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(Some Guy)   The x-ray pic of the man with the surgical retractor inside him that we posted recently was not the same guy as the original article. It happened again. At the same hospital.   ( divider line
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2001-12-11 02:25:04 PM  
That is just sick!
2001-12-11 02:28:50 PM  
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Can you say "inventory control"?
2001-12-11 02:29:04 PM  
the other "guy" was a women, so I doubt that was her picture yesterday.
2001-12-11 02:30:16 PM  
"The Church case was one that we thought it surprised us"

All your surgery are belong to us.
2001-12-11 02:30:23 PM  
and they say none have resulted in fatal complication

which makes it all ok
2001-12-11 02:30:44 PM  
they should have added "doo dah, doo dah" .
that would have given them the record for LONGEST HEADLINE EVER
2001-12-11 02:31:18 PM  
That hurts to look at. Just like Rosie O Donnell
2001-12-11 02:31:50 PM  
2001-12-11 02:37:13 PM  
not only was it a different guy, it wasnt even a guy!
bad headline
2001-12-11 02:38:36 PM  
can you say $$millions$$ ???? damn....
2001-12-11 02:41:30 PM  
Remind me to DIE before I go there for surgery.
2001-12-11 02:57:27 PM  
2001-12-11 03:06:58 PM  
"The university admits it is making changes now after the second incident. "

Holy duh, what was wrong with the first time?
2001-12-11 03:09:14 PM  
there isn't a way i can see that the x-ray definitively belongs to one or the other... obviously, it is one of two... don't really know which.
2001-12-11 03:13:14 PM  
Since 1997, the university says there have been five cases where surgical tools were left in patients. They say none resulted in fatal complications.

Well, of course; how often do they give a corpse a CAT scan after it dies from surgical 'complications'? Isn't it possible that there have been other undiscovered cases that resulted in fatalities?
2001-12-11 03:21:56 PM  
Like i said the other day, I'm an advocate for litigation (as so many cases are frivilous today) but they should sue the bastards. Three times? Those doc's must get their degrees out of cracker jack boxes.
2001-12-11 03:22:32 PM  
my bad, 5 cases since 97.
2001-12-11 03:23:54 PM  
Hey, it's obvious this hospital has something going on. It may not be a good thing necessarily, but they may as well stick with it.
2001-12-11 03:34:29 PM  
hospitals are scary, I once had a surgeon forget about me for 20 hours when i had an inflamed appendix. came damned close to death. never trust your doctor.
2001-12-11 03:46:00 PM  
Wait a minute. Were these surgeons once military doctors? They should have stayed in the military where they can't be sued no matter how many people they kill or maim.

Also: "They say none resulted in fatal complications." Yeah I had a (military) doctor accidentally remove a ligament. It wasn't fatal but it completely changed the rest of my life. I went into the military hiking 5 times a week, biking 20+ miles daily and playing volleyball at least 3 times a week; I left it 3 years later less one ligament unable to walk a flat sidewalk without pain-no running, jumping, biking, hiking... Any doctor who maims a person should be maimed in the same manner. Maybe they'll be more careful.
2001-12-11 03:53:03 PM  
umm there was an easy way to tell...the one from yesterday had a dick...
2001-12-11 03:58:12 PM  

welcome to the church of scientology. prayer service is at 10
2001-12-11 04:15:12 PM  
Actually, if you look at the link from yeaterday, that X-Ray was Donald Church. Read the caption.
2001-12-11 04:17:14 PM  
yeah, if you look at the a certain part of the picture of the x-ray, you can definitely tell that was no woman.
2001-12-11 04:27:24 PM  

Signed: Surgical Tools
2001-12-11 04:31:47 PM  
Yeah, you'd think millions, but you'd be wrong. I saw the other guy on TV with his lawyer, and in Washington you can't sue a physician for punitive damages, meaning that basically, only the true cost to the client can be considered. For the other guy, that meant a little over a hundred grand for time off work & the longer medical care.

For my 2 cents, I can't see this lady or the other guy getting 50 million or some other ridiculous number like a jury might want to award, but I also think that Washington might want to rethink that law. Of course, even punitive damages almost never come from the doctor; they have insurance just like any business.
2001-12-11 05:04:03 PM  
Man, if they just had a farking Garret wand [$90], or other hand held metal detector in the OR, they could do a sweep of the sutured area for any metal post-op. As a Goth/Industrial bouncer, I loved wanding people correctly and finding all their hidden weapons n' shiate. Smart ass little punks thought they were Mad Max or something...
2001-12-11 05:09:30 PM  
I saw a book once titled "How to survive a trip to the hospital". It was written by a surgeon or retired surgeon not sure which. He suggested things like putting a sign with your name above your bed so they know who you are, making sure you look at your own chart to verify that it is yours, and even go so far as using a black marker to mark which leg or arm it is they are supposed to work on if it is a limb. This book came out after the Florida hospital amputated the wrong foot on a patient (2nd time in a year) back in the mid nineties.
2001-12-11 05:09:39 PM  
They ought to run a metal detector over your body when the surgeon is done.
2 pictures that would be appropriate on this thread would be "OPERATION" by Milton Bradley and The Alien popping out of John Hurt's chest in "ALIEN"

2001-12-11 05:25:35 PM  
That looks like a big dick.
2001-12-11 05:57:29 PM  
Much as I like the UW, it being in Seattle and all... I rather question their teaching there. I had some plastic surgery done at Children's hospital by a teacher from UW (he even brought students in to see his work). I now have 2 scars on my person that didn't have to be there. And had to go to a second plastic surgeon to fix the original surgeon's mistakes. UW is NOT good. NOT GOOD.... Well, in my experience anyway.
2001-12-11 05:58:22 PM  
Holy farking hell! They better pay and pay well.
2001-12-11 08:06:10 PM  
Dear Lord! Remind me never to get ill anywhere NEAR
University of Washington Hospital. Sheesh!
2001-12-11 11:03:02 PM  
Shoulda gone to Harborview...
2001-12-11 11:13:23 PM  
I could just not imagine what its like to have something like that stuck in me...

-he who packs fudge
2001-12-12 12:02:43 AM  
I think we need a new category around here...

2001-12-12 10:27:20 AM  
What do you wanna bet they bill the patients for the surgical tools they left inside.
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