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(Rolling Stone)   Rolling Stone decides to get outraged over the juvenile justice system, claiming children are tried in "kangaroo courts" for adult crimes. Rolling Stone should stick to reporting things they know about, like...well. This is awkward   ( divider line
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2014-05-18 03:38:38 PM  
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I'm just glad to know that this doesn't happen in my jurisdiction.
2014-05-18 04:21:54 PM  
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HammerHeadSnark: FTA: . . . undocumented children entering the country may find themselves in deportation proceedings without the assistance of counsel. "I've seen kids as young as five go into court without a lawyer," says Wendy Young, president of Kids In Need of Defense (KIND), which represents unaccompanied immigrant and refugee children.

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I don't care, kid, you're going to jail.

Could be Billy the Kid.
2014-05-18 04:19:17 PM  
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Mugato: xanadian: Except kangaroos are cute.  I don't see the problem hereObviously you've never boxed one. They fight dirty.

[ image 387x341]

The Audacity of Hop.
2014-05-18 04:18:23 PM  
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Uh this also doesn't work if their "representation" is actively working to help convict them.

Which is of course not possible because that would be terrible and morally less than good. Unless of course juvie proceedings were secret for some crazy reason, then it might be hard to fix...

I'm sure this all magically never happens.
2014-05-18 03:48:25 PM  
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Can I haz attorney?
2014-05-18 03:44:45 PM  
1 vote:
..but Boomers are right about everything!

I mean aren't The Beatles the best band of all time, and isn't "Revolver" the best album ever made and makes Mozart's entire body of work look like a Creed/Nickelback mashup?
2014-05-18 03:43:28 PM  
1 vote:
It was the third of September.
That day I'll always remember
'cause that was the day
that the Treaty of Paris was signed.
2014-05-18 03:36:15 PM  
1 vote:
Just shut up and sing
2014-05-18 01:23:45 PM  
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xanadian: Except kangaroos are cute.  I don't see the problem here

Obviously you've never boxed one. They fight dirty.

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2014-05-18 01:09:36 PM  
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2014-05-18 01:08:13 PM  
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Except kangaroos are cute.  I don't see the problem here.

Also: how else are we going to continue to have "Made in America" stuff at "Made in China" wages, without a steady supply of prison labor?
2014-05-18 12:47:06 PM  
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In re Gault, the mentioned case that brought the Constitution to juvenile courts is quite farked up.

Gerald Gault was accused of making an obscene phone call by a neighbor. He was arrested without his parents being informed, held without notification of the charges, not allowed an attorney, and not allowed to confront his accuser. The witnesses weren't sworn in and there was no record taken.

He was then sentenced to six years in juvenile detention. If he was 18 when accused, the maximum would have been two months and a $50 fine.
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