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2014-05-14 04:25:40 AM  

GrymReeper: That's why they call it "dope".

There are plenty of smart people that have and still do smoke cannabis, and then there are not-so-smart people that smoke cannabis... Carl Sagan, Bill Maher, Bill Hicks, Morgan Freeman, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert... Are you going to argue that you're smarter than these people? Pretty much every musician on the planet? lol

Nice try, dude. Time to hit the bottle...
2014-05-14 04:32:29 AM  

robbiex0r: Never consent.

Most people obey authority figures without question. He should have called a lawyer right away, but younger people or people that just aren't headstrong usually just give up their rights when a cop just makes a demand on it.

We live in an age where blind obedience to authority figures is commonplace and expected. Most people just don't know what their rights are...
2014-05-14 05:06:49 AM
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2014-05-14 12:47:48 PM  

SquiggsIN: OOBE Juan Kenobi: We live in an age where blind obedience to authority figures is commonplace and expected.

I couldn't disagree more.  I think it goes in cycles and presently we're in between blind obedience maximums.
The last one expired at some point between 1960 and 1970 when the counter-culture was really trending.  I think the information age has piqued curiosities and has forced people to question the status quo more than at any point in recent history.  Depending on how you want to graph such a thing there was likely a large upward trend post 9/11/2001 but, any upswing has probably been reversed with the way things have gone in government since then.

I think there are fewer and fewer people who unquestioningly believe that the government and law enforcement agencies are infallible and trustworthy.

I think that government's response to that (either directly or as an unintended consequence) is to harden and beef up the 'jack-booted-ness' of law enforcement - driving the paramilitary angle more and more. Gone are the days when I would consider approaching an officer to ask for directions. The attitudes from LEO that I've seen and interacted with, admittedly with some notable exceptions but not many, have been 'how can I prove this guy was doing something wrong?'

They stopped being 'for the people' or 'to protect and to serve' a long time ago, and became 'How can I best guarantee a conviction for the DA?'

When you combine that mindset from government law enforcement with a government that is rapidly losing the faith of its people and looking out mainly for corporate and private interests, bad things happen.

I hope things change.
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