voice:  "I did NOT know that..."
2014-08-14 01:51:54 PM  

btch_cakes: Hanging on the Line -- Blondie?

hanging on the telephone
but yes that is exactly what I thought of too
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