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(Register-Herald)   Protip: Molesting children is still illegal even if you're a magical warlock   ( divider line
    More: Sick, West Virginia State Police, Southern Regional Council, Bluefield, Quality Inn, sex crimes  
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2014-04-21 04:04:22 PM  
Pantsum removus!
2014-04-21 04:13:45 PM  
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"Oh, Uncle Arthur!"

2014-04-21 04:26:58 PM  
What if you are a wizard?

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2014-04-21 04:31:58 PM  
Elemental Schools.. elementary schools.. it's easy to get those mixed up.
2014-04-21 04:32:04 PM  

vernonFL: Pantsum removus!

Ageofconsentus Lowerus!
2014-04-21 04:32:18 PM  
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Box him up.
2014-04-21 04:46:21 PM  
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2014-04-21 04:51:51 PM Full Size

2014-04-21 05:02:55 PM  
On the plus side kids, be grateful your junk wasn't eaten by hyenas.
2014-04-21 05:33:15 PM  
damn I gotta write down your names or something
2014-04-21 05:34:16 PM  
2014-04-21 05:37:13 PM  
Did he think he was a priest or something?
2014-04-21 05:37:36 PM  
Unless submittard is a magical warlock, he can't offer protips.
2014-04-21 05:38:25 PM  

Magorn: vernonFL: Pantsum removus!

Ageofconsentus Lowerus!

Analrapeus En Penitentiaryum!
2014-04-21 05:39:09 PM  
Save vs. Lead.
2014-04-21 05:41:25 PM  
Warlock? Maybe. Magical? Not so much.
2014-04-21 05:42:36 PM  
Keep your wand in your pants, Stumblesnore.
2014-04-21 05:51:31 PM  
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2014-04-21 05:53:21 PM  
"I put on my robe and wizard hat..."
2014-04-21 05:53:40 PM  
Look, I said I could make it disappear, you never asked me where it was going to disappear into.  If that made you upset you're really going to hate where I pull this rabbit out of.
2014-04-21 05:55:24 PM  
Well, whatever he is, he's not a Wiccan, or if he is, he's a very bad one.  "An it harm none, do what ye will."
2014-04-21 05:58:18 PM  
A picture of the arrestee...

d6673sr63mbv7.cloudfront.netView Full Size
2014-04-21 06:05:05 PM  
Wizard of the sea.
2014-04-21 06:05:50 PM  

bongon247: A picture of the arrestee...

[ image 850x564]

We've replaced this cop's regular head with a baby's head.  Let's see if anyone notices.
2014-04-21 06:08:20 PM  

bongon247: A picture of the arrestee...

[ image 850x564]

Aw man, and I was looking forward to seeing Kyle Kinane perform this weekend.
2014-04-21 06:15:28 PM  
And he would have gotten away with it too, if not for you diddling kids.

img3.wikia.nocookie.netView Full Size
2014-04-21 06:20:36 PM  
FTA:  Irvin didn't make bond, and will be transported to the Southern Regional Jail in Beaver.

You just can't make this crap up...
2014-04-21 06:29:41 PM  
Wow, weirdos like that need to be executed.... Clearly he's so farked up in the head that there's no saving him. I mean the dude believes he's a WIZARD and used all that to MOLEST KIDS!
2014-04-21 06:29:56 PM  
This is why we burn witches.
2014-04-21 06:30:05 PM  
Not everyone loves Magical Trevor...
2014-04-21 06:48:33 PM  
the investigation found that Irvin allegedly told two of the children he would perform magical acts on their mother, who was sick at the time, if they would participate in the sexual abuse.

/Well, ok, you have to be one of the biggest assholes of the century. I hope you get ass rape raped in prison until your colon falls out and dangles by your ankles like a gruesome party favor. Or just die, that would be better for all of us. You sick, sick farker.
2014-04-21 06:53:21 PM  

kronicfeld: [ image 500x375]


"I am a necromancer! Do you even know what that is?!"
"A guy who has sex with dead people?"
"NO! A necromancer, not a necrophile!"
2014-04-21 06:54:02 PM  
FTFA:James "Jim" Irvin

No. No. No. We do not waste print nickname-quoting common nicknames such as Jim, Rob, and Tony. Nobody cares, and anyone who would care knows that James Irvin is Jim Irvin the magical farking warlock.
2014-04-21 07:04:38 PM  
pbfcomics.comView Full Size

/aisle seat
2014-04-21 07:19:34 PM  
Expecto Prisonum!
2014-04-21 07:29:43 PM  
Well I'm up for a good old fashion burning-at-the-stake, after a good long inquisitioning.
2014-04-21 07:30:54 PM  
2014-04-21 07:34:30 PM  
"There's a sucker born every minute"
2014-04-21 07:44:49 PM  

ferretman: [ image 480x360]

Candlelightus Barrywhiteus Girlexcitus!

Pedophelius Repellus!
2014-04-21 11:08:37 PM  
Anal rape is funny? Want to volunteer to prove it?
2014-04-21 11:10:05 PM  
Try traipsing through Central Park nude, carrying condoms and lube, singing "Rape Me" at the top of your lungs.
2014-04-22 12:46:01 AM  

The One True TheDavid: Try traipsing through Central Park nude, carrying condoms and lube, singing "Rape Me" at the top of your lungs.

Oh, no...I'm not falling for THAT one again!
2014-04-22 09:12:09 AM  
This seems like the perfect storm necessary to post this CSB.

I work in IT and there was this creepy, effeminate, pear-shaped guy that worked at my company.

He legally changed his name to "Wizard Knight Pendleton"

I thought he looked like a child molester, but felt guilty for being prejudiced and presumed I was just a hateful person.

Turns out he was a Systems Administrator by day and a child pornographer by night. Creepy Motherfarker.

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2014-04-22 11:11:54 AM  

anwserman: [ image 850x283]
/aisle seat

Came for this, not disappointed.
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