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(Timmay)   Here are some Dos and Don'ts for travelling in a wheelchair. Surprisingly enough, the list works for anyone, even if you don't travel in a wheelchair   ( handicapthis.com) divider line
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2014-05-11 01:21:48 PM  
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Don't piss off your best friend who happens to be able to control magnetism.
2014-05-11 09:46:45 PM  
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timelady: hubiestubert: Years ago, I got a fairly nasty infection in my leg. Cat climbed me, and sank a claw deep, and I got an infection between the fat layer and the muscle, and it blew my thigh up by about a third of its girth, and I had to use crutches, and a wheelchair for about a week. The one thing I noticed, when I was using a wheelchair in public, is that if I was with someone--like my fiance--folks automatically turned to her to find out what I wanted. Man in my early 30s, not slurring or incapacitated, but suddenly, I was put into the role of someone being taken care of. I'd ask to see something in a shop, and the clerks would turn to her to see if it was OK. Go to pay for something, they turned to her for the card or the cash. Never mind that I was wheeling myself around on my own power--not being pushed, talking with her in conversational tones, and even bickering amicably--but suddenly, in a wheelchair, I turned apparently deaf, dumb, and mentally handicapped.

On crutches? Everyone was sympathetic, and I was just a guy who had an accident. In a wheelchair? I was suddenly horribly brain damaged, and barely functioning, and if I asked a clerk a direct question, they turned to by bride to be for approval. It was an odd perspective, but one that has sort of shaped how I deal with the public when I have to.

HAHAHA oh gods yes. Try being in a large electric wheelchair - think Stephen Hawking. It tilts, so it takes pressure off my spine.

They talk to my kids or my husband. I am a University lecturer in computer science. Tends to shut them up when told that. But before, I get SLOW LOUD SPEECH DEAR. Lady, my spine is borked. Sometimes, in an act of presto spite, because I still have (for now, it is diminishing all too rapidly:( ) some small mobility, I get to my feet, yell "miracle" and collapse again. Great at concerts etc. Or for that first lecture where students are a bit uncertain about me. They blink, then laugh, and when I smirk, they get it. Ice broken. They are told it is okay to ask me questions about it. Break down some barriers.

One woman told me I should commit suicide, in effect - the first day I had my wheelchair, after my spine just got to the point where walking stick wouldn't cut it anymore, I realised I could do so much again I had lost. And as I was waiting for one of my offspring outside a shop, a woman asked me if that was my daughter, proudly, I said it was. She then proceeded to tell me for ten minutes I was lucky, as most kids would not take on such a burden, that she would kill herself in my position, and much along the same lines. I was gobsmacked and went home to weep. But after, I realised she was telling me she was afraid if it happened to her, she would be alone and uncared for.

The don't talk often because we confront them with a fear. As mine was accident and not congenital, it is worse - that could be THEM.

Or they are jerks;)

Why you NOT yell "Mein Führer! I can walk!" is beyond me.
2014-05-11 02:55:31 PM  
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Don't compare superpowers with the non-handicapped near the stairs. Escalators are the same problem really. Don't do that either.
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Brofist everybody. EVERYBODY, it's a good cover story. You never know when the airport lounge will offer free maitais to their favorite mutie. Bam, you're sloshed, suddenly you can't reach all the way over there with your mind. You'll have to go and suck the memories out of your enemies skin-to-skin. See what I mean?

Also learn to brofist properly. This looks suspiciously open-handed.
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Drill a hole in your forehead and have your brain scooped out and replaced with grape soda. You never know when a sentinel will come along and attack, and when they hit you it will automatically shake the soda up. You don't even have to do anything. Do you know how much a deep sea fishing trip costs? You are paying that much to relax, you don't want to have to work too hard at this.

Only have this done by a real neurosurgeon. I have some stories about unlicensed neurosurgeons that you don't want to hear.
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Traveling is stressful enough. If you have to use one of those handicapped bathrooms (for some unknown reason) without a door (maybe someone shouldn't have been so eager to rip it off the hinges, hint hint, why doncha help me a little more carefully next time you big blue unshaven asshole?) always bring your entourage. No one gets to see the great man doing his business.
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Lastly, if this vacation really does have to be a disaster (we've all had those). If this has to be your trip to the great lakehouse in the sky. Make sure it's your best friend who does you in.

It'll give you a chance to have that last talk, and get in your last few Jewish jokes. Just like old times.
2014-05-11 01:30:23 PM  
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Dunno if i agree with that first part about air travel. They say get a seat in the fist row but i did that on one flight and my ass was sore as hell for days afterwards.
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