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(Alaska Dispatch News)   We as a country can get rid of all the invasive animal species in our lands if we join together, roll up our sleeves, and do it the American way: By eating our way out of the problem   ( divider line
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2014-05-26 08:01:07 PM  

Mid_mo_mad_man: FrancoFile: big pig peaches: Mid_mo_mad_man: big pig peaches: If I could get some free range feral hogmeat at a decent price, up north, I would be all over it. You know how much free range pork costs. It's ridiculously expensive, but so much better then the dry "other white meat" crap.

I reckon the industrial pig farmers would have a big problem if they started exporting any I quantity.

Fera hogs are a plague. There is nothing redeeming about them. They taste nothing like free range heirloom porkers.

So they taste bad?

I know about the damage they are doing. It's really easy to see why they are forbidden by Jews and Muslims if you consider the Middle East environment is sort of like Texas. You don't what pigs crapping in all your fresh water.

I haven't had them, but I know a hunter who goes after them every year.  He says unless you get them less than a year old, they are gamey and stinky as all get-out, due to the sagebrush, mesquite, & other resinous stuff that they eat.

Any uncut male pig has stinky flesh. Tame or feral it doesn't matter

Meat from uncut males tends to not be preferred, if you eat beef, it wont be from bulls, and lamb wont be ram. In farming the testicles are removed, so they don't destroy the flavour, as much as for animal husbandry issues. Apparently testosterone is nasty tasting shiat.
2014-05-26 09:55:56 PM  

cubic_spleen: So, white people are going to eat other white people? Sounds like a win-win to me.

Outside of East Africa, aren't ALL humans an invasive species?
2014-05-27 11:52:29 AM  

Dead for Tax Reasons: i'll have the zebra mussel chowder and a kudzu salad...

first thing i thought with the headline...but i've been told repeatedly that, for some reason or another, the zebra mussels aren't good eats. don't know about kudzu...

but if anyone wants to give me any meat from any pig (wild/ferrel or otherwise) i'll gladly consume it, right? i'll eat that...same with carp...unless either are excessively boney...i don't care for fish bones...i like filets, or "steaks" with one very easily removeable bone section
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