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(When On Earth)   In Tarrez, Austria there is a castle that has seven different pools filled with beer. I know where the next Fark Party is going to be   ( whenonearth.net) divider line
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2014-06-07 09:12:32 AM  
I'm not drinking ANY beer a farker has swam in, let alone backwashed a little.

I know you guys tooooo well....
2014-06-07 09:36:17 AM  
And a bunch of drunken kangaroos.
2014-06-07 09:38:15 AM  
Let's see...
1. You wouldn't want to drink it after people have swam in it (e coli, urine, etc)
2. It would probably be real difficult to wash off

I will pass
2014-06-07 09:39:06 AM  
Alright, who peed in the pool?
2014-06-07 09:40:08 AM  
yeast infection
2014-06-07 09:43:03 AM  
And the people who use it look just like I figured they would. I bet they spend a lot of time clearing the fat guy pubes out of the filters.
2014-06-07 09:44:56 AM  
Did anyone else notice "Photo by Drew Wood"?  I thought Drew's name was Curtis.....
2014-06-07 09:45:10 AM  
Ugh...imagine waking up after a night of hard partying and getting a waft of what that must smell like.
2014-06-07 09:48:14 AM  
How about no.

But, thanks for the idea for the next party I have.
2014-06-07 09:52:21 AM  
It's not pools of Foster's, is it?
2014-06-07 09:52:43 AM  
Oh, that's nasty.
2014-06-07 09:57:59 AM  
The bad thing is you couldn't see the baby Ruth.

img.fark.netView Full Size
2014-06-07 10:12:57 AM  
united-nations-of-beer.comView Full Size

/ but it's not really beer ...
2014-06-07 10:38:00 AM  

SpdrJay: Alright, who peed in the pool?

That's just all natural Austrian flavour.
2014-06-07 11:09:11 AM  
Those look more like tubs than pools, but I'd take a dip either way.  Wouldn't drink it, but I'd chill and have a beer in there.
2014-06-07 11:51:40 AM  
Here's a random thought:  can kangaroos swim?

The Google calls me.

" ... Kangaroos are adept swimmers, and often flee into waterways if threatened ...."

You can't be clearer than that.

Oh, yes you can.

2014-06-07 11:52:46 AM  
Needs more dog.
2014-06-07 12:10:14 PM  

samwise098: Did anyone else notice "Photo by Drew Wood"?  I thought Drew's name was Curtis.....

You would have wood too if you saw all that beer.
2014-06-07 12:20:46 PM  

StrikitRich: It's not pools of Foster's, is it?

No, they use Guinness, and they only promise to give you a towel when you're done.
2014-06-07 12:22:04 PM  

rnatalie: And a bunch of drunken kangaroos.

In Austria?
2014-06-07 12:23:43 PM  
ts2.mm.bing.netView Full Size

Ruining beer is just wrong.
2014-06-07 02:09:03 PM  
torontoist.comView Full Size

Did it look like this?
2014-06-08 08:44:26 PM  
Near Xiamen in China there is a hot springs resort called Riyuegu
(not sure about the spelling). Great place to spend a few days
soaking in hot tubs, getting massaged and napping on hot stones,
there's a pool table in the bar at the hotel which is really classy
while still a pretty good price.

I mention it because of the "adult" section of the hot springs, there
are a set of 5 or so hot tubs, one is beer, one is red wine, one is
white wine, one with sake, mixed in to the water and it's pretty strong,
you can smell the alcohol while relaxing. This area is sort of in the back,
surrounded by tall wooden fencing.

24°33'09.70" N 117°56'12.29" E
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