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(Movoto)   Have you ever said to yourself, "There's no way those people could afford THAT apartment" when watching a TV show? Well, me neither, but here's vindication for you just in case you did   ( movoto.com) divider line
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2014-04-29 02:37:32 PM  

Mugato: And I know people who aren't multi-millionaires who think it's totally worth it to live in NYC.

I do to, and they're all insanely happy to live there.  Only one of them lives in Manhattan, on the UES.  Her apartment search was epic, but she's a New York girl and batted through the bullshiat to get a nice place for a reasonable amount.

Everyone else I know lives in Brooklyn, which reminds me of a nicer version of the neighborhood I grew up in.  There are still parts of Brooklyn that are within reason.

The big thing as someone point out to me recently is that if you live in NYC you can run with the big boys and play in the majors. Even the scumbags and drug dealers have to hustle a lot harder up there than they do in Philly.  And that's why I still live here: it's cheap and almost big enough to be a great city.  I could live cheaper places, but the lack of stuff would drive me insane.
2014-04-29 02:53:39 PM  

Dwight_Yeast: The big thing as someone point out to me recently is that if you live in NYC you can run with the big boys and play in the majors.

Yeah, I've only lived in "The City" for three months so I'm not a native or anything but I know the arrogant attitude and it's largely undeserved. LA is better in every way (unless you want to make it on Broadway or Wall Street) and they don't have the same douchebag attitude. And there are a lot of other places in the US that have a lot of the same opportunities without the baggage of those two cities.
2014-04-29 05:33:18 PM  

luidprand: Ow! That was my feelings!: Concerning Friends, I think the lack of minorities in New York was more obviously clueless than 'how can they afford their apartment'.

You know, that always bothered me, until I found out that New York is the most racially segregated city in America.

http://www.businessinsider.com/most-segregated-cities-census-maps-20 13 -4?op=1

A rule of thumb is the bluer the city, the more segragated they are.  Bloomberg and Soros certainly won't live with the colored.
2014-04-29 06:15:18 PM  

HeartBurnKid: chitownmike: shortymac: Riotboy: Mid_mo_mad_man: The Cosby show's townhouse always bugged me. How could they afford it? Neither adult seemed to be at thier practice

I remember back in the 80s watching The Cosby Show, whenever they showed them eating some chips or drinking a soda, it was always some made up generic crap. I remember thinking how ridiculous it was that a fairly wealthy family like that couldn't afford name brand snacks. To me that's more distracting than showing someone eating/drinking a name brand product.

/CoCo Dots

Its because the show would have to pay the food companies money for use of their logos.

All tv shows do this. They have just gotten better at the mock food labels.

it works exactly the opposite of the way you think it does

It does now.  It didn't then.

Product placement has always been a part of TV, I am sorry you have been led to believe otherwise
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