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(LiveLeak)   How to fish for piranhas when they're really biting   ( divider line
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4019 clicks; posted to Video » on 26 Jul 2014 at 2:20 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-07-26 01:31:24 PM  
Protip: Listen on mute unless you like screaming toddlers.
2014-07-26 01:46:26 PM  
That piece of meat was uncomfortably short for the job

/I know, I know--that's what she said
2014-07-26 03:09:56 PM  
Watching this video reminds me of that night I spent with your mom.
2014-07-26 04:04:28 PM  

/ If she fell in she'd never get out.
2014-07-26 04:12:15 PM  

studebaker hoch: NOPE

/ If she fell in she'd never get out. Full Size Full Size
2014-07-26 04:36:28 PM  
Don't slip off.  Wow.
2014-07-26 05:05:04 PM  
Guess that's the easy way to do it. With a little more sophisticated operation you probably could catch twice as many. Lots were dropping off before they were over the bucket. Still, quite an impressive haul for a small hunk of meat. Depending on how much of a pirana isn't teeth it looks like she got about 10x the weight of fish.
2014-07-26 06:05:42 PM  
this is near identical to one of the simplest methods to catch crabs (e.g.
Crab Chasing a Chicken Leg XD ) except that for crabs:

1. you tie a string around the chicken (back, neck, leg) because you need to lower it to the bottom.
2. you need a dip net after you pull the chicken back up to the surface because the crabs will likely fall off once it is in the air.

// piranhas could likely bite through the string or the net.
2014-07-26 07:22:36 PM  
You could easily loose a finger or toe like that. I knew someone who did... She grew up in the amazon and was washing her clothes in the river. Felt a sharp pain and tug and before she could react, in an instant, half her finger was missing.

And that's a sweet ass and legs on that woman. Being Brazil, I guess that's to be expected...
2014-07-26 08:31:21 PM  
Anyone going to volunteer to clean them?
2014-07-27 01:09:56 AM  

Devolving_Spud: Anyone going to volunteer to clean them?

The fish or the legs?
2014-07-27 01:51:00 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2014-07-27 03:24:39 AM  
or you could just wrap the dam kids in a fish net and throw them in.
2014-07-27 04:42:10 AM  
CSB time:

I've fished and eaten piranha and they're only agressive like that when the water they're in is isolated from the main river and shallow. Normally, they're bottom feeders and don't come to the surface.

Kids were swimming in the river but were safe as the water was flowing but they learn never to go into stagnant tributaries or what you see happens. They get agressive.

They're also delicious fried with butter and garlic.
2014-07-27 07:38:25 AM  

lohphat: They're also delicious fried with butter and garlic.

What isn't?
2014-07-27 09:07:56 AM  
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