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(Metronews.ca)   "Man's death in ER can't reoccur." Apparently he nailed it the first time   ( metronews.ca) divider line
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2014-06-13 03:00:02 AM  
I dunno about this case. He doesn't have a leg to stand on.
2014-06-13 04:09:30 AM  
...and they've already changed it.  Oh well.
2014-06-13 04:16:19 AM  
But can his death still recur?
2014-06-13 04:21:22 AM  
Those doctors are pretty smart.

I'm sure they can come up with new ways to kill you.
2014-06-13 04:48:50 AM  
It's a horrible lack of care of, someone needs to be held accountable. But how are they linking race to this? If he was a white guy, homeless war vet looking type who wasn't speaking to anyone, would it really have been different?

The one's stereotyping and making assumptions in this case are those calling the nurse's racists and stereotypers. There is no excuse for letting a man die in the E.R., that is negligence and idiocy. But to automatically jump to the conclusion that the people their were motivated by naive racist views is the post-modern witch hunt. They themselves are constructing a negative attribute in their mind and projecting it onto those in the hospital. They are obviously idiots in the wrong line of work, but to pass pre-judge them as racist is like if something goes missing and automatically assuming it's the black guy who did it. They are guilty of what they are accusing.

/apparently people who can't feel below the waste understandably can't feel the pain of a bladder infection, but still makes you wonder why he didn't ask if he's going to be helped soon.
//the VA in America only makes you wait 18 months

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2014-06-13 04:52:20 AM  
2014-06-13 05:15:07 AM  
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Nailed it
2014-06-13 05:20:15 AM  
WTF? Did the guy not see any kind of intake person on the way in, to alert them he was there for treatment? It makes what he went through almost understandable, in that staff may have thought he was a relative or visitor (or drunk, or homeless), until he keeled over. I'm not quite sure how others do it, but at my local ER, the guy in a window at the entrance asks what your complaint is (if it's not horribly obvious), gets insurance info if you're in a state to provide it, and issues you a wristband to let the staff know you're there as a patient.
2014-06-13 06:09:03 AM  
How in the hell does someone wait 36 hours in an ER to see someone.
2014-06-13 06:25:50 AM  

hardinparamedic: How in the hell does someone wait 36 hours in an ER to see someone.

That's why they call them patients
2014-06-13 07:13:52 AM  
What I don't get is that if he could afford to relocate from Australia to Canada, how could he wind up like that?
2014-06-13 07:24:17 AM  
It says he did speak to the triage aide (I assume that's the first step) and was never passed on to the triage nurse.

Man, what a terrible way to die. And he was in a wheelchair because he had no legs. It says nothing of paralysis. He felt every agonizing minute.
2014-06-13 07:40:18 AM  
36 hours is a long time to wait without tugging on someone's coat to ask when you might see a doctor.

Not that he should have had to, but I'm just saying, around the 4th hour I might tap someone on the shoulder. Around the 10th hour I might start making a scene...

24 hours I might start thinking about another hospital all together.
2014-06-13 07:41:27 AM  
Thanks Obama
2014-06-13 07:41:35 AM  
...assuming he was conscious at all, of course. Which I must now gather, he was not. ("sleeping it off..." - TFA)
2014-06-13 07:42:33 AM  
ha @ Thanks Obama in regards to Australian national in Canadian hospital.
2014-06-13 09:35:34 AM  

Tetrazphere: /apparently people who can't feel below the waste....

Brian Sinclair was an alcoholic, so he was always waisted
2014-06-13 10:14:40 AM  
":But how are they linking race to this? "

Because if they dont link race...they wont get any money.
2014-06-13 11:23:05 AM  

rebelyell2006: What I don't get is that if he could afford to relocate from Australia to Canada, how could he wind up like that?

What I don't get is how your English is so good if you come from a former Soviet Republic?
2014-06-13 12:03:23 PM  
Ah, the hospital emergency room...

My local hospital has gotten better over the years, but there was a time when their waiting times were abysmal, and that's being generous. Their unofficial policy back then was that anyone who didn't come in on a stretcher wasn't really sick enough to warrant emergency care. They didn't even have a "triage" nurse on duty to assess patients when they first came in.

When I was 13, I somehow contracted the Flu and Strep at the same time. My parents rushed me to the hospital with a fever of 103 and rising. My father went straight to the front desk, filled out all the paperwork, informing the nurse of my high fever and a long list of symptoms I was suffering from.

An hour passed in the waiting room, and none of the nursing staff had come to check on me, despite my father going back up to the front desk several times to ask for someone. It wasn't until I started convulsing that a staff member finally took notice.

When they admitted me, I had a 104.7 fever and rising. I was minutes away from permanent brain damage and death. I'm still surprised to this day, that my parents never filed a complaint or attempted to sue the hospital for negligence.
2014-06-13 12:48:22 PM  

kvinesknows: ":But how are they linking race to this? "

Because if they dont link race...they wont get any money.

Because up here it is VERY common to link Native heritage to alcoholism. If you see a native who is staggering around or unconscious, it is automatically assumed that they are drunk, not that they are in medical need.While that is frequently the case, there is no excuse for anyone to sit in an emergency room that long without someone checking on them.
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