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(Some Guy)   Over five billion expected to die in oil crash   ( divider line
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66753 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Feb 2004 at 5:55 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-02-10 5:46:13 PM  
2004-02-10 5:56:52 PM  
This guy's got his bases covered! (in tin foil):

"If you think the political left is at fault, and favor a more conservative solution, the result will be an exacerbation of what we've seen the past few years: more war, and less rights.

If you think the political right is at fault, and favor a more "leftist" solution, the result will likely be the similar to that seen during the Russian and Cuban revolutions: more war, and less rights."

Take THAT fark flamewars.
2004-02-10 5:57:04 PM  
Damn...and I thought that I was being a bit uptight today!
2004-02-10 5:57:07 PM  
I proposed that we invade one of these backwards Middle Eastern countries who have a bunch of it and take what we need.
2004-02-10 5:57:58 PM  
Should be easy to get a good parking place then.
2004-02-10 5:58:19 PM  
There are always doomsayers.

There is never doom.

This is a pattern I have noticed in life.
2004-02-10 5:58:26 PM  
Cool. I'm going to max out my credit cards on booze and hookers ... again.
2004-02-10 5:58:29 PM  
Hope y'all read the entire article. Pop quiz next.
2004-02-10 5:58:38 PM  
Well, there goes my chance at convincing my wife we need 16:9 HDTV.
2004-02-10 5:59:02 PM  
Gee, but as people die off there will be less demand to go back to the other side of that bell curve.

2004-02-10 5:59:11 PM  
I will be one of the billion who survive.
2004-02-10 5:59:28 PM  
I read a bit of the article and started getting bored. Does it deal with development of new technologies and development of new oil fields? Nothing is as absolute as this article makes it out to be.

I'll finish the article too.
2004-02-10 6:00:00 PM  
Ya'll be laughing outthe other side of your faces when your neighbors are eating your kids and saving you for tommorow night
2004-02-10 6:00:04 PM  
2004-02-10 6:00:10 PM  
Let's all sing the doom song: Doom doom doom doom, doom doom doom.
2004-02-10 6:00:16 PM  
Well, there goes my chance at convincing my wife we need 16:9 HDTV.

Well, there goes my chance at convincing my wife we need group insane backdoor penguin luv

/just sayin'
2004-02-10 6:00:20 PM
2004-02-10 6:01:04 PM  
Without RTFA, I get the feeling I'll be fine with a little nuclear power. Or solar. Or geothermal...

If it comes down to it I'll just move to the mountains. I didn't spend all those years in Boy Scouts for nothing. Talk to the cold weather camping merit badge bi0tch.

/used his tin-foil hat to cook a microwave burrito on an open fire
2004-02-10 6:01:08 PM  
Because at EXXON.. we're drivers, too!
2004-02-10 6:01:50 PM  
Hookers take plastic now? Where do you...slide...the...

Oh well, it was a good 100 years or so. There's always nuclear as a backup, we can use Jesus' tomb to store all the waste.
2004-02-10 6:02:03 PM  
2004-02-10 05:58:26 PM ScottMpls
Cool. I'm going to max out my credit cards on booze and hookers ... again.

Jeez - I gotta get my ass to Minneapolis where the hookers take credit cards.

However, I think I'll wait until it gets warmer.
2004-02-10 6:02:14 PM  
And we can skin a buck we can run a trot line
2004-02-10 6:02:27 PM  
Niiiiiiiice luvnuriko.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-10 6:02:28 PM  
i'm alot more concerned with when i'll hit peak climax...... with madfoo2
2004-02-10 6:02:49 PM  
Ha ha, sucks to be you guys!
2004-02-10 6:02:50 PM  
This guy thinks we'll suddenly just run out. You get oil prices up in the $45-$50 range and shale oil begins to get economical, and there's a sh*tload of that.

As prices go up, other alternatives also become competitive. Think biomass.
2004-02-10 6:03:07 PM  
2004-02-10 05:58:19 PM Undertoad

There are always doomsayers.

There is never doom.

This is a pattern I have noticed in life.

Every dog has his day. Your time will come too my brother.
2004-02-10 6:03:14 PM  
bah... 5 billion are expected to die reading this article... its too long... back to eatting my chilli... hmm.. methane harnessed as an alternate fuel... plausible? discuss.
2004-02-10 6:03:18 PM  
Oh man, not this again.

[image from too old to be available]

/looks for a copy of "Horsebackriding for dummies"
2004-02-10 6:03:23 PM  
I'll just raid my neighbor's house. He still has his y2k provisions.
2004-02-10 6:03:57 PM  
Bring on the apocalypse! I'm ready for a new set of laws and the chance to mount a bazooka on the roof of my pirate car.

"Two men enter! One man leaves!"
2004-02-10 6:04:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-10 6:04:08 PM  
A 25 year old law student... who didn't live through the "energy crisis" of the late '70s. Besides which we've been living in "end times" for the last 2000 years and we're still here. And there will still be kooks 2000 years from now.
2004-02-10 6:04:12 PM  
2004-02-10 06:02:14 PM Ditto

And we can skin a buck we can run a trot line

...You can't starve us out and you can't make us run.
2004-02-10 6:04:22 PM  

It looks like my dream of nude basketball will finally be realized.

2004-02-10 6:04:36 PM  
Hope y'all read the entire article. Pop quiz next.

I didn't have to read the article to be pretty sure it says we're all doomed, and it's everybody's fault except the uniquely enlightened guy who wrote the article, and maybe the 2 or 3 semi-enlightened guys he quoted out of context.

How'd I do?
2004-02-10 6:04:49 PM  
I read this last year when a friend sent it to me. He was all freaked out because he thinks Bush is in cahoots with the Devil, or something. Personally, I'm more worried about what soylent green will taste like when all those people die.
2004-02-10 6:04:59 PM  
Population to grow 200% by 2010? Not bloody likely.
Birthrates are almost flat in India even...
2004-02-10 6:05:01 PM  
I can always scavange for gasoline in the Austrailian outback....
2004-02-10 6:05:28 PM  
we'll never pump the last barrel of oil. as it becomes more expensive it becomes more cost effective to explore and research alternative sources.

"oil production in the year 2020 will be the same as it was in 1980"

This is just stupid. You can pump out more oil if their becomes less of it in the ground. You just use it up faster.

this guys a nut. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to leave the door open while I drive my hummer next door to turn the neighbors heat up while they're on vacation.
2004-02-10 6:06:06 PM  
their? nope. haha beat ya to it.
2004-02-10 6:06:24 PM  
Cold weather freaks - I live in San Diego and my heating bill this winter so far... $0.00
2004-02-10 6:06:34 PM  
2004-02-10 6:06:40 PM  
I don't know about the end of civilization, but I was almost damned sure for a while that I was never going to get to the end of that article.
2004-02-10 6:06:43 PM  
I can grow tomaters and squash and okra and beans and hunt fundies for meat if need be. And I bet I could even work me up some corn ethanol with a lil work and practice if I put my head to it. Ill be just fine.
2004-02-10 6:06:47 PM  
With respect to the thousands if not hundreds of thousands of 25 year olds that are smarter than I am, I have a hard time thinking some 25 year old law school graduate even has a clue about this crapola.
2004-02-10 6:06:48 PM  
Thermo-depolymerization of the bodies. Then we who are left will have plenty.
2004-02-10 6:06:58 PM  
Can't we just burn lawyers for heat and use their blood to lubricate things?
2004-02-10 6:07:08 PM  
Oh the Humanity!
2004-02-10 6:07:28 PM  

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