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2004-02-04 10:32:49 PM  
Yea - and it's called Extreme Elminiation Challenge.

And it's great to watch drunk.
2004-02-04 10:48:09 PM  
Meh. Pretty funny.

But where is Johnny Woksville?
2004-02-04 10:52:54 PM  
has? Japan IS its own version of Jackass.
2004-02-04 11:30:29 PM  
Don't Get Eliminated!!!
2004-02-04 11:35:05 PM  
2004-02-04 11:35:47 PM  
I'm watching EXC right now!!!! by the way - i also got a couple of 40oz. private stocks in me as well.
2004-02-04 11:36:22 PM  
its the painful elimination of the day
2004-02-04 11:37:09 PM  
I'll probably get flamed for this, but I really want to go Wok sledding now.
2004-02-04 11:39:01 PM  
For a drinking game I suggest you keep track how many times the say HotCarl in EXC. Oh Takeshi Kitano, I bet you didn't think your farked up game show would have become such a twisted little parody in the US.
2004-02-04 11:39:28 PM  
Wasabi snooters! Woo woo!
2004-02-04 11:40:30 PM  
Right you are, Ken.
2004-02-04 11:42:21 PM  
Takeshi's Castle is the bomb. I love the top 10 people each week who get them selves farked up.
2004-02-04 11:43:08 PM  
what the hell are they wok boarding down...never seen a slanted moving sidewalk before, that would a lot more fun...
2004-02-04 11:43:55 PM  
Um...is it just me, or are these videos horribly lame?

"I'm gonna put my makeup on while skydiving."

2004-02-04 11:45:58 PM  
Yeah, EXC, those are not. Lamesville, population: MTVasia.com
2004-02-04 11:46:16 PM  
Is it called RRRRRRACKASS!!!?
2004-02-04 11:47:42 PM  
I think pretty much every show on Japanese TV (NHK 'specially) could qualify for Jackassness. God, there was one where they removed a whole section of an alley, and dressed a guy up in this huge blocky suit, and he would lay down, and look like the farking asphault!
Of course, when the SF clad girls would come walking near, he would jump up and scream, and so would they.
Hell, if a 5 foot section of the road suddenly jumped up in front of me and screamed, I'd more than likely piss myself.

This post brought to you by Blumpkin's Sit-Down Buffett. Blumpkin's, We'll Leave The Seat Down For You.
2004-02-04 11:48:24 PM  
The wok boarding was cool, the other stuff is a waste of air waves. And now is the part where I shamelessly plug my friends skate video, This here is some quality skating and a little bit of jackass type things. Of course we all think jackass is pretty dumb, we're big CKY fans. And if you watch it, i'm the one getting shot in the marbles withthe airsoft pistol ;)
2004-02-04 11:50:22 PM  
Oh, and that Denise, just let me at her! I'll jackass her all night!

/what does that even mean?
2004-02-04 11:52:28 PM  
this guy?
2004-02-04 11:53:09 PM  
*taps foot impatiently, waiting for someone to post .wmv links*
2004-02-04 11:53:50 PM  
i mean this guy
[image from img1.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2004-02-04 11:57:31 PM  
"So you're saying that you caulk the crack, and that's construction?"

"That's right Kenny"

(MXC, porn stars vs. construction)
2004-02-05 12:08:55 AM  
Is it smaller and more efficient?

/ducks ...
2004-02-05 12:13:50 AM  
Wok Boarding looked cool as hell.

Is she pulling a Janet Jackson?

http://www.mtvasia.com/Partner/Philips/WhateverThings/images/contest/e​pisode49 /stunt2.gif
2004-02-05 12:19:33 AM  
2004-02-05 12:19:35 AM  

I watched MTV Asia for over a year, and no one is more visually appealing than Donita Rose.

SFW of Course
2004-02-05 12:22:01 AM  
2004-02-05 12:23:52 AM  
What does Guy Le Douche have to say about this?

Ooooh Guy like!
2004-02-05 12:24:56 AM  
anyone notice slashdot is down? anyone know anything about it?
2004-02-05 12:30:10 AM  
Nadya is still my all time favourite.
2004-02-05 12:31:17 AM  
Drestin: it's MyDoom.c meant to destroy slashdot

drew wrote it

2004-02-05 12:31:19 AM  
Wait, so they do this in Japan for MTV Asia, but speak English? I'm care too little to investigate.
2004-02-05 12:33:22 AM  
Okay these videos are really NOT funny. I thought Japanese TV was supposed to be way more extreme, wouldn't this end up being the equivalent of Nickelodeon over there?
2004-02-05 12:37:27 AM  
Now its time for the Eat My shiatake round

MXC rocks
2004-02-05 12:38:14 AM  
The reverse bungee is not in Japan, its in Singapore. Right next to the row of pubs in Clarke Quay.
2004-02-05 12:39:32 AM  
/. is apparently powered by Linux and Apache. That would explain their problems.
2004-02-05 12:40:18 AM  
I'd hit it.
2004-02-05 12:41:30 AM  

I always founds Clark Quay rather boring, except for the Hooters on occasion. Didn't they have the bungee on Orchard across from California Fitness and HMV for a time last summer?
2004-02-05 01:14:34 AM  
It's not Japan. Mainly Singapore (Clarke Quay) and 'Bugging' is in Hong Kong, on an MTR train.
2004-02-05 01:16:46 AM  
Wherever this crap is from, it's lame.
Except wok sledding.
2004-02-05 01:20:03 AM  
Wow, that was really lame, or shall I say weak sauce for the kiddies.
2004-02-05 01:22:06 AM  
The funny thing about MXC is that it is about 15 years old. I watched this in 1987 when my Japanese friend would show me the original shows. Of course they weren't dubbed, but they were still funny to watch.
2004-02-05 01:37:49 AM  
What a bunch of japasses. Bakayarou!
2004-02-05 02:02:10 AM  
[image from home.socal.rr.com too old to be available]
2004-02-05 02:34:38 AM  
Firstly, this is NOT JAPANESE TV and is not in Japan...it's Singapore or some other Asian country. Secondly, what's with all the racist "Jap" talk? It's just like in the movies I suppose, they still jump on the yellow man and rip into the racist jokes but gosh forbid if someone starts with the black jokes. Sheesh, racist remarks towards any race are just plain wrong....crackerheads =)
2004-02-05 02:43:40 AM  
MTVAsia is not MTVJapan. And for the record MTV in Japan isn't any better than MTV in the States.
2004-02-05 02:50:53 AM  
God, Human Target is some funny stuff!
MTV Japan is pretty lame, but at least they play more American music videos than MTV does in the states!
Umm... by the way, I'll have my burger with a side of cute ex-model VJ, please!
2004-02-05 03:37:38 AM  
[image from mtvasia.com too old to be available]

Mmmmm... wouldn't mind a BJ from this VJ!
2004-02-05 03:54:59 AM  
check out human target at the bottom of the page
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