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(Hartford Courant)   Authorities shoot and kill interloper that broke through airport perimeter security and accessed the runway, threatening the planes. Was presumably looking for picnic baskets   ( divider line
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2014-07-12 03:42:10 PM  
I guess "euthanize" is a nicer term for shooting it to death.
2014-07-12 04:53:38 PM  
Did he have 35 pizzas he was delivering?
2014-07-12 04:55:22 PM  
Poor thing
2014-07-12 04:57:22 PM  
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2014-07-12 04:59:13 PM  

2014-07-12 05:03:35 PM  
Just imagine trying to land the plane after a bear strike.
2014-07-12 05:04:12 PM  

hotter than the ads: DMX?


X gonna give it to ya
2014-07-12 05:07:55 PM  
They couldn't move it somewhere else?
2014-07-12 05:11:22 PM  
Interloper= a person who chooses to travel overseas rather than Vegas for that forbidden wedding
2014-07-12 05:11:23 PM  

RRicochet: They couldn't move it somewhere else?

They did, straight into their freezers

/all except the hide, that they moved in front of their fireplace
2014-07-12 05:12:53 PM  
I told him, Boo Boo, them iron birds ain't got no food that's fit for bear nor man. But he had to go look.
Now he's a tiny brown throw rug on the Warden's bath room tiles. It's a real tragedy for the whole Jellystone Park region. He was the only cinnamon bear outside of captivity in the whole State.

I'll miss the tiny dude. He could get into places where my arms wouldn't reach.
2014-07-12 05:13:27 PM  
Ah, euthanized, the politically correct (i.e. evasive) way to say shot dead.
2014-07-12 05:15:37 PM  
I prefer the term "Kevorkianed".
2014-07-12 05:15:52 PM  
Another senseless assassination. What about due process?!
2014-07-12 05:18:12 PM  
popfi.comView Full Size
2014-07-12 05:24:17 PM  
So they f'ing killed it?
2014-07-12 05:42:59 PM  

haterade: hotter than the ads: DMX?


X gonna give it to ya

As long as he pretends he's a federal agent, I'm in to it.
2014-07-12 05:45:54 PM  
2014-07-12 05:48:39 PM  

Farkage: So they f'ing killed it?

What else are they going to do? It was a bear. Bears will fark you up. There's no good way to deal with a live bear.
2014-07-12 05:54:40 PM  

Tobin_Lam: Another senseless assassination. What about due process?!

It was due. Now it's being processed.
2014-07-12 06:02:22 PM  
He was delicious.
2014-07-12 06:07:46 PM  
Actually, they are relocated all the time. Happens in every national and state park I've ever camped in. They don't just shrug their shoulders and say, "eh...lets just kill the f'ing thing". Brought to the people that shoot puppies in your yard because they "felt threatened" I suppose.
2014-07-12 06:12:43 PM  

Mark Ratner: I guess "euthanize" is a nicer term for shooting it to death.

Maybe it was a gentle smothering...
2014-07-12 06:20:14 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

™ here's to you, da Bear
2014-07-12 06:26:36 PM  
The perp?
i1280.photobucket.comView Full Size
2014-07-12 06:44:06 PM  
simpsonswiki.comView Full Size
2014-07-12 07:07:23 PM  
Hopefully they moved the bear to a good place after shooting it.  A butcher shop and then into a big freezer sounds about right.
2014-07-12 07:14:54 PM  

2014-07-12 07:18:43 PM  
I'm sick of these constant bear attacks, it's like a freakin' country bear jamberoo around here!
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