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(Kotaku)   The Pokemon World Championships is taking place this weekend, and you can watch it right here without leaving the safety of your moms' basement. Don't say never did anything for you   ( divider line
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1277 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 05 Jul 2014 at 5:33 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-07-05 04:18:27 PM  
i1182.photobucket.comView Full Size
2014-07-05 05:40:51 PM  
Fark links to The Ocho now?
2014-07-05 06:14:08 PM  
Bookmark. Ohhhhhh yeah, daddy's comng back to this thread, umf umf.
2014-07-05 06:17:15 PM  

Savage Belief: Fark links to The Ocho now?

quickmeme.comView Full Size
2014-07-05 06:27:16 PM  
5 seconds in and I'm already disturbed there are commentators and expected favorites.

Savage Belief: Fark links to The Ocho now?

Playing an ultra ball?

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2014-07-05 06:35:56 PM  
2014-07-05 06:43:58 PM  
x2.fjcdn.comView Full Size

I think I might like to play...
2014-07-05 06:51:38 PM  
10 year old me would be super excited to attend and play.

27 year me would also be happy to attend... Just to see some of the creepy people from the same generation that still play these games on a competitive level.

I have nothing against the fandom and still have the good old gameboy floating around the house somewhere. Maybe even some of the cards.

Good memories.
2014-07-05 07:03:52 PM  

LonMead: I think I might like to play...

Gotta catch 'em all.
2014-07-05 07:33:28 PM  
Turned it on for my 8-year-old son, who's really into Pokemon.

Five minutes in: "This stinks. Why are all these grown-ups playing?"
2014-07-05 07:43:23 PM  
Team Rocket FTW!
2014-07-05 09:37:53 PM  
I wish I could filter Pokemon shiat from being displayed in my browser. This shiat's awful, it's like 1998 never ended.
2014-07-05 11:19:18 PM  
I remember 15 years ago when ESPN2 showed the Magic world championships in a tape-delayed pre-packaged program, at 3AM on a Sunday.
2014-07-06 02:00:45 AM  
cdn.teckler.comView Full Size Full Size

Pokemon was cooler back in the day when there weren't eleventy million of the things and 5 different ways to evolve every damn one. Plus theyr all pretty lame these days. Im pretty sure its not actually possible to "collect them all" either because you cant trade between certain game generations. 

Training prakremans is serious buisness... It involves long hours of breeding -- something pokemon will never experience irl.
2014-07-06 02:02:24 AM  
pokemon trainers will never experience... Pokemon themselves seem to get used like Cambodian child prostitutes.
2014-07-06 02:24:01 AM  
i172.photobucket.comView Full Size
2014-07-06 02:57:26 AM  
the women dressed up as pikachu vs women dressed up as misty ratio is very sad
2014-07-06 03:01:13 AM  
art.penny-arcade.comView Full Size
2014-07-06 06:03:48 AM  
Pokemon battles with cards = lame.
Pokemon battles with actual fictional creatures from the franchise = AWESOME!

Until then, forget about it.  I'll just go back to watching cock fights and pretending they're pidgeots and fearows.

img.fark.netView Full Size
2014-07-06 06:06:38 AM  

2014-07-06 06:17:37 AM  

ferro_man: the women dressed up as pikachu vs women dressed up as misty ratio is very sad

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2.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

th01.deviantart.netView Full Size

and here's a May for good measure...
th00.deviantart.netView Full Size

Does that help?
2014-07-06 08:04:41 AM  

LonMead: ferro_man: the women dressed up as pikachu vs women dressed up as misty ratio is very sad


and here's a May for good measure...

Does that help?

2014-07-06 08:07:20 AM  
Thread is still lacking some rare Charzard cards around here though. You could teach that fool 'fly' in one of those games.
2014-07-06 11:04:27 AM  
I'm not as big of a fan as I was when I was 11 but the games are still fun as hell. X and Y are great games.

As for these Championships, I'd probably go if they held one nearby and I had the time just for the prize money.
2014-07-06 12:06:38 PM  
I just beat sapphire on my iPhone. Still fun games. I'm surprised more math teachers didn't use the combat for word problems
2014-07-07 01:04:06 AM  
Fark has done a lot for me subby. Wasted my time, increase my drinking habits, killed my faith in humanity, and taught me better grammar threw ridicule and insults, just to name a few.
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