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2001-12-10 09:31:16 AM  
high school boobies
2001-12-10 09:36:40 AM  
The tag really needs to be Asinine..

That is such a farked up reason to can somebody

"I am sorry we are going to have to let you go you coached the team too well and we just can't have them winning games all the time"
2001-12-10 09:40:09 AM  
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!! Running up the score should be encouraged!! Sports is all about winning, not maintaining your self-esteem!

The principal should be fired, not the coach. He's a wimp.
2001-12-10 09:40:09 AM  
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!! Running up the score should be encouraged!! Sports is all about winning, not maintaining your self-esteem!

The principal should be fired, not the coach. He's a wimp.
2001-12-10 09:40:33 AM  
Sorry for the double post.
2001-12-10 09:45:17 AM  
I'm confused.....

They fired her because her team administered a beating on the other team??? They fired her because her team won? I've GOT to be missing something, because this doesn't make any sense.
2001-12-10 09:48:36 AM  
Isn't one of the points of athletics to do your best? Why would you encourage a team to do less than their best. The team that got beat so bad will learn alot more and have more of a chance to get better by playing against a tough opponent who is at full strenght rather than an opponent who is beating them without even trying.
2001-12-10 09:51:50 AM  
Ummm scoring high is bad? What am me in Bizzaro world? Me so happy me lose!! Hey Detroit Lions must agree with the principal scoring high is a bad thing.
2001-12-10 09:52:25 AM  
Time to outlaw sports.
2001-12-10 09:54:03 AM  
If a coach can't run up the score without getting fired then U.S. Politicans don't deserve their raise and the BCS should be dismantled in favor of a 16 team playoff system.
2001-12-10 09:55:07 AM  
Blackvampyr: You're not missing anything. There is a growing movement to "preserve self-esteem in sports." NBC News did a piece on it back in the summer. Seems a bunch of soccer parents want their little kids to play to tie scores so that no one goes home with hurt feelings. Boo-hoo. Parents, feel free to join the REAL WORLD when you have the balls.
2001-12-10 09:55:53 AM  
BV she wouldn't put out....
2001-12-10 09:56:51 AM  
"OK team were up by 20 points now. So I want you to start shooting at our basket to help the other team get back into the game."
2001-12-10 09:58:37 AM  
Maybe they should redo the olympics and make it so that everyone wins. You can't have losers like 3horn walking around...that's just not politically correct...he has rights too. Maybe he could win the pig tossing tournament or something like that...

Daddy, my soccer team lost! Can you go beat up the other team's coach because he hurt my feelings?
2001-12-10 10:04:33 AM  
"Preserving Self Esteem" is all about managing expectation.

Go out, do your best, even if you know you'll get your ass handed to you.

Hell, when I was doing Judo, my class was taught three former olympians, and a couple of kids that were definatly national team bound.

I felt extremely good about myself if I managed to just stay verticle for more than 30 seconds. I am the MASTER of the break fall now.
2001-12-10 10:04:36 AM  
Well that's about the dumbest farking thing I've heard today. If you don't want your poor little baby's feeling hurt because his team sucks ass, then don't let him farking play, just shelter the little shiat and coddle him and keep him safe and naive.

Jesus christ on a farking yardarm, the world is not fair were things always end in a tie. These parents need to grow the fark up and quit trying to make sure that their little precious offspring never have to have their feelings hurt.
2001-12-10 10:11:00 AM  
<img src="http://www.thinkgeek.com/images/products/zoom/despair-poster-ineptitude.j pg">
2001-12-10 10:12:44 AM  
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crap. I think I better take this to heart.
2001-12-10 10:23:48 AM  
and next week: Michael Johnson stripped of gold medal for running too fast, also Rams QB Brett Favre fined for "deliberately throwing the ball to his own receivers"

These farktards are breeding a nation of spineless idiots who will never be able to handle defeat, or success.
2001-12-10 10:26:26 AM  
Good thing that the coach that lost still has a job.
2001-12-10 10:26:32 AM  
Brett Favre = the Pack,
2001-12-10 10:27:08 AM  
Why give it 100% when 17% would have sufficed. There is nothing greater in life than teaching kids to throttle their ambition. I can just see the bumper stickers that that school hands out - "My child is a C+ student".
2001-12-10 10:29:31 AM  
If the other team can only score 11 points, they really suck and deserve to be immbarassed, besides what do you tell your team to do go down the court and miss on purpose?????,ASSH@LES I tell you!!!!!
2001-12-10 10:30:37 AM  
'I tried to explain that we didn't run up the score and we called off our press in the first quarter,' Krellner said. 'I told our girls that we could not fast break. I did everything short of what I thought would be humiliating to the other team.'

Krellner said the starters played sparingly in only the first and third quarters before she let them back in with 1:45 remaining. Even then, Krellner said, the players were not in their regular positions. Krellner said that was why the players were laughing.

Wellington [the losing team] players said they did not run up the score."

Yet the principle fired her for running up the score. Fire the goddamn principle, who is obviously inept because they make knee jerk decisions with facts bearing no weight.

America hates losers and always will, deal with it.
2001-12-10 10:30:51 AM  
Penalty - Wrong team 15yrds FIRST DOWN
2001-12-10 10:34:07 AM  
Geez what kind of generation are we raising. Hope these kids never go to war. "Opps sorry bad guy I got a jump on you and shot you, next time I'll give you a chance to shoot me first"

Didn't we learn that close scores are BAD. Remember Florida? Ahhh this is from Palm Beach sure explains alot
2001-12-10 10:34:27 AM  
Cranky, sad thing is, the winning team was throttling back. The coach sent the b-string kids out, and told them not to sprint.

The other team got there ass handed to them by bench warmers.
2001-12-10 10:37:58 AM  
Can we fire the coaches of all teh teams that have trounced the Lions??

I agree John1701q.. this sends a message to our youth.. a bad one at that...

If we can not run up HS basketball scores then the terrorists have alredy one.
2001-12-10 10:39:45 AM  
In related news, the principal was later fired, as his students became too intelligent.
2001-12-10 10:39:51 AM  
Cripes... looks like Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron is coming true. If you've never read this scary little short (very short) story, the full text of it is here. Might get Farked, so here's the first three paragraphs:

"THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren't only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.

Some things about living still weren't quite right, though. April for instance, still drove people crazy by not being springtime. And it was in that clammy month that the H-G men took George and Hazel Bergeron's fourteen-year-old son, Harrison, away.

It was tragic, all right, but George and Hazel couldn't think about it very hard. Hazel had a perfectly average intelligence, which meant she couldn't think about anything except in short bursts. And George, while his intelligence was way above normal, had a little mental handicap radio in his ear. He was required by law to wear it at all times. It was tuned to a government transmitter. Every twenty seconds or so, the transmitter would send out some sharp noise to keep people like George from taking unfair advantage of their brains."
2001-12-10 10:39:59 AM  
let's track down the principal's email and let him know what a schmuck we think he is!
2001-12-10 10:41:56 AM  
What a farking joke. Are we not out to set records anymore? "Sorry Sandy, you can't score 35 tonight becuase we already have 72, guess you can't make the record". Someone needs to fire the principal....... with a cannon.
2001-12-10 10:48:03 AM  
I'm not really up on basketball. What does it mean to run up the score? How is it different from playing regularly? If a team is up, are they running up the score?
2001-12-10 10:50:59 AM  
When is Duke going to can Coach K? I could see Herb Sendek getting canned even though State will win some games this year.

Go Wolfpack!
2001-12-10 10:59:05 AM  
Something else must be going on....some sort of personal vendetta. Maybe the coach was becoming too popular...
2001-12-10 11:01:45 AM  
Jhemmila: Running up the score is trying to beat a team by an "unnecessary" amount of points. Look up "Steve Spurrier" in the dictionary...
2001-12-10 11:07:12 AM  
...and somewhere, a Lions fan cheered.

Hee hee hee.

But seriously, this is bull. I mean, 67 points isn't too bad considering the other team scored 11. If the team is that bad, the other team could have easily been in the 90s. Just because they have shiatty players doesn't mean that the other team is in the wrong. Ass.
2001-12-10 11:07:55 AM  
[image from palmbeach.k12.fl.us too old to be available]

The jackass who did this.
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2001-12-10 11:11:35 AM  
As for an e-mail, it's public record somewhere, I may call the school later, but I'll fathom a guess:
That's the way most e-mails work in the FL school system. B­irth­*na­m­e[nospam-﹫-backwards]em­a­nt­cir­tsid*k­12*f­l*us
2001-12-10 11:21:31 AM  
Here is the principal's "homepage" if you can call it that...
2001-12-10 11:25:57 AM  
I suggest an email campaign...
2001-12-10 11:29:58 AM  
I agree, lets mail this guy as much as possible, this is bullshiat

2001-12-10 11:32:35 AM  
If someone can confirm the above address works (doesnt come back with a message stating undeliverability) then lets snowball this guy. Heh - if anyone is feeling adventurous and can keep the language clean, lets call the school and request a good reason for this...
561-795-4901 - VOICEMAIL 561-795-4900 - FAX 561-795-4934

that or just snowball his voice mailbox...
2001-12-10 11:39:06 AM  
Oh boy! The FARK effect is going to overload his e-mail and voice mail! Count me in!
2001-12-10 11:45:20 AM  
FAX 561-795-4934

i recommend faxing several sheets of black construction paper
2001-12-10 11:48:49 AM  
I hereby announce a new Photoshop contest, we have a thread devoted to Photoshopping this guys face, then we ALL mass email him the results... Someone get this started...
2001-12-10 11:55:11 AM  
I love making crank calls. Just ask Bob the Slob and Margie.
(SLAYERSWINE jumps up and down like a little kid on Christmas morning)
The telephone is ringing..........
2001-12-10 12:11:00 PM  
2001-12-10 12:17:12 PM  
Funkyfingerproductions: Hey, I'm all for carpet-bombing his email inbox with letters, but let's not turn this into a racial thing now. It'll only hurt our message. :)
2001-12-10 12:23:46 PM  
Actually, being on the receiving end of a beating like this can wreak untold damage on the delicate teenage psyche. The coach should not only be fired but sued for mental anguish.

Just kidding! Those pussies!
2001-12-10 12:29:04 PM  
Quadraton - Faxing black sheets isnt racial, it eats up the toner in the fax machine. In some places its considered illegal to do that....
2001-12-10 12:35:46 PM  
anybody else notice the humor in the qoute....

Hopefully everyone will rebound.

i couldn't get past that one....
2001-12-10 01:03:38 PM  
*sniff sniff* I smell wrongful dismissal lawsuit.
2001-12-10 01:16:14 PM  
Way back... when I was in high school, we had a team that was ahead like 75-8 at the 1/2, and the other coached biatched. Our coach let the guys from the jazz band play the second half (without substituting), and we still won with like 104-55 or something. Farking hilarious!

I'm not much into crushing an opponent, but I know from having my ass handed to me a couple of times that next time I was much more prepared, and trained twice as hard. A few times I even won later, since the other person had gotten overconfident.
2001-12-10 01:50:26 PM  
"Out of 14 questions, you got [blank space here] correct for a percent score of 0."

Whew, that was tough. It took a couple of tries to get every one wrong.

Inspired idea, though, comparing these two twisted farks through a quiz format. The similarity between them had occured to me after last week's jaw-dropper:

"To those ... who scare peace-loving people with phantoms of lost liberty, my message is this: your tactics only aid terrorists, for they erode our national unity and diminish our resolve. They give ammunition to America's enemies and pause to America's friends"-- Ashcroft

I would submit that the sentiment behind this quote is more frightening than anything ever attributed to McCarthy. Especially when it is noted that the quote seems not the result of ill-advised ad-libbing on the part of the Attorney General, but entirely scripted, and in perfect lock-step with these other chestnuts of recent vintage:

"It is therefore urgent that all Americans be quiet, stop asking questions, accept the orders of authorities, and let us get on with the important work of defending liberty, so that America can continue to be a beacon of freedom to all the world."--Donald Rumsfeld

"Now is not the time for such divisive, destructive things as dialogue and debate. Now is not the time for, 'My opinion is just as valid as yours,' and 'What are my country's leaders doing and why?' and 'I have a question, Mr. President.' Now is the time for one thing and one thing only: The defense of the American democratic ideal. Any and all who disagree with this directive, or who have different ideas about how it should be accomplished, should learn to shut their mouths."--John McCain

"...all Americans -- not just outspoken talk-show hosts like Bill Maher -- must watch what they say. Now more than ever, if we want to protect democracy for future generations, it is vital that nobody speak out about the issues of the day. We must all do our patriotic duty to protect our country's great ideals and we have to be careful about what opinions we express if we are to defend our Constitution, a sacred document behind which all Americans must stand united as one." --Ari Fleischer

The parallels to the way the Reichstag's burning was parlayed into carte blanche for the Nazis to enact their agenda unhindered are not even particularly subtle.
2001-12-10 01:52:07 PM  
Ha. Just noticed what I did. Classic.

I'll be moving along now.

Shame about that coach, eh...?
2001-12-10 01:55:31 PM  
farking bullshiat! If anyone gets a valid email for the putz responsible, make sure you post it. I mean, what's the coach supposed to to, play 3 players or something?! Sheeshia

tigger When did the Rams trade for Favre?
2001-12-10 02:13:48 PM  
Generic e-mail contact for the Wellington High School:

Websites for principal, assistant principal..etc:

Phone Number:

School Board Contact:
2001-12-10 02:49:25 PM  
YEAH! Fark them GOOOD!!
2001-12-10 02:53:19 PM  
Ahh, I see....it uses all the toner. Makes sense. I withdraw my objection :)
2001-12-10 03:12:57 PM  
It would be funny if this story made the national news tonight. It's happened before.
2001-12-10 03:47:10 PM  
Got my email sent to t2­19­1­w­es­[nospam-﹫-backwards]l­i­ame*palm­be­ach*k12­*f­l*us

Thanks V!
2001-12-10 04:07:48 PM  
Everyone agrees... WOW

This is a first
2001-12-10 04:19:18 PM  
The LSU fight song actually tells the team "you've got to... run up the score."
2001-12-10 05:24:04 PM  
[image from palmbeach.k12.fl.us too old to be available]

2001-12-11 03:06:22 PM  
I played a lot of team sports from childhood through to whenever. When we had the other team on the ropes, we put the hammer down. That's what we were taught. The first time I asked, "Why, when we've got them so obviously beaten, do we then proceed to really do a number on 'em?" The coach came back with, "Because, when you get into a really tight game with a tough opponent, you'll dig in...you won't take your foot off the pedal." And so it goes with life.

Not necessarily to win, but to keep giving it your best ALL the time.

This principal doesn't GET it. Pity...but that's who's in charge these days.
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