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(CBC)   Not news: Thieves cut the power and break in to a business with the intention of stealing money out of a safe. News: They tried to pry the safe open but failed. Fark: So they stole $15,000 worth of hair-removal products   ( cbc.ca) divider line
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2014-04-12 05:19:40 PM  
Sounds like those guys got some big Nad's.
2014-04-12 05:37:51 PM  

clamorer: Sounds like those guys got some big Nad's.

2014-04-12 05:39:36 PM  
Suspects are hairless. Repeat: hairless.
2014-04-12 05:41:00 PM  
That's bald face theft if I've ever seen it.
2014-04-12 05:41:12 PM  
3.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size
"You understand, the circuits cannot be cut locally."
2014-04-12 05:42:22 PM  
What hair removal product might look like:

31.media.tumblr.comView Full Size
2014-04-12 05:44:07 PM  
Nairy a clue?
2014-04-12 05:46:06 PM  
Big hairy deal
2014-04-12 05:47:50 PM  
Sounds like they made a smooth getaway.
2014-04-12 05:57:29 PM  
Lots of minority women will be sporting wood floors tonight.
2014-04-12 06:00:18 PM  
Smooth move.
2014-04-12 06:07:37 PM  

LonMead: [3.bp.blogspot.com image 155x184] "You understand, the circuits cannot be cut locally."

Yipee kay yay, Mr LonMead!
2014-04-12 06:13:02 PM  
"Depilation Unknown"

/love me some Missing Persons
2014-04-12 06:13:03 PM  
They must be dating some Italian women
2014-04-12 06:13:37 PM  
img4.wikia.nocookie.netView Full Size

Just grabbing a few smokes hair products while we're here...
2014-04-12 06:20:14 PM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size

/got the one I was looking for.
2014-04-12 06:21:08 PM  
i.cbc.caView Full Size

A nurse ties Aleve Loh's hair in preparation for a piece of her scalp to be removed for eyelash transplants to make her eyelashes longer at a surgery in Los Angeles October 23, 2006.

Article unrelated.
2014-04-12 06:27:35 PM  
Smooth Criminals?
2014-04-12 06:29:53 PM  
Or Smooth Operators?
2014-04-12 07:05:57 PM  
Been Nair, done that.
2014-04-12 07:16:26 PM  
I guess you could say...

that it was...

a hair raze-ing situation.
2014-04-12 08:03:56 PM  

TommyDeuce: What hair removal product might look like:

[31.media.tumblr.com image 500x273]

As you can see Wayne, it sucks and it cuts!

Well, it certainly does suck XD
2014-04-12 08:50:28 PM  
...police now on the lookout for "The Bald Gang."
2014-04-12 08:52:09 PM  
Sources say it's a hairy situation, but they're smoothing out of the stubble..

//... brazilian.
2014-04-12 09:12:52 PM  
And this is why you bring someone with Lockpicking or Silent Drilling aced!

/or C4 if you're up for a shootout
//can't believe I'm making this reference
2014-04-12 10:27:01 PM  
No need to ask....they are smooth operators. Smooooooth operators......
2014-04-12 10:40:27 PM  
I heard one of them say "Vger"
2014-04-12 10:59:01 PM  
So the Flea Market in Thunder Bay is aboot to have a sale on Nair?
2014-04-12 11:16:46 PM  
They nairly got the money...
2014-04-13 04:57:15 AM  
The Pink Panthers strike again.  And yes, they do look fat in those dresses.
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