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(Twitter)   Caption: What is Sean Hannity whispering to Benjamin Netanyahu   ( pbs.twimg.com) divider line
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1343 clicks; posted to Politics » on 09 Aug 2014 at 6:00 AM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-08-08 01:41:08 PM  
pbs.twimg.comView Full Size
2014-08-08 01:41:45 PM  
"Oh, you are circumcised"
2014-08-08 01:42:53 PM  
"Who the fark am I hugging?"
2014-08-08 01:47:51 PM  
"I love the smell of your cologne. Would you like to come back to my place, you Hebrew studmuffin?"
2014-08-08 01:49:23 PM  
Wait till you see my dick
Ey biatch
Wait till you see my dick
2014-08-08 01:59:44 PM  
"Take me, man meat!"
2014-08-08 02:02:08 PM  
"I swallow"
2014-08-08 02:25:13 PM  
"I have a sex doll in the news van called "Hamas" you want to take a turn at it?"
2014-08-08 02:36:34 PM  
"i'm so hard right now."
2014-08-08 02:37:13 PM  
"I'm so wet."
2014-08-08 03:02:31 PM  
"I hear you're giving out Palestinian hunting licenses, can I have 3?"
2014-08-08 03:22:34 PM  
I wish I could quit you...

now with voting
2014-08-08 03:29:04 PM  
"Hail Hydra"

Now with voting
2014-08-08 04:35:24 PM  
"Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior?"
2014-08-09 12:27:10 AM  
I can smell your c*nt
2014-08-09 06:12:42 AM  
2014-08-09 06:22:05 AM  
stick it in my pooper
2014-08-09 06:24:49 AM  
"I'm coming!"
2014-08-09 06:34:13 AM  
Arafat sleeps with the fishes.......
2014-08-09 06:38:26 AM  
Rub harder, I may just become an even bigger dick

/please delete previous
//it's cool, Hannity is all about revising the past
2014-08-09 06:38:35 AM  
"I brought a big bag of depends and the handcuffs if you want to make me your Palestinian again"
2014-08-09 06:50:32 AM  
"I love you even more than Putin."
2014-08-09 06:52:28 AM  

Mr.Tangent: "sorry if my boner for Israel is poking you in the thigh."

This, but with voting enabled.
2014-08-09 07:06:55 AM  
"The one on the left likes anal. But don't tell her I said that - act surprised."
2014-08-09 07:11:16 AM  
Oooooh, Benny, waterboard me with your squirt-gun.
2014-08-09 07:28:40 AM  
Where can a guy get a good knish in this town?
2014-08-09 07:41:44 AM  
I'd let you occupy my West Bank, if you know what I mean.
2014-08-09 08:10:51 AM  
Jerusalem Hilton, Room 206.  The door will be unlatched.

//now with voting enabled
2014-08-09 08:23:56 AM  
"Bibi, you're the greatest!"
2014-08-09 08:27:17 AM  
"Shave my holy of holies like you shave Gaza!"
2014-08-09 08:35:01 AM  
"Bibi... do you like movies about gladiators?"
2014-08-09 08:36:13 AM  
"Is that your spikenard or are you just happy to see me?"
2014-08-09 08:38:59 AM  
"Thanks for the lovely evening, Bibi. Blewed, screwed and circumsoozed."
2014-08-09 08:42:29 AM  
"Please don't bulldoze my house. Please don't bulldoze my house. Please don't bulldoze my house."
2014-08-09 08:45:46 AM  
"Is your cologne sage or maple?"
2014-08-09 08:56:17 AM  
"Bibi, give me some new material. I can't keep a straight face anymore."
2014-08-09 08:57:35 AM  
"Nah, it's getting late. You go slaughter some Palestinians on your own. I'll catch up with you next time."
2014-08-09 09:02:37 AM  
My knees and lips are getting sore can we take a break.

/now with voting goodness included.
2014-08-09 09:08:51 AM  
Remember, Jon Stewart is funnier than Stephen Colbert.
2014-08-09 09:12:15 AM  
I get paid to lie.

You lie to get paid.

We are samey same you and me.

I have a midget with knubbly fists back at the hotel room, want to join me and be his human hand warmers?

\I forgot voting because I am a very stupid person.
2014-08-09 09:22:12 AM  
Sean: I'll suck your c*** for a thousand dollars.
Bibi: Uh, I'm just gonna go find a cash machine.
2014-08-09 09:50:36 AM  
"Can I blow you?"
2014-08-09 09:59:40 AM  
"Thanks for helping me get that couch into my van that has no windows.  Uh... are you about a size 14?"
2014-08-09 10:32:11 AM  
My pork isn't traife. Call me.

2014-08-09 11:03:51 AM  
Wipe them out.  All of them.
2014-08-09 11:19:03 AM  
My biggest dream you ask? You, me, Vladamir Putin, a hot tub, and a bucket of Crisco? Coulter works the camera. What do you say?
2014-08-09 11:46:00 AM  

sendtodave: Why does this picture exist?  Why is it a thing?

Why do we have a domestic media propagandist hugging a foreign leader?

This was my thought also. Here's a man who sanctions rockets to fired into Palistine killing and injuring thousands of civilians. He's meeting with a man who vehemently lies to all of his listeners and supports Isreal's actions.

Here's my caption "I love the way you kill all those brown people and support your efforts of genocide".
2014-08-09 11:50:12 AM  
2014-08-09 11:50:37 AM  
"Serve your master well and you will be rewarded."
2014-08-09 11:58:06 AM  
"Gold is an excellent investment in uncertain times like these."

/mobile doesn't allow enabling of voting
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