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2001-12-09 03:33:20 PM  
duh. double duh. triple duh.
2001-12-09 03:35:45 PM  
99% of these are stupid farking facts your never going to have to use. Lame.
2001-12-09 03:36:08 PM  
that site has potential. let it grow up and get bigger and then they can post random links and the users can log in and make random comments and maybe do some random photoshopping and then....

2001-12-09 03:36:10 PM  
Hey,how did they know? Our cat does eat popcorn!
2001-12-09 03:36:25 PM  
Pleasepleaseplease never let that site be cited as proof of any "fact" it contains.
2001-12-09 03:37:50 PM  
These can't possibly be factual. I went to phobias and they listTelephonophobia: Fear of telephones WTF? That can't be real.
2001-12-09 03:38:03 PM  
Here is a crazy fact. The Detroit Lions are winning!!!
2001-12-09 03:38:25 PM  
Sorry Didn't close my tag.
2001-12-09 03:38:31 PM  
That was random? No that was stupid
2001-12-09 03:38:35 PM  
Hey, some people are afraid of genitalia.....
2001-12-09 03:39:09 PM  
Off topic but can someone tell me the coding for posting pictures?
2001-12-09 03:43:29 PM  
2001-12-09 03:44:09 PM  
"The average human brain weighs 3 pounds."

The average trooll .5 pounds
2001-12-09 03:44:19 PM  
HA!!! I tried to post what you type for an image but it posted the image blank instead of writing it out.
2001-12-09 03:45:13 PM  

Look up the Photoshop FAQ, It's listed there
2001-12-09 03:47:26 PM  
2001-12-09 03:48:31 PM  
When I want my browser window resized, I do it myself.

Lame friggin site that one is.

2001-12-09 03:49:05 PM  
2001-12-09 03:54:03 PM  
What about the golf shoes? TELL ME ABOUT THE GOLF SHOES!!!
2001-12-09 03:55:39 PM  
It is illegal to pet a cat backwards in Scotland.
2001-12-09 04:04:08 PM  
Tampa owns j00.
2001-12-09 04:04:54 PM  
Detroit= the Big L
2001-12-09 04:06:20 PM  
94.3% of facts are made up on the spot.
2001-12-09 04:14:22 PM  
For Professor Tomoe:
Asymmetriphobia: Fear of asymmetrical things.
2001-12-09 04:15:28 PM  
I know the Lions suck, but I'm so suprised.
2001-12-09 04:19:17 PM  
dr_satan: it's 96.2% actually.
2001-12-09 04:21:41 PM  

telephonophobia is indeed a valid phobia and at the risk of kicking in your own Catagelophobia please visit... (its one of my favorite sites for some reason)
2001-12-09 04:22:38 PM  
I stopped on the second "fact" which was "A ducks quack doesn't echo and no one knows why" This is totaly stupid and untrue and taken from a "true facts" spam that went round months if not years ago. Blah. I wish people would research before passing this crap along.
2001-12-09 04:23:32 PM  
All facts are just someone else's opinions...
2001-12-09 04:24:49 PM  
Gallophobia or Galiophobia- Fear France, French culture. (Francophobia)

I surrender.
2001-12-09 04:25:02 PM  
Jaimeekae: Oh yes, I forgot to carry the 3 in my calculations.
2001-12-09 04:34:19 PM  
"If you die in a dream you dir in real life"

This is bullshiat on 2 counts...

1. How do they know the person was dreaming about dying if they dying before awaking and telling anyone about it?

2. I've died in a dream. It was fun in a weird kinda way.
2001-12-09 04:35:20 PM  
Fat Mason
All facts are just someone else's opinions...
and opinions are like a$$holes, that is a fact...
so if...All facts are just someone else's opinions...
and opinions are like a$$holes, that is a fact...
2001-12-09 04:36:19 PM  
die, not dir.
Bloody dos making my English fail.
2001-12-09 04:39:05 PM  
I'd be dead by now if dying in a dream caused you to die in real life. The most memorable one was drowning in a lake trapped inside a car.
2001-12-09 04:40:33 PM  
Consider yourself, at home, consider yourself one of the family, we've taken to you so strong, its clear we're going to get along. Consider yourself well in, consider your self a part of the furniture. There isn't a lot to spare, who cares? Whatever we got we share. If theres a chance to be we should see some harder days, empty larder days, why grauss? Consider yourself our mate. We donata have a fuss. Cause after much consideration we can say, consider yourself one of us.
2001-12-09 04:45:45 PM  
OliverTWIST: Maybe it was just be, but I found that harder to understand than the legalese found in government contracts. Also... what the fark?
2001-12-09 04:47:18 PM  
2001-12-09 04:58:14 PM  
Opinions are like assholes,
Everybody has them and they all stink.

Figures don't lie,
But liars figure.
2001-12-09 05:04:23 PM  
this site is now officially LAME
2001-12-09 05:04:38 PM  
another example of stupid 'fact':
Random Fact

Fat Bastard: Get over here! I'm gonna eat ya! I'm bigger than you. I'm higher on the food chain. Get in my belly!

2001-12-09 05:12:39 PM

It's better.
2001-12-09 05:15:58 PM  
I got "Ants don't sleep." It might be true, but then again, ants only live for about two weeks before they are squished or sprayed.


Moving on...
2001-12-09 05:16:13 PM  
Personally, i like
but hey, just my opinion...
see, eveyone does have one...

2001-12-09 05:40:42 PM  
What the fark? I think the farking sited is farked worse than farking france. farking surrender, @ss...

I think i lost track of the filtered words there... dang
2001-12-09 05:48:31 PM  
Here's an interesting fact that I think is no longer valid:

More people are killed by donkeys annually than are killed in plane crashes. (Source: N/A)
(Source: N/A) (Added: Wed Dec 00 0 )

Well, at least not this year, anyway.
2001-12-09 05:51:03 PM  
And this one is just plain bullshiat:

The average four year-old child asks over 400 questions a day. (Source: N/A)
(Source: N/A) (Added: Wed Dec 00 0 )

Come ON. Your average four-year-old child is lucky to pump out 400 unique SENTENCES in a day.
2001-12-09 05:53:14 PM  
Although this one I will believe:

There are three times as many households in the United States without telephones as there are without television sets. (Source: N/A)
(Source: N/A) (Added: Wed Dec 00 0 )

Alright, alright, I'll shut up already!
2001-12-09 06:19:41 PM  
i wish I didn't have a phone i swear!
2001-12-09 06:22:47 PM  
Impefect: I think my four-year-old asked about 400 questions just on the way home from church this morning.

I mean, come on, shut up already!

(The kid, not you...)
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