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2001-12-12 08:50:31 AM  
This is not completely true. Hitler was *mostly* vegetarian, but only because he had pretty serious stomach/gastrointestinal problems. And I'm not a vegetarian, either.

It's also rumored Jesus was a vegetarian, but I doubt it. I guess the guy who made this picture didn't realize plenty of seriously evil people ate meat regularly.
2001-12-12 08:58:13 AM  
What is worse, raising one head of cattle, expressly for the purpose of killing and eating it, or poisoning millions of innocent insects that have the same right to live peacefully as you and I so that you can get one measly tomato?

2001-12-12 08:58:26 AM  
I bet this is going to get the vegetarians' panties in a knot. *sits back and waits for the flames to shoot*
2001-12-12 09:02:45 AM  
Hitler was NOT drug free. He had a doctor on staff that gave him all sorts of shiat.
2001-12-12 09:04:38 AM  
It's a fair point - i'm a veggie, and sometimes i feel like i'm just one step away from invading Poland...
2001-12-12 09:05:05 AM  
I KNEW there was something fishy about soy! It's FASCIST! No wonder it doesn't agree with me!
2001-12-12 09:06:13 AM  
If it doesn't squeal it isn't worth a meal.
2001-12-12 09:07:37 AM  
So Hitler DIDN'T eat all those people he cooked??!!??

What a waste!!
2001-12-12 09:10:59 AM  
Hitler WAS a vegetarian, and not because of gastrointestinal problems. Albert Speer spoke of Hitler's remarks about "Death Stew" when a meat stew was served, and wonder aloud how people could eat such monstrosities when people around him ate lobster.

He did not allow smoking in his offices and did not drink. He was the original 'health Nazi.' (although his doctor did keep him high on a variety of other assorted goodies.)
2001-12-12 09:15:04 AM  
People who know small details about Hitler's life scare me
2001-12-12 09:19:44 AM  
Woohoo! Now I can prove to my mommy that heroine is a good thing!
2001-12-12 09:33:53 AM  
Fb-: A great point!


Did I just type that?

*looks back at comment

yes I did...
2001-12-12 10:13:43 AM  
Fb-, are you claiming you don't eat any vegetables?
2001-12-12 10:16:01 AM  
Meta: I think he's pointing out a weakness in the argumentation of vegetarians.

What he says is that if you don't eat meat because it's cruel to animals, then you surely shouldn't eat vegetables!
2001-12-12 10:16:47 AM  

When did I ever say that I'm uncomfortable with the idea of killing animals or insects for entertainment, spite, or food?
2001-12-12 10:32:46 AM  

And start killing the people that think animals deserve the same treatment as people.
2001-12-12 10:36:12 AM  
Fb-: Uh, there is such a thing as organic vegetables.. no pesticides?
2001-12-12 10:36:28 AM  
Intentionally dumb and incendiary, this.

Anyway, Hitler was not drug-free at all. He was receiving daily amphetamine shots from his doctor from 1942. The British army consumed some 72 million tabs of the stuff during WWII themselves, so speed can hardly be blamed with having lost the war for anyone.

The "adone" in Methadone is derived from the drug's original name, "Adolphine", having been synthesized at his order in the face of difficulty obtaining other opiates during wartime. It is rumored that Hitler dabbled in opiates himself as well.

As for whether he was a vegetarian, I don't care. I am a piscitarian myself. The decision behind this didn't hinge on a desire to belong to some club, and I'm not about to reverse it on this basis either. Giving money to places like McDonalds especially is hardly the specific for fixing anything that's wrong about the world.
2001-12-12 10:44:52 AM  
Desertfool -

Actually, what you write is only partially true. First, I would like to say that the poster was really funny...It made me laugh. But. . . here we go:

Hitler's favorite dish was roasted Squab, which is Pigeon, which is meat. This is according to several biograpers of Hitler as well as primary sources (letters he wrote, people he employed, etc.) Colin Spencer, in his book "A Heretic's Feast" completely debunks the myth of the vegetarian Hitler with this and other evidence, and It's a good read no matter what you eat. Also, he was certainly not "drug free". As has been earlier stated, he employed countless doctors who medicated him for many ailments. The myth about Hitler's vegetarianism got started when he adopted a meat-free fad diet that was popular in Europe of the 30s & 40s to alleviate stomach ailments.

more about Hitler and his "vegetarianism" can be found on Snopes.com. It simply isn't true.

Funny poster, though.
2001-12-12 10:51:02 AM  
All vegitarians are sick in the head due to some chemical deficiencies in their brains.

All you vegans are monsters. Growing plants just so you can chop them up and eat then while their still alive! How cruel! Tomatoes don't come from supermarkets! They are brutally grown in very cramped and dirty conditions!

I myself only eat single cell algea. The most simple form of life on earth. Of corse I only eat algea that has died of natural causes after living a happy and fulfilling life in the open ocean. The rest of you are all hypocrits!
2001-12-12 10:52:11 AM  
Oh, great, now I feel like an asshole for trying to better my health after the stroke two years ago...
2001-12-12 10:56:59 AM  
I'm a level 12 shadow vegan

2001-12-12 10:57:42 AM  
Fb-: Uh, there is such a thing as organic vegetables.. no pesticides?

Yes they are considered Organic yet they do use pesticides. 20/20 had a show on all the crap they clame is organic without pesticides yet they all use pesticides but its just a different standard.
2001-12-12 11:00:12 AM  

Yeah, they all have bugs in them though. Who wants to eat that shiat.

2001-12-12 11:01:07 AM  
Ummm is fark still on autopilot? Some of these links, like this one are just plain farking stupid.
2001-12-12 11:01:25 AM  
2001-12-12 11:10:57 AM  
fb- haven't you heard of the organics movement?
i agree somewhat though. our style of agriculture (totalitarian agr. -where ALL food is for humans) is wrong.
we are the only culture on earth(civilisation that is, vs. indigenous hunter-gatherers)that not only kill our competitors, but render their sustenance unusable. there is NO example of this behaviour in nature outside of humans.
read Daniel Quinn if you want to know more about this philosophy.
there is also the Land Institute http://www.landinstitute.org
which is studying viable perennial non-plowed crops.
plus there is also the argument put forth by Jeremy Rifkin that the cattle industry is the most environmentally destructive force in history (taking into account clearcutting, overgrazing, termination of native species to make room for ranches, etc. etc.) if ever there was a "fascist" & arrogant
industry, it's the livestock industry.(killing bison which are native to N. America because they threaten cattle ,which aren't)
i do hate veggie nazi's though. to each their own
2001-12-12 11:13:35 AM  
fb- if you've never compared the taste of organics vs. conventionals, you're missin out on some tasty treats!
best example I've found is Fuji Apples (and the organic ones from Washington state are in season and UNBELIEVABLY GOOOOD! and as big as softballs! and no bugs!)
2001-12-12 11:21:57 AM  
BTW there is a link to daniel quinn's site on my profile page for those interested. talks about how our agricultural practices are actually the causes of famine & overpopulation. and speaks about them intelligently & maturely. not some conspiracy nut.
2001-12-12 11:23:24 AM  
The intuitive cat,

You hippie pukes will never convince me to change my lifestyle. I'm not an ant, I'm not working for the better of the hive. I really don't care shiat one about the bugs and cows. I work for me.

Your alternative farming crap is just something you do to make yourself feel better about yourself. Trying to live up you your groupthink hippie ideals. What a waste.
2001-12-12 11:24:13 AM  
Jonny should be awarded the Perfect Post Award.
2001-12-12 11:31:40 AM  
I don't think these threads turn into veggie flame wars until 95% of the posts turn into all out veggie bashing. Admittedly, some vegan-psychos will get up in your face (even ovo-lacto's like myself) and be annoying little biatches, but why the vegitarian bashing?
Why, FARK why?
2001-12-12 11:38:26 AM  
Why is it that every time the subject of vegetarianism comes up, there's always a few whiners who have to say, "You hypocrite! What about the plants? What about insecticides?" Do vegetarians somehow THREATEN them??? There are infinate reasons people are, or become vegetarian. More than half the world's people are! Don't make ASSumptions.

That would be like me ASSuming that all meat-eaters like to hunt, and gut animals. Yeah, right...

It's really SAD that vegetarianism in this article is seen as more controversial than HITLER!
2001-12-12 11:48:44 AM  
Hitler isn't controversial; almost everyone believes that he was bad. Where's the controversy there? Anyway, Michael Jackson is also a vegetarian. Coincidence? Hmm...
2001-12-12 11:52:24 AM  
Uh, you actually bothered to read up on Michael Jackson?
2001-12-12 12:05:06 PM  
"You hippie pukes will never convince me to change my lifestyle. I'm not an ant, I'm not working for the better of the hive. I really don't care shiat one about the bugs and cows. I work for me.

Your alternative farming crap is just something you do to make yourself feel better about yourself. Trying to live up you your groupthink hippie ideals. What a waste. "

FB- is the last angry man, taking a stand on the digital frontier with catchphrases and inflamatory rhetoric.

Damn hippies, all concerned about world hunger and resource management and shiat.
2001-12-12 12:26:54 PM  
Fb- is right. Fb- is always right. I am a vegetarian and, Jewish, and sometimes I just have an overwhelming urge to crawl into an oven...
2001-12-12 12:33:06 PM  
the cause of overpopulation is too much food. the cause of famine is overpopulation.
2001-12-12 12:48:46 PM  
Copy and paste the link into the address field of your browser because I don't know the HTML code for links.


This link is SOOOOOOO funny. It has a picture of hitler and..., well, you'll see. Go there already, you lazy bastard!!!
2001-12-12 12:52:26 PM  
Lately, Fark has been feeling more and more like and AOL user meeting.
2001-12-12 01:31:12 PM  
Somehow I doubt Linda McCartney could of sat across the table from Adolph Hitler at a vegan establishment.
Just can't picture it.
Maybe some FARK Photoshopper could,but not me.
2001-12-12 01:50:30 PM  
word... the best way I know how to fight fascism is to beat the shiat outta fascist skinheads
Anti Fascist Action baby
p.s. you cannot deny that meat is still murder dairy is still rape

love clarke
2001-12-12 02:14:31 PM  
Corporate Mofo,

If you are going to do that, do me a favor. Preheat to 450 and cover liberally with butter.

2001-12-12 02:15:18 PM  
hitler only had one ball, too.
i guess now the perfect time to introduce my new beef jerky bong
2001-12-12 02:23:07 PM  
And the veggie debate takes a turn for the worse.
2001-12-12 02:24:35 PM  
2001-12-12 02:26:52 PM  
So far, all of you have made an excellent point...That a great deal of the shiat said about hitler is just plain made up. Try looking something up before you pass information that heard at a bar of something along to others.
2001-12-12 02:31:08 PM  
Eating soy may cause Brain Damage!
2001-12-12 02:31:40 PM  
Well, my respect to hitler. Better to kill millions of people, then millions of animals.
2001-12-12 02:44:33 PM  
OK, let's settle one point: Jesus was not a dirty vegan. Remember the thing with the fish and loaves, and the nets full of fish?
He also did drugs, if you count wine, and a lot of Romans cut their wine with poppies.
Brings new meaning to WWJD, eh?
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