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(Examiner)   Chicago man charged for driving around on a beautiful summer's evening with: (A) his music playing too loud, (B) his muffler dragging on the pavement, (C) his pants off, (D) him pleasuring himself. (Choose two)   ( examiner.com) divider line
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2014-06-14 12:13:39 AM  
Well, hell

/it's not worth doing if there's no E) All of the above
2014-06-14 03:11:28 AM  
i was hoping for B+D
2014-06-14 03:16:04 AM  
Was his dog with him and was the dog covered in peanut butter?

If so, we need to warn him about the bears.
2014-06-14 03:18:05 AM  

nburghmatt: i was hoping for B+D

That was my selection as well.
2014-06-14 03:21:14 AM  
I knew a guy who's muffler used to drag on the ground. We used to call him "Babe Magnet".
2014-06-14 03:22:03 AM  

nburghmatt: i was hoping for B+D

On a Friday night aren't we all looking for a little B and D?
2014-06-14 03:24:14 AM  
Wow this was in the next town over. I sort of take back my sassy remark now that I've RTFA
2014-06-14 04:06:45 AM  
It's not actually summer yet.
2014-06-14 04:07:04 AM  

Crass and Jaded Mother Farker: Was his dog with him and was the dog covered in peanut butter?

If so, we need to warn him about the bears.

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2014-06-14 05:13:20 AM  
2014-06-14 06:21:09 AM  
why was he riding around on douche?
2014-06-14 06:23:57 AM  
Dude, just wear sweats or pajama bottoms. They're very easy to "pleasure yourself" through while remaining clothed.
2014-06-14 06:46:05 AM  

daveb0rg: why was he riding around on douche?

And was that douche revved up?
2014-06-14 06:59:00 AM  
Whatever. I'm just here for the B and D. I think.
2014-06-14 06:59:26 AM  
See this is why I wonder how those Bang Bus type of operations get away with it. Surely they've had the cops called on them once or twice. But do those incidents ever make the papers? Not that I'm aware of.
2014-06-14 07:22:19 AM  
Mungo Jerry said you can do as you please
2014-06-14 07:46:44 AM  
He is reported to have had pornographic magazines in the car. Kinda takes you back, doesn't it?
2014-06-14 07:50:33 AM  
These open carry idiots are everywhere.
2014-06-14 08:01:03 AM  
'Cause when the weather's right
And it's a full moon tonight
You know I have to act
'cause my pants are getting tight!!
2014-06-14 08:22:44 AM  
How could they tell he was naked from the waist down, was this his car?
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Choose two?  Talking about getting two birds stoned at once!
2014-06-14 08:39:10 AM  
Why not both both?
2014-06-14 08:52:59 AM  
Some folks are choosing B&D? Reminds me of some gigs I did as a photographer.
2014-06-14 08:58:25 AM  
It was just hot and he was hungry, but needed to run to the store to pick up Jello?
2014-06-14 09:04:34 AM  
Depends.  Is "muffler dragging on the pavement" a new euphamism?
2014-06-14 10:36:05 AM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2014-06-14 11:11:05 AM  

Elegy: [i.imgur.com image 783x783]

That's only because I need both hands.

You're probably still ok though.
2014-06-14 11:20:01 AM  
You know who is from Chicago ..
2014-06-14 12:24:09 PM  
If no one else will do it for me.
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