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2014-08-08 01:26:13 PM  

Mr_Fabulous: The_Sponge: Zagreb, Croatia

Great town. Farking rinky-dink amateur-hour airport, no question.

I really need to go back to Croatia some day....especially Dubrovnik....it was beautiful.

In fact, I hate Zagreb's airport so much, I might fly into Dubrovnik instead....even though you have a 50/50 chance of survival with landing at that airport.
2014-08-08 01:32:38 PM  
I've got a few good ones.

Flying from Egypt to Australia, developed engine problems over India and had to make an emergency landing in New Delhi.  We didn't have clearance to leave the plane and had to remain onboard while the engine was fixed.  By the time it was finally resolved, the airline's window of clearance over Indian airspace was closed and we weren't allowed to take off.  Indian security forces surrounded the plane for hours while this was worked out.  Finally, the pilot came on the loudspeaker and said "Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts, we are taking off now."  At which point the engines went straight to what felt like full throttle and off we went.

Another flight from Dulles to LAX.  Got to the gate only to see the engine detached from the plane and in pieces.  Knew we wouldn't make our connection to Hawaii, so after dealing with the airlines, we jumped in a cab, raced across DC in rush hour traffic to Reagan National to catch a flight which we only just made.

Had a flight into Riyadh.  The announcement comes over the loudspeaker informing everyone that anyone attempting to smuggle in pork, pornography, or alcohol may be subject to arrest and/or deportation.  When I get to customs, they open up my bag and unpack it whereupon they find two unmarked VHS tapes.  My dad had put a pair of educational tapes on learning English for Arabic speakers that he wanted me to share with my uncle, but without speaking the language I wasn't able to explain this to the customs agent.  Had to wait while they got a translator for me.

Last one was my honeymoon.  We were flying back from Paris, but the airport shuttle had broken down and no one had told us.  We were stuck at the hotel, and I had to yell at the desk clerk to call a cab.  When I get to the airport, we're not allowed in.  The gendarmes are out in force due to a suspicious bag.  When we finally are allowed to enter, we race to the check in desk with about 20 minutes left until take off.  Fortunately, we're prioritized through and we have to run through Immigration and Security.  When we finally get to the gate, it turns out that it's delayed because too many passengers had been caught like us and they weren't going to take off with a 1/4 full plane.  Ended up stuck in De Gaulle for 6 hours.
2014-08-08 10:20:34 PM  
It was a bit before Christmas, 1982.  We were flying from MSP to DEN, and both were in blizzard conditions.  Spent all day at MSP before finally arriving in DEN late at night.  Didn't get luggage till 2 days later.
2014-08-09 03:03:32 PM  
Not too big of a deal, but I had a connecting flight from MN-St. Paul to Atlanta's HJ and then to Dulles.  I was at a conference in Minneapolis, and there was apparently heavy fog in Atlanta.  For some reason, the airline at the time called my mother rather than me, and by the time she got through to me, I had already missed the earlier flight out.  Eventually, I ended up spending the night in Atlanta.  It doesn't sound so traumatic, but I had all of the tickets lined up perfectly, with an hour or two lead time in between connections.
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