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(The Daily Beast)   Kenneth Miller who wrote the biology textbook that is most often attacked by "creationists" has just won the Vatican's Laetare Medal, given to a Catholic "whose genius has ennobled the arts and sciences, ... and enriched the heritage of humanity"   ( divider line
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2014-04-08 11:19:40 PM  

PunGent: capt.hollister: PunGent: capt.hollister: iheartscotch: This has nothing to do with Rome. It looks like Notre Dame University awards this particular award; unless, I'm reading the article wrong.

So what ? it's still in keeping with standard catholic beliefs. As it happens, catholics are great believers in science. The Catholic church has no problem, for example, with evolution or the Big Bang or a multi-billion year-old Earth.

Or, apparently, with blessing torture chambers.  And absolving torturers of their sins.   In the cool new Pope's homeland...and not in way back in the Dark Ages, either: s- dirty-war/story?id=18745535

And the link with the subject at hand, that the catholic church supports teaching evolution, is ?


Fine.  A belief in some aspects of the modern world...such as clearly is no guarantee that they've cast off older, darker things like torture.

The new Pope is making a lot of nice speeches, and symbolic gestures, which is nice.

I'm going to reserve judgment before looking to the Vatican for any moral guidelines, however.  Particularly while they continue to extend diplomatic immunity to men who enabled child molestation.

And, again, this has nothing to do with the catholic church's support of science.  It also believes in transubstantiation and miracles, which is a whole lot unscientific, but it is a religion after all.

Whatever steps it has taken in the matters of the temporal sins its representatives have committed, which are many, as you pointed out, are open to moral judgment, but its belief and support for science in general, and evolution in particular, are verifiable facts.
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