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(YouTube) Video What the boot camp scene in "Full Metal Jacket" would look like if you were on LSD. Not safe for work language   ( youtube.com) divider line
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4464 clicks; posted to Video » on 12 Jul 2014 at 11:10 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-07-12 07:25:55 PM  
I vote for green.
2014-07-12 07:33:34 PM  
Audio needs phasing, panning, and echo.  Also needs some wicked tracers, brah.
2014-07-12 08:07:31 PM  
Now THAT is a war face....
2014-07-12 09:11:03 PM  
If only I were on LSD.. I guess booze and failed life goals will have to suffice.

/nicely done vid
2014-07-12 09:12:56 PM  
I've seen that movie on acid.  It's way more unsettling than that.
2014-07-12 09:23:18 PM  
Can't watch video here. Does this version have a plot? Nevermind, it's a Kubrick film.
433 [TotalFark]
2014-07-12 09:24:15 PM  

Lionel Mandrake: I've seen that movie on acid.  It's way more unsettling than that.

Me, too, several times.  Full Metal Jacket and The Big Lebowski were movies I often had on when falling asleep in my dorm my freshman year.  You might think you've reached the end, but that tail may be longer than expected!  Somehow, though, Full Metal wasn't as frightening under the influence as it was sober.  I felt, after time, that I understood the psyche of the characters, and that they played out as pieces in a larger scheme.  Of course, this was in the context of a movie/film, and not that of persons inserted into a chaotic world of continual misperception, subterfuge, death, and subversion of the American ethos.  I managed to maintain the notion of roles in a film, and not the true "FARKING SHIAT!!!" of the Viet Nam conflict.

"She's saying a prayer."  ...kill me... kill... meee... kill..... meeeeeee.... kill *BLAM*
433 [TotalFark]
2014-07-12 09:26:41 PM  

Mugato: Does this version have a plot? Nevermind, it's a Kubrick film.

Oh wait, no, it's the game played by characters with obscure motives, some of which I am not meant to understand, such as is what is encountered in a circumstance where id and ego collide as though planets are destroyed...
2014-07-12 09:42:05 PM  
Well, I'm not sleeping tonight.
2014-07-12 09:57:39 PM  
Damn... if our Marines had a war face like that, we probably could've a wrapped that beyotch up by the summer of '68.
2014-07-12 11:58:41 PM  
No, it's not really anything like that, I've heard. That was amusing, though.
2014-07-13 12:08:44 AM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2014-07-13 12:51:20 AM  
That's fairly accurate for back in the day. Now, not so much. Wouldn't want to offend the little snowflakes after all.
2014-07-13 03:57:32 AM  
LSD didn't work like that for me.  Lots of visual disturbance, embellishment and additional but things mostly retained their actual shapes and proportions. Never understood why anyone would want to watch something as aggressive and unpleasant as a movie like that while under the influence.
2014-07-13 05:56:42 AM  
The He-Man version is still my favorite. I don't see ever watching a war movie on acid. Last time I was tripping I watched TOS Star Trek instead, pretty freaking hilarious.
2014-07-13 06:07:44 AM  
img1.wikia.nocookie.netView Full Size
2014-07-13 09:50:55 AM  
I'll see your Full Metal Jacket on acid and raise you Apocalypto on mushrooms.  and no, I didn't pull a Jarrod Wyatt.
2014-07-13 11:04:53 AM  
Acid doesn't do that.  At least, not to me.
2014-07-13 02:52:48 PM  
What is this Mickey Mouse shiat!!!
2014-07-13 03:28:34 PM  
With a headline like that, I had a hunch the "TAKE EVERYTHING LITERALLY" chuckleheads would respond in force. And damned if I didn't win that little mental bet.
2014-07-13 03:58:20 PM  

Lionel Mandrake: I've seen that movie on acid.  It's way more unsettling than that.

You've should've tried "Poltergeist". Still in my Top Three Errors of Judgement, along with I Stuck My Dick in Crazy and Buy an Old House and an Old Boat in the Same 12 Months.
2014-07-13 06:01:43 PM  
2014-07-13 07:40:34 PM  
I watched The freakin' Exorcist on acid. I laughed my ass off. This candy-ass shiat ain't gonna scare me.
2014-07-14 01:57:05 AM  

Doktor Merkwrdiglieben: I'll just drop this here.


2014-07-14 03:07:47 AM  
70s full length porn on acid. Accept no substitute.
2014-07-14 09:44:50 AM  
I thought watching The Return of the King on acid would be fun, but before long I had to turn it off because the movie was far too dark and grim, so I doubt I could survive Full Metal Jacket dosed.
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