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(Fark)   Hello and welcome back to your late-summer episode of the Fark Weird News Quiz. Remember your answers, so you can do well on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me when it airs   ( fark.com) divider line
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2070 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Aug 2014 at 7:19 AM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-08-01 01:53:13 PM  
A great quiz this week, and a thanks to those of you that put it together (especially those who came in late-thanks for that). Your most excellent and attractive quizmasters this week are: meow said the dog, Tziva, Sinto, phlegmmo, and Sim Tree. Home run, team.
2014-08-01 01:54:10 PM  
Winners of last week's quiz:

caddisfly 1034
PeddlerOfBombast 1001
LaPaDe 999
Old_Fark 977
Bareefer Obonghit 963
Md37 938
mercator_psi 929
bearb8guy 927
scrumpox 926
DerAppie 923

Let's see you top that this week...
2014-08-01 01:54:36 PM  
2014-08-01 02:07:51 PM  
I don't remember working at work this week, but I guess I must have, dammit.

Good jerb, guys.
2014-08-01 02:11:03 PM  
Tziva   130

2014-08-01 02:13:17 PM  
I did much better on the hard quiz.  That's sad.
2014-08-01 02:15:40 PM  

Unfreakable: Tziva   130


Yeahyeah, I fail at failing.

Usually people cover it up fast enough before anyone can see :X

2014-08-01 02:20:24 PM  
Hard: 10 out of 11 correct, total points = 800 (214 seconds)
Easy: 10 out of 10 correct, total points = 920 (80 seconds)

Maybe if I just pretended to be productive, that might help. Then again, it might not help, but it would beat the hell out of actually getting anything done during the week.
/Brain, brain, go away, try again for next Friday!
2014-08-01 02:29:30 PM  
468 on the hard quiz. Sigh. Clearly need to adjust my work/Fark balance.
2014-08-01 02:32:03 PM  
Twilight Farkle800

it's so rare I'm ever top ten, no way it stands for very long. Plus, I'm from Richmond. 804 biatches!!!
2014-08-01 02:33:39 PM  
Woo hoo!  For now..

uncleacid  993
shopball    846
daemon1326    835
Tyrosine     823
Karvey      804
Twilight Farkle    800
juleebella       783
RainbeauxSue      763
Xanadone        750
bikerbob59     742
2014-08-01 02:50:13 PM  
I missed the first 4 so I decided to run the table.  dammit, I managed to answer one of them, and it was the least likely answer of all.  In fact, I know the answer is a down right, out and out lie.
2014-08-01 03:03:07 PM  
Sucked at both.  But on the easy...

Final Score:
7 out of 10 correct, total points = 666

But I missed the question about hell.  Go figure.
2014-08-01 03:21:27 PM  
I only got three right, but I was on vacation most of the week and wasn't farking.
2014-08-01 03:45:05 PM  
My suckieness continues.

Final Score:
4 out of 11 correct, total points = 358
Total time elapsed:
1 minute (113 seconds)
2014-08-01 04:02:27 PM  

Productivity: about half.

As for the weather machine, Thanks Obama!
2014-08-01 08:57:01 PM  
I don't do these quizzes but as a big fan of WWDTM that got a good laugh out of me.  Well played.
2014-08-02 09:58:49 AM  
It's August 2nd. That's still mid-summer, not late summer.
2014-08-02 11:27:02 AM  
Damn .. only six. And I teach Memory Courses at .. at .. uh ..
2014-08-03 03:52:52 AM  
This was my very first time taking the quizzes despite being the busiest week of my year... got about 350 and 550... but completed both quizzes in exactly 86 seconds.

I live with my mom.
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