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(Orlando Sentinel)   Six year-old boy donates his birthday money--all $1,650 of it--to his local police force   ( divider line
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2014-05-12 10:48:22 AM  

SpectroBoy: browntimmy: hasty ambush: Giving money to government, why do Fark ProgressivesTM have a problem with this?

I know it's futile, but I'll ask again anyway. Do you keep typing "Fark ProgressivesTM"because you saw someone type Fark IndependentsTMand don't get the joke? What is supposed to be the difference between a Fark ProgressiveTM and a regular progressive?

I was curious about that to.

I am more curious why we aren't using alt-0153™. That should keep the formatting even when quoted.
2014-05-12 10:48:23 AM  
Cue "civil forfeiture" in 3, 2, 1...
2014-05-12 11:11:20 AM  

hasty ambush: Giving money to government, why do Fark ProgressivesTM have a problem with this?

We are anti-authoritarianism.
Unlike the jackbooted Fark Independents™.
2014-05-12 11:17:36 AM  

CruiserTwelve: Those rotten bastard cops.

Ignore these Farkers.
They're just prejudiced against police because they've met some.
2014-05-12 11:18:09 AM  
Well it was either donate it now or have it "confiscated as evidence" when he is a teenager.
2014-05-12 11:44:58 AM  
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2014-05-12 11:50:24 AM  

TommyymmoT: Aarontology: That's got to be worth getting out of a couple of misdemeanors when he's older.

10 years minutes from now they won't even remember his name.

2014-05-12 11:57:15 AM  

groppet: Well it was either donate it now or have it "confiscated as evidence" when he is a teenager.

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2014-05-12 12:14:46 PM  

H31N0US: Dow Jones and the Temple of Doom: His name is Noah and he gets $1650 cash for his birthday. Sounds like a ___

fortunate young man?

2014-05-12 12:21:52 PM  

doglover: 🎵Someone's dad is a deeeeaaaalllleeerrr. 🎵

I don't think "dad"' is in the picture.

FTFA: "It is amazing to see the world through his eyes," said his mother's partner, Julie Hall.
2014-05-12 12:39:35 PM  
His family ought to consider this a lesson learned, and refuse to give him cash next year.
2014-05-12 01:36:20 PM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2014-05-12 01:40:56 PM  
Any police chief who would accept this shouldn't be chief. Anyone with integrity would thank the kid an turn it down.
2014-05-12 02:01:38 PM  
I don't get why people would go to a website about news articles and not read an article that is like 10 sentences long.
2014-05-12 03:02:13 PM  
Hitler youth in training.
2014-05-12 03:10:51 PM  

Anayalator: [ image 454x393]

I am glad someone finally posted a picture of the cute little fascist. Just look at those Nazi-blue eyes.
2014-05-12 03:32:57 PM  

serpent_sky: LoneVVolf: That kid's got some sh*t to hide...

Or as I said, his parents do.  Six year olds do NOT think like that. They want toys and birthday cake, not money for cops.  It reeks of brainwashing farked up parents.

I volunteer for an animal shelter and we regularly have kids showing up with donations because they asked for that instead of presents for their birthdays. They come in with piles of dog toys, kitty litter and cash. It's adorable and the kids always talk about how they want to help the animals. They don't seem brainwashed in the least, unless you consider teaching your children to help others brainwashing. And this is fark, so I'm sure plenty of you do.
2014-05-12 04:29:45 PM  

SpectroBoy: gaspode: Christ when I was six I got an action-man. not thousands of bucks. what is this shiat?

To be fair, back then $1,000 would buy a house.

touche lol
2014-05-12 06:48:58 PM  

Anayalator: [ image 454x393]

"I'm gonna kick your ass and get away with it."
2014-05-12 09:44:56 PM  
2014-05-13 10:42:35 AM  
They couldn't just raise that amount with 3 more unnecessary speeding/parking tickets?  Police forces are a fund raising enterprise now, not public service.  Just remember that if you actually expect them to help you.
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