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(UPI)   Crimean Tatars plan to declare autonomous territory in Crimea. Certainly no one would have a problem with this. Heck, barely anyone would even notice, right?   ( divider line
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2014-03-30 01:40:31 PM  
Oh that is the favorite preparation for these followed by the scalloped type.
2014-03-30 01:43:40 PM  
Maybe they can ask Chechnya how that worked out?
2014-03-30 01:57:21 PM  
1.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size
: Damn Crimean neo-nazi fascist far-right nazi neo-fascit tatars!
2014-03-30 02:03:36 PM  
B-b-but 97% of them voted to join Russia!
2014-03-30 02:10:53 PM  
Crimea don't like it.....
2014-03-30 02:15:36 PM  
Good luck with that!

/ who knows; if their land is remote, barren and hostile to life; the Russians might let them keep it.

// who am I kidding? The Russians would ship them off to Siberia for a shot of vodka
2014-03-30 02:15:59 PM  
s3.amazonaws.comView Full Size
2014-03-30 02:16:34 PM  
Is that a basketball team or something?
2014-03-30 02:19:50 PM  
Boil 'em mash em stick 'em in a stew.
2014-03-30 02:26:07 PM  

JoieD'Zen: Crimea don't like it.....

Crimea river
2014-03-30 02:28:23 PM  
Of course! I'm sure Russia will support a referendum along those lines.

Certainly they want the will of the people to be represented. I mean, the Tatars are merely looking out for their security and Russia has certainly displayed a willingness to do so for other ethnicities. I'm sure Russia won't want to be seen as hypocrites in the world community. It would hurt their feelings.
2014-03-30 02:29:32 PM  

JoieD'Zen: Crimea don't like it.....

rock the gulag, rock the gulag.
2014-03-30 02:47:25 PM  
What's Tatars, precious?
2014-03-30 03:40:27 PM  
So... Mad Tatars?
2014-03-30 03:42:11 PM  
This guy seems pretty happy about it

i.cbc.caView Full Size
2014-03-30 03:45:36 PM  
Crimea Tatar:
hiindialive.comView Full Size

Cream of Tartar:
whatscookingamerica.netView Full Size

Coincidence? I think not.
2014-03-30 04:41:46 PM  
What's Tatars, precious? What's tatars?

fabersabroad.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2014-03-30 04:43:34 PM  
the Crimean Tatar people

Tatar people
Tatar people
Taste like tatars
Look like people
2014-03-30 04:43:50 PM  
I'm going to need the source on this info.

/A tatar saurce so to speak.

//and maybe some fishsticks
2014-03-30 04:48:06 PM  
Ron White thinks this is funny.
2014-03-30 04:48:14 PM  
Deport them. They're responsible for the gum disease gingivitis
2014-03-30 04:51:37 PM  
c4.soap.comView Full Size

/protect the Tartars!
2014-03-30 04:54:21 PM  
Looks like Putin has a sticky problem on his hands. You might even say it's a

*takes off sunglasses*

A Tartar Baby
2014-03-30 04:57:45 PM  
How could one not notice Refat Chubaron...?
2014-03-30 04:59:40 PM  
Let the fools have their ta-tar sauce...
2014-03-30 05:01:18 PM  
I have no issue with Crimean Tatas declaring their own territory.
braintracksaudio.comView Full Size
2014-03-30 05:02:13 PM  
No tatars?  How is everyone supposed to eat their hamburgers then?
2014-03-30 05:03:13 PM  
Someone let President Obama know
2014-03-30 05:05:49 PM  

jim32rr: Someone let President Obama know

I tried calling, went straight to voicemail.

As usual.
2014-03-30 05:06:12 PM  
Crimean Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Temirgaliyev told RIA Novosti "We have asked the Crimean Tatars to vacate part of their land, which is required for social needs... But we are ready to allocate and legalize many other plots of land to ensure a normal life for the Crimean Tatars."

Hmmmm. For some reason this sounds vaguely familiar.
2014-03-30 05:06:51 PM  
"We just want to have a land we know we can grow up in where our traditions and heritage will be respected."

- Tatar tot
2014-03-30 05:08:00 PM  
Those po' tatars.
2014-03-30 05:09:05 PM  
recipegreat.comView Full Size
2014-03-30 05:09:46 PM  
I really, really hope that they hold a referendum and declare publicly that the result was 97% in favor of secession before Russia manages to get the troops in.

That'll be a pretty hilarious legal issue for the Russians.
2014-03-30 05:10:24 PM  

jim32rr: Someone let President Obama know

He's on the phone with Ellen about her selfie stunt. Wait another call came in... It's his wife about HIS selfie stunt with the Danish PM.
2014-03-30 05:10:33 PM  
Well, I'm sure the Russian apologists will figure out why this is a bad thing after all that bending-over backwards to say this was about self-determination.
2014-03-30 05:12:49 PM  
I know just the missile they need to protect themselves with.....
rocketryforumarchive.comView Full Size
2014-03-30 05:14:07 PM  
Crimean Tatars could escalate this conflict, but I could see French Tatars intervening and maybe helping cool everything down. I like them French Tatars, Mm-hmm. I remember they really helped the allied effort in WWI after the Kaiser invaded. Some folks call him the Sling, I call him the Kaiser, Mm-hmm.
2014-03-30 05:15:05 PM  

JoieD'Zen: Crimea don't like it.....

Rock the tchotchke, rock the tchotchke
2014-03-30 05:16:03 PM  
What's a Tatar
2014-03-30 05:18:23 PM  

CruJones: What's a Tatar

It's what you put on the deep fried mushrooms at Zip's.  If you haven't done that, you're doing it wrong.
2014-03-30 05:18:42 PM  
I thought they were an autonomous collective.
2014-03-30 05:18:49 PM  

CruJones: What's a Tatar

Five bucks... same as downtown.
2014-03-30 05:18:56 PM  

CruJones: What's a Tatar

Whos'a Tatar. What's a Ukranian. I Don't Know is from Transnistria.
2014-03-30 05:19:03 PM  

Jim_Callahan: legal issue for the Russians.

oi61.tinypic.comView Full Size
2014-03-30 05:20:42 PM  

PercyColburn: I thought they were an autonomous collective.

You're fooling yourself.  They're living under a potato chip.
2014-03-30 05:21:43 PM  

PercyColburn: I thought they were an autonomous collective.

You're foolin' yourself! They're living in a dictatorship. A self-perpetuating autocracy in which the working class...

Oh, there you go bringing class into it again.
2014-03-30 05:22:43 PM  

CruJones: What's a Tatar

deadhomersociety.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

Did that boy say "what's a tatar?"
No, no he said "What's that rattle", it's about the heating duct.
2014-03-30 05:24:07 PM  

iheartscotch: Good luck with that!

/ who knows; if their land is remote, barren and hostile to life; the Russians might let them keep it. Full Size

If I am reading the map correctly they're planning to take Sevastopol.  I doubt Russia will approve.
2014-03-30 05:25:39 PM  
I prefer the horseradish stuff.
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