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2014-06-04 08:33:21 AM  
5 votes:
Bathrooms in the house?
When did they start doing that?
2014-06-04 09:14:26 AM  
4 votes:
I guess you need extra toilets too if you're breeding spastic dorks that have to be strapped in to do their business.
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2014-06-04 09:30:35 AM  
2 votes:
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Which is why if you live with a woman, you need at least two bathrooms.
2014-06-04 08:56:04 AM  
2 votes:
The neighbors backyard is free!
2014-06-04 07:59:14 AM  
2 votes:

Doctor Funkenstein: My anus armory.

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2014-06-04 05:57:33 PM  
1 vote:
Just popped back in to say thanks for the responses re: the basement sewage pumps.

Really never thought I'd say that but here we are.
2014-06-04 04:48:54 PM  
1 vote:

hej: Crudbucket: We just moved into a new apartment and the bathrooms are carpeted. I don't farking get it.

It helps insure all the stray urine sprinkles get extra fermented over time.

My grandmothers house had carpeted bathrooms. She also liked to put those big fuzzy covers on the toilet lid, so the lid and the seat never stayed up on their own. You'd have to stand there, slightly hunched over the toilet with one hand holding the seat up and the other aiming the nozzle.
2014-06-04 01:20:11 PM  
1 vote:

Rigby-Reardon: Englebert Slaptyback: Deucednuisance

Well, that's not always true, especially in areas where the water table is close to the surface. Then you need one of these:

That's a fair point; I should have allowed for some exceptions. You bastard. ;-)

However, I have to ask: how many locations might there be where the water table is low enough to make a basement feasible but high enough to make below-basement-level sewage infeasible? Honest question, btw. Unless the basement is waterproofed exceedingly well this looks like an invitation to headache.

Or is it intended more as a retrofit where someone wants a basement bathroom and a new sewer line would be prohibitively expensive?

It is not just for a case of low water table. If your basement is downhill from the street and you are hooking up to city sewer you may need to pump sewage up hill to the city sewer.

We looked into putting a entire bathroom in the basement and the complexity and cost is somewhere between the Oscar broadcast and sending a man to Mars.
2014-06-04 11:22:08 AM  
1 vote:
Yo I heard you are on the go and you gotta go while you go on the go.

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Can't never outweird the Asian girls.
2014-06-04 10:46:40 AM  
1 vote:
Bath " ROOM " ?
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2014-06-04 10:17:58 AM  
1 vote:

senoy: It'd occasionally be nice to have another toilet since our teenage daughter apparently thinks that a short shower is roughly two years long, but other than that, it's really not a big deal.

Low flow shower heads that point straight down and can't be angled work well for shortening teenager showers.

Hint: It's not about cleanliness.
2014-06-04 09:49:12 AM  
1 vote:
Having 4 kitchens is really expensive, but you really need them with sleepovers, 3 daughters, dogs and cats.
2014-06-04 09:29:39 AM  
1 vote:

Hagbardr: One communal bath house per block for shiats and showers. Used milk jugs when you need to piss.

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2014-06-04 09:27:48 AM  
1 vote:

Shadowe: The article claims it's the 1% driving things but personally I'd say it's poverty. How many people are splitting houses instead of apartments now because it's all they can afford? You get one couple per bedroom in a 3/4 bedroom house and you're going to need more than one bathroom.

All you need is more than 3 people to catch diahrrea in a house with one toilet and I guarantee you someone's shiatting in the sink.

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Somehow that reminded me of the bathrooms at the brewhauses in Germany.  They figure that one out.  You could dump a bucket of golf balls in the sink and it wouldn't plug.
2014-06-04 09:27:39 AM  
1 vote:
As a contractor specializing in bathrooms, I will say that yes, absolutely you need three.  Five if you can find the space.
2014-06-04 09:00:00 AM  
1 vote:

hej: Crudbucket: We just moved into a new apartment and the bathrooms are carpeted. I don't farking get it.

It helps insure all the stray urine sprinkles get extra fermented over time.

Buy, don't rent a carpet cleaner.  I have two boys who are not entirely accurate yet.
2014-06-04 08:59:21 AM  
1 vote:
The laundry sink in the basement counts as a urinal, right?
2014-06-04 08:57:46 AM  
1 vote:

Sudo_Make_Me_A_Sandwich: Egoy3k: Master bath, everyone else, and a half bath in a convenient location?  That seems pretty reasonable to me.

For a family, that's pretty reasonable. And a bathroom doesn't have to be that expensive, people have just gone absolutely nuts with finishings lately. I just want to take a shiat, not feel like I walked into a spa.

That's exactly what my better half had in mind when we had two new bathrooms renovated.  Let's just say for the cost of that project, I could have bought an Audi S6.  Instead, I now sit on the spa-like toilet and play Real Racing 3 on my iPhone.
2014-06-04 08:54:09 AM  
1 vote:
Was watching one of those "flip this house and make a fortune" shows the other night (thought they died with the housing crash but apparently we back to party time!)

Anyway, the dude is complaining he needs to spend $4k to replace the roof.  10 seconds later they're talking about spending almost $2k on the door to the shower... the door...

/bathrooms got nothing on kitchens for a place to set large piles of money on fire.
2014-06-04 08:47:42 AM  
1 vote:
Expensive maybe, but when you consider my shower has room for six people, it's more like a party room.
2014-06-04 08:47:38 AM  
1 vote:

Crudbucket: We just moved into a new apartment and the bathrooms are carpeted. I don't farking get it.

It helps insure all the stray urine sprinkles get extra fermented over time.
2014-06-04 08:14:41 AM  
1 vote:

Angry Drunk Bureaucrat: One bathroom and a random toilet in the middle of an unfinished basement is more than acceptable.

The house we bought three years ago has one full bathroom upstairs and nothing on the main floor. In the basement is a newly built 3/4 bath and around the corner from that is a room with just a toilet. We still can't figure out why they left that literal toilet room there and we have it stacked full of boxes like that episode of Malcolm in the Middle.

GIS for secret bathroom is interesting:
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2014-06-04 07:10:24 AM  
1 vote:
Subby obviously doesnt have 3 daughters.  You don't want them anywhere near your throne.
2014-06-04 07:02:26 AM  
1 vote:
Sometimes, there are people in your household (whom you can't kick out due to blood or something) that you do NOT want to share a bathroom with. That alone makes it worth it....

2014-06-04 06:47:23 AM  
1 vote:
My feces requires a luxurious resting place.
2014-06-04 04:55:42 AM  
1 vote:

doglover: Trailltrader: If bathrooms are the most expensive in the house then someone can't do math.

If your bathroom ISN'T the most expensive room in the house, you're doing it wrong.

[4.bp.blogspot.com image 450x566]

You see that? Those are diamonds.

Tywin Lannister is derisively said to shiat gold by his detractors. Whether he does or doesn't, I still want a toilet he'd be willing to use. Any old fire will cook food, and a fridge just has to be cold, but a toilet is a man's throne.
2014-06-04 04:45:12 AM  
1 vote:

Trailltrader: If bathrooms are the most expensive in the house then someone can't do math.

If your bathroom ISN'T the most expensive room in the house, you're doing it wrong.

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You see that? Those are diamonds.
2014-06-04 03:29:53 AM  
1 vote:
One off the living room (for guests). One connected to the master bedroom. One for general use at the other end of the upstairs hall.

That's the bare minimum, unless you live in a studio apartment the size of a shoebox.

You'd also want one in the garage, if possible. And one connected to the guest bedroom for their privacy.

So 5 bathrooms are needed as a minimum for a typical home. I'm not sure why anyone's trying to insinuate that having three is somehow wasteful.
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