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(CBC)   Microsoft warns of "critical" flaw it found out about six months ago   ( divider line
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16268 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Feb 2004 at 11:41 PM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-02-10 10:22:32 PM  
"It is a critical situation so we'd ask people to address it as promptly as they can," said Jill Schoolenberg, a spokesperson for Microsoft Canada.

So, going by Microsoft's version of 'promptly', I'm assuming they want me to install this patch some time over the next six months.
2004-02-10 10:23:16 PM  
"A" for effort.
2004-02-10 10:45:23 PM  
Here comes the hate....

Somebody call Slashdot.
2004-02-10 10:50:39 PM  
yeah... shocker
2004-02-10 10:57:55 PM  
Somebody just might listen to this:

I hate you.

I hate you because you use Outlook Express.

I hate you because you open "those virus attachments" and make the internet suck just a little bit more for the rest of us.

I hate you because you think you're protected because of that "Norton thingie" in the system tray, even though it cannot catch new viruses.

I hate you for not using a firewall.

I hate you for using Internet Explorer and getting infected with spyware.

I hate you because right now your computer is being used to flood the internet with spam, because that virus gave control of your computer to a spammer.

I hate you because you don't care.

I hate you because you pirated that software that secretly contained a trojan.

I hate you because you don't password your computer. (NEWS FLASH: if you don't use a password, half of the hacker's work is already done.)

I hate you because you don't realize that as soon as somebody breaks in to your computer, you no longer own it.

I hate you because you farking purchased a Windows computer and didn't farking bother to secure it.

I hate you because anybody with sufficient time, money, and workers could take over your computers and cripple networks with flooding.

I hate you.

This has been brought to you by the "If you're not going to play any games buy an Apple because it's actually secure by default; and if you already own Windows turn your effing firewall on and get a Mozilla or Opera product instead of using Internet Explorer and Outlook Express (although you can use IE occaisionally if the site doesn't work) and then you should get Spybot Search & Destroy, install it, update it, and remove the spyware on your computer" coalition.
2004-02-10 11:19:52 PM  

Geez, Microsoft should have thier OS's default install to be NSA Orange Book compliant. That way, they don't have to worry about any ethernet or floppy drive access.
2004-02-10 11:44:16 PM  
I set Windows Update as my homepage months ago. Sad, isn't it?
2004-02-10 11:44:40 PM  
Wow, color me surprised.
2004-02-10 11:45:24 PM  
Hmmph, I've been using Outlook since its inception and have never received a virus.
2004-02-10 11:46:07 PM  
What's a firewall? Like for flame wars?
2004-02-10 11:46:51 PM  
You have to receive email to receive viruses.
2004-02-10 11:46:59 PM  
It is of course important to realize that contrary to the headline, microsoft did not find this flaw. They rarely do.
2004-02-10 11:49:30 PM  
I don't understand why people update, if it's just
broken again next week.

Picture this: the FBI writes a trojan and Microsoft plants
it in the OS... then the mafia notices the trojan attempts
to hack into their drug/killing computers... they laugh
a bit, then start writing viruses using the trojan patterns
to get in... Microsoft then finds out that the mafia found
out, calls the FBI and the FBI writes a new trojan...

Repeat endlessly.

Why should I update every week... to keep them entertained?

Get a hardware firewall, get a clean email address, break
the cycle of ridiculuous, endless updates.
2004-02-10 11:51:19 PM  
I'm just going to sit back and chuckle.
2004-02-10 11:55:08 PM  
Good thing Gates bought his way out of the anti-trust thing. Otherwise he'd have to fix this.
2004-02-10 11:55:34 PM  
what a rather vague article... i had to switch to mozilla after IE began to refuse to work... all those flaws accumulated into one big ball of suck. wish i had started using mozilla long ago....
2004-02-10 11:57:57 PM  
I like my Macintosh.
2004-02-10 11:58:03 PM  
New updates have been downloaded and are ready to be installed on your computer

So they wait 6 months to tell us about a "Critical" flaw and then want us to swiftly download their patch to fix things.

Well im not falling for that one....nice try microsoft !!!muahahahahahahahahahahaha::cough::hahahahahahaha
2004-02-10 11:59:42 PM  
the updates will never stop, trust me i work for M$, it's ok thou, well not really cause i just talk to people and tell them to return their computers to walmart cause they are redneck retards who bought their computer to surf for goat porn on the intranet. So get the damn update, make my farking life easier so you don't go calling me crying like a freaking baby cause i am telling you that we have to format your freaking computer, then getting all pissed off and calling me an arrogant a$$hole and hanging up on me, which i will promply laugh my a$$ off, so hard that the center i freaking work on will hear about your retarded-ness so that everytime you ever call back someone will giggle like a little school girl cause your system is a mess again.

if you don't want a virus, throw your computer out the window, do us all a favor

/whatever, yeah i work for microsoft
2004-02-11 12:00:56 AM  
It's all a scheme to steal me porn!
2004-02-11 12:01:09 AM  
I'm going to defend the people Pomposity hates so much, even though they are a problem.

I don't exactly always blame this on the end user. I don't exactly blame MS for this either. The problem is that the majority of users buy a computer and don't know how to use it. Even the people who think they know how to use their PCs really don't know how to use it.

Somewhere down the line some of this stuff needs to be made more secure and I'm not exactly sure who needs to do it. Someone needs to tell the end users that they need to lock down their computer in the same paranoid fashion that they lock down their houses and cars.
2004-02-11 12:01:50 AM  
Just ditch it.

The only reason everybody runs Windows is because everybody runs Windows.
2004-02-11 12:03:12 AM  
You may think skinink is writing this post, but since this 6 month old security flaw has enabled me to root his machine, I will now take over his postings.

Since there is no hope for anyone else using Windows right now and you will all be rooted soon, I would now like to take a moment and announce that the following Farkers are gay ...

2004-02-11 12:03:43 AM  
install linux M$ boy.
2004-02-11 12:04:23 AM  
I like my Linux box.
2004-02-11 12:05:51 AM  
actually i have some readhat over on the other drive, i got no problems with windows, i just like the goat porn and the purdy colors.

/mmmmm goats
2004-02-11 12:06:37 AM  
redhat, sorry

/me is stoopid
2004-02-11 12:07:21 AM  
To paraphrase ohgodyme:

I work for m$ so why don't you rednecks update your computer, so you don't have to call me cause I work in tech support and about all I know is that there is an update. so please install the update; otherwise, mr. gates will get mad and bite my head of, un kay.
2004-02-11 12:07:24 AM  
I am using Internet Explorer right now.

And I like it.

I use Outlook Express all the time.

And I like it.
2004-02-11 12:08:18 AM  

and I like watching you.
2004-02-11 12:10:45 AM  
well thanks shoetick, really know quite a bit more then that. I appreciate your comments a$$hat
2004-02-11 12:11:52 AM  
i actually wear my a$$hat backwards thank you.
2004-02-11 12:13:05 AM  
New, Improved UltraDoom worm unleashed in 4...3...2...
2004-02-11 12:13:09 AM  
I love my Mozilla-phoenix-firebird-firefox!
2004-02-11 12:16:32 AM  
talk about crossing of paths:....right now I am biatching about microsoft, while using internet explorer to view the while smoking a ciggarette
2004-02-11 12:16:34 AM  
I just installed the new (0.8) Firefox. Schweet!

Now I just gotta figure out how to setup the mailto handling to use rxvt -e mutt
2004-02-11 12:20:15 AM  
Lovely... it requires a reboot ....
2004-02-11 12:21:07 AM  
I miss my Amiga.
2004-02-11 12:21:14 AM  
Don't all those patches require a reboot? I swear, the only time I ever reboot any more is for MS update stuff or other stuff I install
2004-02-11 12:22:57 AM  

Microsoft didn't want to instigate any potential hackers from having their fun, that's why it was kept quiet. This isn't exactly brain surgery...??
2004-02-11 12:26:52 AM  
haha. saw this on /.

/risking ban

U Can't Trust This
By: MCSE Hammer

Blaster did ya some harm
We just say, hey, another worm
But thank you, for trusting me
To mind your site's security
It's all good, when your server's downed
Our dope PR will pass blame around
Cuz it's known as such
That this is some software, you can't trust

I told ya Homeland
U can't trust this
Yeah that's why we're giving ya the code
U can't trust this
Check out eEye, man
U can't trust this
Yo let 'em bust more funky system
U can't trust this

Give 'em a string or recvfrom
Like no sweat they got the keys to your kingdom
Now ya know
You talk about eEye, you're talking about holes
Remote and tight
Coders still sweating so someone better write
A book to learn
What it's gonna take in '04
To earn some trust
Legit, either secure or ya might as well quit

That's the word because you know
U can't trust this
U can't trust this
2004-02-11 12:29:56 AM  
Mozilla for browsing, emailing, calendar. It's the best especially with extensions!
2004-02-11 12:30:37 AM  
I'm going to take the other path here and defend Microsoft on this one. Yes, it's inexcusable that Windows has so many security flaws, but it's been my experience that it's better to not announce a problem until you have a solution. If Microsoft had announced 6 months ago that there was a security flaw that wouldn't be fixed for 6 months, every dipshiat teenage hacker wannabe would be scrambling over themselves to exploit it. While I'm sure the good hackers knew about the flaw and have been exploiting it, Microsoft has saved many users a lot of grief by waiting to announce it.

/Puts on flame-retardant suit
2004-02-11 12:30:44 AM  
Don't see the problem. It took them a while it looks like to fix the damn thing and they kept it quite until it was ready so as not to tip off any hackers.
All I know is that I checked the windows update yesterday and there was nothing. Just after it was announced I checked and the update was there. So at least they organized it well.
I use mozilla most of the time anyways but sometime mozilla don't work for some things.
And I don't wanna buy a Mac. Not that I don't think their operating system is fine or that I don't have all the extra money required, but come on. Just look at some of those annoying dorks. Not all of course. But they can be damn annoying.
2004-02-11 12:31:56 AM  
Does it not seem likey that M$ constantly has you update in order to keep an eye on users? Does anyone actually read those Lisence Agreements? It could say that you sold your soul (or complete legal access to anything on your computer).
These viruses seem good enough reasons to download updates huh?
Let's get that new trojan so the FBI can snoop on me legally, bypassing the fourth amendment. Doesn't sound like our government would do that.......

/removes tinfoil hat
2004-02-11 12:33:57 AM  
Since most users use Internet Explorer and Outlook for their internet use, and those people intelligent enough to look for and download things like Mozilla browsers are usually that 5% of the population too canny to leave their computers open anyway, hackers will obviously focus all their efforts on the IE and Outlook programs. It's not worth their time to hack the 5% that'll figure it out, when they can hack the 95% that don't have a sweet clue.

The best thing about the internet is anyone can do anything. This is also the worst part. Either get smart, or be used by those smarter than you.

In that, it's really no different than government and taxes.
2004-02-11 12:42:25 AM  
Just installed the update. My computer is now slow as shiat. Hooray!
2004-02-11 12:43:11 AM  
when they name it firefark, i'll bite.
2004-02-11 12:44:00 AM  
yeah that song will go triple WOOD
2004-02-11 12:45:56 AM  
Dorf11, yeah, me too. Was only using it to play games, but hey. Shadow of the Beast and Adventure Construction Set were great fun.

/has a Mac now
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