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(Daily Mail)   His mom really tied the room together   ( divider line
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2014-04-29 04:35:17 PM  
A Chinaman peed on the dude's mom?
2014-04-29 04:53:02 PM  
He looks more like Walter than The Dude.
2014-04-29 05:15:08 PM  
Counsel for the hospital responded to Mr Dowd's allegations with "Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man ".
2014-04-29 05:29:31 PM  

UberDave: He looks more like Walter than The Dude.

Shut the fark up, Donnie.
2014-04-29 05:54:02 PM  
This is a private residence.... man..
2014-04-29 06:09:43 PM  
The Dude is looking forward to this thread.

mookieinhiding.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2014-04-29 06:12:42 PM  
"Not a slacker: Dowd is regarded in Hollywood as a film marketing and distribution guru, as well as working as a producer, a writer, and helping Robert Redford start the Sundance Film Festival"

Odd, I read that as "Slacker"

Maybe they're not into the whole brevity thing.
2014-04-29 06:17:14 PM  
I piss on farkers. Does that count for anything?

/check WSBRadio.
2014-04-29 06:19:36 PM  
Guy may be a giant douche but that is face value. I've had a couple of friends who went through the "bed sore" thing with their incapacitated dad / grandma. They never rolled either of them while in bed or checked on them. The dad had the strength to call the hospital out, the grandma ended up in ICU due to her bed sore getting to the point where it opened up a softball sized hole that went an inch into her, which never healed and got infected. You know 80 yr olds, simple infections can kill. Not sure what happened after that though.
2014-04-29 06:21:41 PM  

FriarReb98: UberDave: He looks more like Walter than The Dude.

Shut the fark up, Donnie.

You're the one that's out of your element!
2014-04-29 06:23:29 PM  
Was she missing a toe at the time of her death?
2014-04-29 06:25:57 PM  

farkingismybusiness: A Chinaman peed on the dude's mom?

Also, Dude, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature. Asian-American, please.
2014-04-29 06:27:06 PM  
I really gotta watch this movie some day.
2014-04-29 06:27:20 PM  
Farking amateurs
2014-04-29 06:27:26 PM  
She wasn't his "special lady", she was his "lady friend"!
2014-04-29 06:31:13 PM  
The man who inspired Jeff Bridges' Big Lebowski character The Dude is suing the hospital where his mother died for $10 million.

That's a lot of money, but I still don't think I'd die for that amount.

In other news, journalism majors are the stupidest people in the world, after people from Missouri.
2014-04-29 06:34:15 PM  
Yeah, US healthcare is moving towards the third world standards.

If you aren't someone important or related to the doctor, the doctors don't give a shiat about you. They can kill you with bureaucracy.

Unfortunately, he probably didn't come across as a Hollywood bigshot but rather the dude and so the doctors passed the buck around until the case went away.
2014-04-29 08:55:48 PM  

Come on... No, really - come on...
2014-04-29 10:21:15 PM  
GodDAMMIT. Is there a Ralph's nearby?
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