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(The Week)   The science of wine. If you are going beyond the kind that comes in a refrigerator box, you need to understand a few things   ( theweek.com) divider line
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2014-05-26 06:11:17 PM  
Who need those fancy box wines, anyway. Give me some of that good old MD 20/20 and I'm happy for as long as it takes until I pass out.
2014-05-26 06:45:09 PM  

Man On A Mission: Who need those fancy box wines, anyway. Give me some of that good old MD 20/20 and I'm happy for as long as it takes until I pass out.

MD 20/20? Philistine.

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2014-05-26 06:51:21 PM  
Things such as "you can frequently find $10 wines that rival $100 wines".
2014-05-26 06:53:17 PM  
I am not a fancy wine-sipping guy, and everyone says I have odd tastes, but for inexpensive boxed wines I like:
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Cheap and pretty good, if you can find it.

Black Box pinots are pretty nice, too, but I like The Naked Grape a bit better (probably because the taste has a bit more fruit and a bit less tannin).
2014-05-26 06:59:33 PM  
I don't mind some box wines for everyday sipping and cooking (for red wine - never had white in a box). Bota box and Black box particularly are pretty decent.
2014-05-26 07:07:08 PM  
Interesting. It would seem that wine tasting offers almost as much complexity to the drinker as tasting beers.
2014-05-26 07:29:19 PM  
Something something "I am NOT drinking any f****ing Merlot!".

/got nothing
2014-05-26 07:30:05 PM  
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Here's the real good stuff.
2014-05-26 07:39:40 PM  
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2014-05-26 09:02:29 PM  
It's a lot of bullshiat to go through to get a decent alcoholic drink.
2014-05-26 09:10:09 PM  
The container has nothing to do with the quality of the wine. Any yahoo can put their wine in a glass bottle and stick on a fancy label. Any great winemaker can throw their stuff in a box. It doesn't change the wine one bit.
2014-05-26 09:25:47 PM  
I like wine.  I like cheap wine.  Right now, I can only afford the cheap stuff.  But maybe in the future I can afford the $20-$30 range stuff.  I don't see the use in more expensive stuff than that.  Even though I am a self-proclaimed super taster, I don't care.  It all tastes pretty good.  I even overheat my sake to 145 even though you are not supposed to, I do what I like.
2014-05-26 11:19:37 PM  
Scientists today are working on a pill that has all the health benefits of wine, without the alcohol...

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...yes. They call it... A grape!!
2014-05-27 02:18:13 AM  
A refrigerator box?  That's a lot of wine, subby.
2014-05-27 04:36:54 AM  
Is Two Buck Chuck still $1.99?
2014-05-27 07:38:43 AM  

Skr: Is Two Buck Chuck still $1.99?

In California it is, yes.
2014-05-27 08:50:50 AM  
I get this rebranded stuff called "90+ Cellars."  Good wineries overproduce, then sell off the excess anonymously to keep the supply of their main label somewhat scarce.  The excess gets repackaged into this and sold at a lesser price. Of course, it's like a state secret what vineyard the stuff comes from.

This is actually pretty common in France.  You see people do it in the States, but it's much more hit or miss.

They sell an NZ sauvignon blanc from "Lot 2" that's pretty much a staple at Casa de Rieper.
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