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(IMDB)   Can Stubby McRoadkill survive long enough to tell Jack something useful? How many missiles will Catelyn Stark waste to protect her plans? Will the British get in Jack's way again? This is your 24: Live Another Day discussion thread on Fox at 9pm   ( divider line
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400 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 09 Jun 2014 at 8:30 PM (3 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-06-09 09:31:51 PM  
Wait...did Jack just apologize for something?
2014-06-09 09:31:51 PM  
Wait. The torture DIDN'T work?
2014-06-09 09:32:05 PM  
Take notes, agent walker!
2014-06-09 09:32:14 PM  
2014-06-09 09:32:30 PM  
Hospital lady is dead.
2014-06-09 09:32:31 PM  
2014-06-09 09:32:52 PM  
Ahmadinnerjacket making shooting!
2014-06-09 09:32:53 PM  
2014-06-09 09:33:05 PM  
2014-06-09 09:33:05 PM  
2014-06-09 09:33:26 PM  
Dammit! Someone besides me killed someone!
2014-06-09 09:33:27 PM  
2014-06-09 09:33:33 PM  
fark, I love this show.
2014-06-09 09:33:33 PM  
Hopefully this hospital has a good fire escape planning
2014-06-09 09:34:06 PM  
Only Jack Bauer can take cover behind an open plastic cart and not get shot.
2014-06-09 09:34:23 PM  
Agent puppy is rebooting
2014-06-09 09:34:31 PM  

sickchirpse.comView Full Size
2014-06-09 09:35:20 PM  

Di Atribe: Agent puppy is rebooting

Is this Spawn's puppy?

We want to see pictures of Agent Puppy
2014-06-09 09:35:40 PM  

TheManofPA: Hopefully this hospital has a good fire escape planning

in 8 minutes? no way
2014-06-09 09:36:13 PM  
Sam Jackson doing credit card commercials. I was watching a video of my cousin's wedding and Goddammit if Sam wasn't in the farking thing. He played the caterer.
2014-06-09 09:36:16 PM  
Finally a dead terrorist, but Jack didn't di upit, althought he was responsible for the ID.
2014-06-09 09:36:55 PM  
That's a badass looking laptop.
2014-06-09 09:37:22 PM  
another dammit
2014-06-09 09:37:30 PM  

BeerBear: TheManofPA: Hopefully this hospital has a good fire escape planning

in 8 minutes? no way

That's the equivalent of 2 commercial breaks. They're all already home and eating dinner. Except for that Arab detective. She stays behind to save a stray kitten or something and boom.
2014-06-09 09:37:32 PM  
2014-06-09 09:37:34 PM  
You honestly believe that.....stay here
2014-06-09 09:37:46 PM  
img2.wikia.nocookie.netView Full Size

A BIG BOOM is wanted!!
2014-06-09 09:38:24 PM  

TheManofPA: You honestly believe that.....stay here

That was awesome.
2014-06-09 09:38:57 PM  
I'm thinking a drone blowing up a hospital might ruin Stephen Fry's chances at reelection for prime minister
2014-06-09 09:39:15 PM  
If your own mother wants you dead that bad maybe you should take a hint.
2014-06-09 09:39:23 PM  
2014-06-09 09:39:42 PM  
Zoom in. Enhance. Enhance.
2014-06-09 09:39:52 PM  
She knows her daughter's heat signature?
2014-06-09 09:39:54 PM  
2014-06-09 09:39:59 PM  
2014-06-09 09:40:09 PM  
How did she know, they were just heat signatures?
2014-06-09 09:40:28 PM  
Did the person lose a whole arm to the missile?
2014-06-09 09:40:29 PM  
What the hell are these bombs made of? That's a lotta firepower per bomb.
2014-06-09 09:40:30 PM  
2014-06-09 09:40:31 PM  

TheManofPA: She knows her daughter's heat signature?

It's the one with 9 fingers.
2014-06-09 09:40:37 PM  

2014-06-09 09:40:44 PM  
And now the daughter's turned.
2014-06-09 09:40:52 PM  
"Is anyone here injured?"

"Yes ... all of us!  We were in the hospital!"
2014-06-09 09:41:04 PM  
Nice Driving, Mario Andretti!
2014-06-09 09:41:11 PM  
"She's not going to stop until she kills you"

So get out of the farking car!
2014-06-09 09:41:19 PM  
This chase brought to you by Chrysler.
Chrysler: Imported from Detroit.
2014-06-09 09:41:29 PM  
2014-06-09 09:41:33 PM  
Why don't you fire in front of them?
2014-06-09 09:41:43 PM  
A DAMMIT from Not Jack!
2014-06-09 09:42:05 PM  
Yeah, ring your bell dude. That'll work.
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