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(New York Daily News)   Study finds adults have trouble identifying stinging bugs, preferring to KILL THEM ALL   ( divider line
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2014-07-05 07:16:27 PM  
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2014-07-05 07:35:47 PM  
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2014-07-05 04:26:18 PM  
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2014-07-07 12:08:20 AM  
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Back in the middle of the '80s I found out that Fire Ants also live in trees.  While I was in the tree.  And too high to jump without getting hurt.  I STILL have scars from those tiny lava carriers...

I have a standing rule in my house, ANY bug that enters my area dies.  Any bug that survives the Boric Acid/Diatomaceous Earth combo I gets an applause and killed.  Stink Bugs and ANY stinging/biting insects deserve no mercy and will never be offered terms of surrender.

Brake/Carb Cleaner will dissolve the wings of wasps/hornets, rendering them very angry psychotic hellbent upon your death antlike eqivalents who will crawl after you to exact their revenge upon your inattentive corpse.  Too bad for them the Brake/Carb cleaner is also flammable.
2014-07-06 07:58:03 AM  
1 vote:
Lady bugs and honey bees gets a pass. Everything else gets exterminated.

I laugh at northerners who come down here and sit in the grass. I tell them about chiggers and suggest a bleach bath ASAP.

Pantyhose works great at keeping seed ticks off of you while hiking.

Awesome cleaner will kill spiders

The bug zapper is quality entertainment until you get a nice healthy bug that smokes as it burns.

/southern people problem
//tarantulas are fun to watch in the yard
2014-07-06 07:57:43 AM  
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cryinoutloud: I don't kill nothing unless I have to. Well, flies. I kill flies. I catch the bugs and let them out of the house. Go ahead and laugh, killers.

I do this too. Drives my wife crazy.  I don't kill flies either though. They keep my dogs busy for hours chasing them around the house. Eventually they catch and eat them. So hey, free dog toys.
2014-07-06 12:29:23 AM  
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RageWars: Well, as an exterminator, people ask me all the time if this bug or that bug is dangerous. I tell them that after they step on it and kill it, no it's not. Then they tell me to do anything I can to kill the bugs. They don't care, just kill them all. This is followed by them constantly asking me if the stuff I'm putting out is going to hurt them. After all, they want only "natural, safe, organic products." All this is wrapped up with: "You're going to use the good stuff right? I don't want to have to call you back out here 'cause you didn't kill all my bugs."

God I miss the days of Chlordayne.

"I only want 100% organic, chemical-free, non-toxic pesticides in my home! You think I want to kill something?!"
2014-07-05 09:28:42 PM  
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2014-07-05 08:25:38 PM  
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2014-07-05 07:59:57 PM  
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2014-07-05 07:43:59 PM  
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Mrs. Banned has yet to see a spider in the house that is not either a black widow or a brown recluse
2014-07-05 07:26:57 PM  
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Prey4reign: fusillade762: "Overall, this study supports the general perception that adults are poor discriminators in distinguishing stinging insects with the exception of the honeybee," the authors write.

I'm OK with this. If it's NOT a bee I don't give a fark what kind of stinging asshole it is.

Were you aware that male wasps don't have stingers, therefore only female wasps present a stinging threat.  This is the one time you'll hear on Fark that it's perfectly okay to thrash any female (wasp) you run across.

You try sexing a wasp. I'll just smash all of them.
2014-07-05 07:15:50 PM  
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2014-07-05 07:12:38 PM  
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Hard to identify things when they are embraced by fire and turned into charcoal bits.
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