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(Rocketnews 24)   Japanese fans of Godzilla blast latest Hollywood rendition of lizard as a fatty   ( en.rocketnews24.com) divider line
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2014-04-29 03:56:49 PM  
3 votes:
Then go watch that Broderick GINO abortion. He was slim in that one.

/Excited for the movie
2014-04-30 01:41:11 AM  
2 votes:
Back when the first Americanized Godzilla movie came out, they had a screening at some con where the actor to first wear the big rubber Godzilla suit in the 50's was in the audience. After the film, his reaction simply was "That not Gojira. That Iguana!".
2014-04-30 12:41:12 AM  
2 votes:
At least he doesn't do this...

aznbadger.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

...it's still probably going to be the best Godzilla movie in like 40 years.
2014-04-29 06:32:52 PM  
2 votes:

drjekel_mrhyde: [img.fark.net image 636x751]

Oh, Internet. You never fail to amaze and revolt me.
2014-04-29 05:56:49 PM  
2 votes:
Oh sure, you all fat shame him when he isn't around but wouldn't do it to his face.   Like many people in America, he has body issues and none of you with your fat shaming language are willing to help him.  Who knows what sort of emotional stress he might be under that compel him to eat metric tons of humans in a single sitting.  Poor soul needs your empathy not your derision.
2014-04-29 05:53:17 PM  
2 votes:
Meh, the best Godzilla was Bob Cat Goldthwait in One Crazy Summer.
2014-04-30 05:05:29 PM  
1 vote:

Nurglitch: [oyster.ignimgs.com image 610x394]

Thank you I was a bit mad that they acted like the American thing was the biggest. Heisei had some huge Gojiras, and movies had his size vary a lot.

I have recently loved Godzilla and actually really like the movies I've seen so far (lots of Showa/Heisei, no Millenium yet, grew up on and hate '98) and I'm very cautiously excited.

/I laughed when they showed how fat he was
//fatty, fatty, fat-fat
///"Only in America!"
2014-04-30 12:26:34 PM  
1 vote:
oyster.ignimgs.comView Full Size
2014-04-30 06:25:55 AM  
1 vote:

hotrod2001: At least he doesn't do this...

[aznbadger.files.wordpress.com image 356x293]

...it's still probably going to be the best Godzilla movie in like 40 years.

There've been a few exceptions, but yeah, mostly all they've done since the early 90's is reboot  the same films they made 30 years previously.

Honestly, they've retold Godzilla vs Mothra how many times now?
2014-04-29 07:49:57 PM  
1 vote:

scottydoesntknow: Then go watch that Broderick GINO abortion. He was slim in that one.

/Excited for the movie

Maybe the takeaway from that movie should have been "Americans shouldn't make Godzilla movies."
2014-04-29 07:24:33 PM  
1 vote:

Angela Lansbury's Merkin: So from the latest trailer, it looks like Godzilla is something made by man, to fight against Kaiju that are attacking?  Is that correct?

Nah, I think it's back to what it's always been. This is where Godzilla keeps his stuff and he allows us to live here too. But if we get all uppity and start messing with his stuff in a way he doesn't like, or cause some other monster to rise and and mess with his stuff, he's gonna take it out on all of us.
2014-04-29 06:45:53 PM  
1 vote:
The head seems a little small, maybe, but I don't see anything oddly out of proportion for a beast this size.  For a reptile to walk on two legs, I'd think the legs and tail would have to be chunky.  The arms would be well muscled from all the killing and knocking buildings down.  The neck would be the result of some sort of hormonal or pituitary issues.  And I'm spending too much of my day thinking about the dimensions of a giant radioactive dinosaur.  Though I don't like the frills.  I was never a fan of frills, no matter how much the Stegosaurus community frowns on my shenanigans.
2014-04-29 06:29:37 PM  
1 vote:
This actually is a good thing in my book. It tells me the director actually spent some time thinking realistically about the design. Sure, Godzilla isn't going to be 100% plausible, but basic physics says that with a monster that big, he's going to need really thick legs and meaty thighs to be able to stand up and move around. They are going to have to play fast and loose with SOME science, but I feel like it makes for a better movie when you attempt to make things at least somewhat plausible (making spacecraft move like they do in the new version of BSG instead of like they did in Star Wars, for example). It generally leads to better ideas overall.
2014-04-29 06:01:22 PM  
1 vote:
http://kotaku.com/japan-thinks-the-new-godzilla-should-hit-the-treadmi ll-1569153148

As pointed out on the Kotaku thread on this subject, Gojira has been really fat in the original movies as well.

Posting link since I'm on phone.
2014-04-29 05:52:34 PM  
1 vote:

DreamyAltarBoy: I'm still hoping for a CGI of man in a big rubber suit.

I'm holding out for the twin broads in tiny cages
2014-04-29 05:49:32 PM  
1 vote:
I'm still hoping for a CGI of man in a big rubber suit.
2014-04-29 05:08:19 PM  
1 vote:
He's not fat. He's big boned.
2014-04-29 04:03:40 PM  
1 vote:
Most people pork-out on an 'merikun diet - thus a monster eating 'merikuns would chub-up as well.
2014-04-29 04:02:54 PM  
1 vote:
His proportions do seem a bit... strange.
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