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(The Age)   Scientists reveal amazing new findings. Where belly button lint comes from.   ( divider line
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2001-12-10 01:27:06 AM  
I want the 12 seconds of my life it took to read that back, please.
2001-12-10 01:28:13 AM  
This is what Australians concern themselves with in times of war.
2001-12-10 01:28:37 AM  
Next, I want those aussies to explain toe jam.
2001-12-10 01:29:25 AM  
PS Australians are Weird.
2001-12-10 01:38:41 AM  
Oh, it's Dr Karl again. For you in the rest of the world, Dr Karl is kind of like Bill Nye, the Science Guy. He's more of a media entity than a heavyweight scientist. He does a radio show where people ring in with questions about scientific phenomena they want explained, like the navel lint thing, or is it true that the wood from a tree struck by lightning doesn't burn, or is it true about thay kidney stealing email warning and so on. He also produces a lot of books full of amazing factoids.

It's just media-hyped science info-tainment.
2001-12-10 01:41:22 AM  
info-taint-ment is right... :P
2001-12-10 01:42:06 AM  
well looks like i should become a scientist and get paid for solving the most useless questions ever thought up!
2001-12-10 01:43:13 AM  
Before there was Bill Nye, there was Mr. Wizard, And he was no piece of media hype!
2001-12-10 01:43:38 AM  
"Most people have belly-button lint and they want to know why it collects in the navel, what it is composed of and why it is almost always blue," Dr Kruszelnicki said."

Damn right, because *I* know I don't want to find a cure to cancer or anything.

Dr. Kruszelnicki, what will you explain next?
2001-12-10 01:44:33 AM  
And politicians get raises?! Should give those scientists more money. Maybe they could do something usefull like time travel and give the last minute of my life back.
2001-12-10 01:46:02 AM  
I'm pretty sure the photo has nothing to do with the article.

[image from too old to be available]

2001-12-10 01:48:06 AM  
nice white ball
2001-12-10 01:48:45 AM  
nope not at all :-))
2001-12-10 01:52:00 AM  
And people tell me that I have too much free time...
2001-12-10 01:53:30 AM  
Why, WHY the obsession:
[image from too old to be available]

I just don't get it!
2001-12-10 01:58:03 AM  
My bellybutton lint story, if you care:
One of my old boyfriends ALWAYS had a little ball of green lint in his belly button. For no reason- he bathed every day. Why green? Who knows. He didn't wear much green.
Sometimes, if we were arguing I'd suddenly say, "Oh yeah? Well I'll bet you have green lint in your bellybutton RIGHT NOW!" He would always stop fighting to check, and sure enough. We'd usually be laughing so hard we'd forget what we were mad about and go get pizza.
The end.
2001-12-10 01:59:52 AM  
I Love You
2001-12-10 02:02:53 AM  
Audioink: Aw, you're just sayin' that.
2001-12-10 02:05:06 AM  
I thought it was 'cause of *** Jerry The BellyButton Elf ***
2001-12-10 02:10:35 AM  
naval lint
ear wax
toe jam

Too much information
2001-12-10 02:11:13 AM  
Mistralschreiber: Had to share, didn't you!? Bad dog!
2001-12-10 02:15:48 AM  
they never mentioned the recommend method of removal. do you shove your finger in deep, curl the tip, and drag it out; or just push really hard at the sides of your belly and pop it like a zit?
2001-12-10 02:23:51 AM  
*** Jerry The BellyButton Elf ***

I thought I was the only one...

2001-12-10 02:26:38 AM  
LOL...Jerry the Bellybutton Elf...

Just guess what my old boyfriends name was?!
Maybe he was moonlighting.
2001-12-10 02:35:53 AM  
One more....
[image from too old to be available]

btw, that pic of the lint jars isn't mine...I promise!
2001-12-10 02:37:50 AM  
Hamlet, bad dog?!? uh-uh...Naughty Kitty!

2001-12-10 02:39:17 AM  
No way N.T.Queen , his name is Jerry ? , my reference is to the Ren & Stimpy cartoon with Gilbert Godfrey as Jerry The Bellybutton Elf , if you haven't seen it you should , Stimpy falls into his own B. B. and meets Jerry who makes stimpy his House -boy
2001-12-10 02:52:32 AM  
Seriously. His name is Jerry.
Too funny.
2001-12-10 05:50:29 AM  
Gilbert Gottfried did the voice for Jerry, and that was one f'n hilarious cartoon. That guy makes me cack myself.
2001-12-10 05:50:49 AM  
When they were discussing this on Triple J the other day, I guy rang up with a REALLY good question which stumped everyone.

What language do deaf people think in?

Are there any deaf Farkers around who could answer this?
2001-12-10 05:51:39 AM  
sorry, A guy, not I guy.

But I'm sure you knew that already.
2001-12-10 06:02:22 AM  
Kinda like what language do dogs bark in???
2001-12-10 06:11:01 AM  
My guess would be whatever language they learned to read. But then how would they know what it sounded like?
2001-12-10 07:36:15 AM  
I don't reckon people actually 'think' in any language. Thought processes are not all symbol-use. Most of it is bundles of sense-data that only becomes language when you try to convey it, or focus on it.

But then I'm a pretty vagued out guy.
2001-12-10 07:38:00 AM  
A completely asinine submission.

Get a life.
2001-12-10 08:06:18 AM  
I'd rather have Desmond Morris explain to me how women's breasts evolved.
2001-12-10 08:29:16 AM  
Mistralschreiber---that picture is farking disgusting.
2001-12-10 10:11:04 AM  
Korz, when I was younger, my family used to vacation in the South of France every year (before they surrendered), and I found myself thinking in French towards the end of each vacation. I was never fluent but knew enough to get by. I guess that being surrounded by French speaking people all the time (and topless women on the beach - Boobies) it was an environmental thing. Maybe some of the bi-lingual farkers can shed some light. But then again, maybe the terrorists like boobies.

Wow, Boobies, surrendering and terrorists in the same post, and I almost made my point.
2001-12-10 10:23:02 AM  
Does a blind man (from birth) see colors on LSD or Mushrooms?

HAH! Try that one on!
2001-12-10 01:23:28 PM  
Navel-gazing Aussies.
2001-12-10 05:55:34 PM  
FLatulent Bastard: I know a secret about the word smegma...where did you pick that up? I'm just wondering if you know what I know...........
2001-12-10 11:31:08 PM  
Not The Queen: What a horrible way to prove information is evil.
I heard a quote off a video conference from a David Zach (pronounced Zok) presentation and he quoted 'No one knows enough to be a pessimist.'
2001-12-11 02:44:12 AM  
But WHY is it always BLUE???
2001-12-11 11:14:15 AM  
I can only conclude that the slim, hairless women (*ruff*) get their naval residue from body movements with overweight, hairy men.

At least that's what I'm going to choose to believe.
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