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(WWE)   How long until Triple H abeyances Daniel Bryan? Has the Undertaker recovered from his Borking? Is Sting ready to take Vince's money? Will the crowd continue the tradition of being hotter than the Wrestlemania crowd on WWE Raw, 8 PM on USA?   ( wwe.com) divider line
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2014-04-07 08:50:04 PM  
So, the other Rotunda is coming up to the main roster now?
2014-04-07 08:50:11 PM  
And of course you knew this crowd was gonna Fandango.
2014-04-07 08:50:15 PM  
Fandango gets a  one night reprieve into relevance
2014-04-07 08:50:16 PM  
Ok, Fandango's outfit is spectacular. That is just great
2014-04-07 08:50:20 PM  

corteran: Are you guys sure it wasn't "Bray's gonna *kiss* you"?

Well TNA and ROH fans have been chanting "Joe is gonna kill you" for Samoa Joe for years, so I figured it was a take on that that someone was cool enough to get going.
2014-04-07 08:50:22 PM  
This crowd is just copying last years post Wrestlemania crowd. Not original.
2014-04-07 08:50:38 PM  

eddievercetti: robsul82: eddievercetti: robsul82: Oh yeah, Bray can't work. Shaaaaaaaaaaddup.

Unleashing your inner Arquette?



That was the highlight of the Arquette saga. Thank you OSW for reminding me.

Arquette's ABSURDLY obnoxiously heel promo absolutely was, lol.  That was great and everyone forgets about it.
2014-04-07 08:50:40 PM  
This crowd is on fire singing along to Fondongo's theme like that.
2014-04-07 08:50:41 PM  

/Is Fandangoing back from the dead?
2014-04-07 08:50:44 PM  
Ugh.  Ugh.  A thousand times UGH.
2014-04-07 08:50:46 PM  
what the fark jerry?
2014-04-07 08:50:47 PM  
Oh heck not Santino bringing down Emma's first run again!
2014-04-07 08:50:51 PM  
My trivia source tonight, for those curious, was Kayfabe Memories. I'm branching out beyond Wiki to make the questions more challenging.
2014-04-07 08:50:54 PM  

eddievercetti: Gunny Highway: VvonderJesus: batista is spot on though; the crowd is the show now

I farking hate it.

You hate euros?

Nope. Almost every other crowd that just tries to get themselves over and take away from the show.BO!!!!! This should be awesome.
2014-04-07 08:50:55 PM  
I'm diggin the beard on Santino
2014-04-07 08:50:58 PM  
The Dancing Goofs vs... well, the Dancing Goofs.
2014-04-07 08:51:02 PM  
Poor Emma...she deserves better than arm candy for Santinope
2014-04-07 08:51:10 PM  
More Santino-Fandango-Emma-Summer Rae crap?
2014-04-07 08:51:12 PM  
Have a good match... and back it up with Santino. Holy hell.
2014-04-07 08:51:16 PM  
encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.comView Full Size
2014-04-07 08:51:16 PM  

Nick el Ass: What the hell is he wearing?

Was going to ask the same thing.
2014-04-07 08:51:25 PM  
Emma's ass with the power walk...yum
2014-04-07 08:51:29 PM  
Is Fandango going for the beard to move up the card?
2014-04-07 08:51:33 PM  

The Bestest: I'm diggin the beard on Santino

Yeah, Emma is cute.
2014-04-07 08:51:38 PM  
This better mean Paige is running out to kill AJ, if Bo's coming back.
2014-04-07 08:51:45 PM  
This feud is back on?
2014-04-07 08:51:46 PM  
That's why we love JBL!

"Santino and Emma together is like having 2 car wrecks in 1 garage".
2014-04-07 08:52:14 PM  

Didgy: Gotta say I liked Sheamus mocking Bray - followed the crowd and gave 'em what they wanted as a heel.

Had the Wyatts wrestling face the entire match.  Didn't fully realize it until the desperate scramble spot on Luke's last tag, but...  yup.  For a few seconds there, he was pulling an old-school Ricky Morton-level "Oh, won't some brave soul come save me!" face.

Okay, the funhouse-mirror-in-a-dark-alley-version of that face, but still.  He was doing it.
2014-04-07 08:52:24 PM  
"Santino could drop off the face of the planet, I wouldn't miss him."

"Harsh but true assessment Brain."
2014-04-07 08:52:28 PM  
2014-04-07 08:52:28 PM  
Having an early cobra is a common problem at Jerry's age
2014-04-07 08:52:30 PM  
that was kind of hot
2014-04-07 08:52:30 PM  

The Bestest: No. I refuse to BoLieve.

*pokes your cheek* Come onnnnnnnn
2014-04-07 08:52:31 PM  
Bo's gimmick is amazing. I hope they give him the time he needs.
2014-04-07 08:52:32 PM  

verbaltoxin: My trivia source tonight, for those curious, was Kayfabe Memories. I'm branching out beyond Wiki to make the questions more challenging.

Your Portland question last night was wild. You stumped most of us.
2014-04-07 08:52:34 PM  
we need ad tajiri chant after that
2014-04-07 08:52:50 PM  
Well that was something
2014-04-07 08:52:57 PM  
secret divas match
2014-04-07 08:53:04 PM  
Emma and Santino win.  At least it was quick.
2014-04-07 08:53:05 PM  
Well, at least it was short.
2014-04-07 08:53:08 PM  
well at least it was short
2014-04-07 08:53:19 PM  

FirstNationalBastard: The Bestest: I'm diggin the beard on Santino

Yeah, Emma is cute.

I snorted!
2014-04-07 08:53:24 PM  

TheManofPA: Is Fandango going for the beard to move up the card?

If you think that a beard moves you up the card well

i1.ytimg.comView Full Size

I've got some bad news
2014-04-07 08:53:27 PM  
Quick and pointless.
2014-04-07 08:53:28 PM  
The crowd should chant Emma's music
2014-04-07 08:53:39 PM  
2014-04-07 08:53:51 PM  
Ok some stuff of that stuff emma was doing made my pants fit funny.
2014-04-07 08:53:51 PM  
The most pointless match ever.
2014-04-07 08:53:55 PM  
They should just let Brock give tonight's promo. No Paul

/bad ideas to steal
2014-04-07 08:53:56 PM  

TheManofPA: verbaltoxin: silgryphon: verbaltoxin: Before heading to work in Mid-South Wrestling and elsewhere, this patriot played football for Southern Methodist. Who was he?



and NNEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWW World Trivia Champion!

[i.imgur.com image 850x218]

Well, now I know how this feels:
[i1.ytimg.com image 480x360]

You have a weird trivia title record for sure.

The only special-award MITB (For begging repeatedly like Dougie does to Wizard)
The only successful MITB cash-in.
The only half-reign due to confusion between you and Grand_Moff_Joseph.
1-1 record for MITB cash-ins.
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