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(CNN)   CNN wonders, "Gosh, could Justin Bieber be getting special treatment because he is rich and famous?" That's some scoop, CNN   ( divider line
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2014-04-22 11:56:16 AM  

/if there isn't one, there should be
2014-04-22 12:03:20 PM  
Well, let's compare his plight to that of the average poor person speeding in a Lamborghini late at night, while high on chronic, and then resisting arrest...all while without a drivers license.  Surely there are many cases of this.
2014-04-22 01:19:54 PM  
Thanks Obama
2014-04-22 01:20:00 PM  
It's not the stunning stupidity displayed by CNN that surprises me.

The surprise is that they actually took a moment to stop talking about Malaysian 370.
2014-04-22 01:33:43 PM  

LessO2: It's not the stunning stupidity displayed by CNN that surprises me.

The surprise is that they actually took a moment to stop talking about Malaysian 370.

I was suprised the other day they were talking about the Korean ferry.

All hail prince of the obvious CNN!
2014-04-22 01:47:04 PM  
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My favorite Bieber moment.
2014-04-22 02:46:54 PM  
fc07.deviantart.netView Full Size

/Eat them up YUM!
2014-04-22 04:05:57 PM  
Next week: Is the reason he hasn't had his nose broken in 5 places with one punch because he pays his bodyguards a lot of money?
2014-04-22 07:39:32 PM  
as much as I'd love to see the little POS eat the dust, some peopple should think twice before using his case as an example of do's and don't's regarding immigration policy.
First: he hasn't done anything justifying deportation. Yet. If he got deported for egging a house, smoking pot and driving with a couple of beers (barely) in his system, a lot of honest, good hearted people would end up booted out of the country.
Second: I said it, I hate him, but the brat brings money in. One JB concert means technicians, roadies, local shops, etc. getting their good share.

Obama this, Obama that. Had the president said just one word regarding this (no) case, everyone would have jumped at his throat for spending time on this rather than fixing the economy.

/good to see the media shaming lawyers with such cases while kissing the Kardashian's collective butts.
2014-04-22 09:30:33 PM  
Let's look at it this way. First, Justin Bieber is a tax paying economic dynamo. Second, and more important, people in justice, law enforcement, and government positions have young daughters who would make their parent's lives an even greater living hell if they kicked out, or severely punished, the Biebs. Let's not get started on the Selena fan butt hurt.
2014-04-23 02:35:24 PM  
That little punk still hanging around? I thought he dried up and blew away.
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