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(LAist)   Turns out International travel insurance isn't all inclusive in case of horrific Mexican ziplining accidents   ( laist.com) divider line
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2014-07-26 01:35:54 PM  

dbirchall: I buy travel medical insurance for international trips multiple times  every year.  Every single time I buy it, I am asked how much coverage I want, what deductible I want, and whether I want an "adventure sports rider."  That rider comes with a $50,000 lifetime payout cap.  I don't go on ziplines.

I'll have to check closely next time I buy out of country medical insurance. I've only paid for the adventure sports rider once because it was explicitly required when hiking at over 5000 meters. I thought more pedestrian activities like kayaking and ziplining are normal coverage.
2014-07-26 01:38:40 PM  

Bacontastesgood: o'really: Um, many Americans still don't have health care, why the hell would a corrupt, impoverished developing nation have it?

America "chose" not to have real universal heath care.  Lots of nations with lower per capita PPP than Mexico have universal health care.  Actually, Mexico does have it now that I bothered to look it up, but only for its own citizens.

Mexico has a lot of great sounding laws, doesn't mean they're implemented in reality.

A poor Mexican woman walked miles in labor, was rejected from a community health clinic, and had to have the baby by herself on the lawn of the hospital not all that long ago.

If you want anything resembling quality healthcare in Mexico, even as a Mexican citizen, you pay out of pocket.

I know people who went to med school in Mexico. They paid their professsors if they wanted good grades.

When I was in Africa, the community clinics were staffed by people with little to no medical training. Their diagnostic skills were laughable. They handed out whatever pills sounded good, even when tests confirmed the diagnosis was wrong.
2014-07-26 01:48:18 PM  

profplump: o'really: Um, many Americans still don't have health care, why the hell would a corrupt, impoverished developing nation have it?

You know that Mexico has universal health coverage, right?

They still discriminate by nationality like most countries do, but they have better insurance participation than the US does, along with lower costs and a decent standard of care. If anything America is the underdeveloped, corrupt and impoverished country in this comparison.

I'm not an expert on mexican healthcare, maybe you are.

All of my friends who have lived in Mexico say that public care there is a joke.

I'm curious where you get the statistic of higher insurance participation, which i find unlikely.

I have never experienced this "discrimination by nationality" you speak of. Every time I've gotten healthcare in a country with true nationalized care (not in developing nations, sure) I've gotten far superior care than i have in the us, with shorter wait times, and lower cost. And i was never enrolled in their national scheme.

I will agree America is backwards when it comes to healthcare coverage.

My stepsister has no income, has been denied medicaid several times due to her housemates' income being higher than the cutoff for her participation. They get insurance thru their jobs.
2014-07-26 10:40:19 PM  
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