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(YouTube)   Eric Idle turns 71 today. Would rather be home with the wife and kids   ( divider line
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1271 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 29 Mar 2014 at 2:40 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2014-03-29 02:24:50 PM  
How about the rest of you? Rather be at the pictures I suppose? Right then, off with you.
2014-03-29 02:45:26 PM  
I was trying to think where he was on my list of favorite pythons but they are all good. They will all be dead sooner or later :(((((((
2014-03-29 02:52:10 PM  
Going to buy a shrubbery in his honor.
2014-03-29 02:52:38 PM  
I can't think of anything I'd rather not be doing than marching up and down the SQUARE!
2014-03-29 02:56:15 PM  
Eric has always been my Python. Whether he's playing the dumb blond or the wiseass who pushes his castmates to insanity, he has always been a delight to watch. Plus, IRRC. He's the one who was instrumental in bringing Spamalot to Broadway
2014-03-29 03:05:35 PM  
That's a good clip to show --- for Michael Palin's birthday.
2014-03-29 03:06:38 PM  
No he doesn't.
2014-03-29 03:09:26 PM  
2014-03-29 03:10:10 PM  
I saw his "Greedy Bastard Tour" show and was astonished at how fresh and full of energy he was, in spite of having obviously done the songs and sketches 1000+ times.  For some reason I was expecting it to be a little tired and old but he proved me wrong.
2014-03-29 03:12:22 PM  
Is he looking on the bright side?
2014-03-29 03:15:34 PM  
Nudge nudge wink wink blow at the candles say no more, squire, SAY - NO - MORE!!!
2014-03-29 04:09:44 PM  
Will they play the Not The Noel Coward Song at the party?
2014-03-29 04:21:37 PM  
That bit is one of the funniest things in existence; how those guys kept a straight face I'll never know.
2014-03-29 04:38:47 PM  
And remember, you won't succeed on Broadway if you haven't any Jews.
2014-03-29 04:43:44 PM  
Idle's the only Python I've ever met or will ever meet.  (He had a meet-n-greet autograph session after the show on the tour he did before the Greedy Bastard Tour.  I told him he put on an "ass-kicking show".)
2014-03-29 04:58:02 PM  
I'll just leave this here.

...and run.
2014-03-29 05:15:23 PM  
He made the prettiest woman out of the lot.
2014-03-29 05:56:17 PM  
What a silly bunt.
2014-03-29 06:24:07 PM  
Happy Birthday Eric, and ham sandwich bucket and water plastic durolects, rubber McFisheries underwear. By the way, plug rapid emulsions seek custard without sustenance in Kipling duck geriatric scenery; maximizes press insulating devilment grunting sapphire clubs, incidentally.
But tonight, Sam, Pam, Bombay, Bermuda in diphtheria rusting McOutline splendor, rabid and fud-fud-phooey jog strabbedly big bowerly or rule liners, muss green gauges micturate, with nipples and tiptoe rusting machinery rustically inclined.

/Loved that skit
2014-03-29 06:46:54 PM  
2014-03-29 11:18:48 PM  
Guaranteed to break the ice at parties.
2014-03-29 11:45:24 PM  

Anderson's Pooper: Will they play the Not The Noel Coward Song at the party?

He's running away, and buggering off...
2014-03-30 04:13:28 AM  

mjones71822: I was trying to think where he was on my list of favorite pythons but they are all good. They will all be dead sooner or later :(((((((

My list at the moment:

1) Graham Chapman (being dead for 25 years has helped him immensely, but A Liar's Autobiography was awesome)

2) Terry Jones

3) Michael Palin

4) Eric Idle

5) Terr Gilliam (currently Trying Too Hard)

6) John Cleese (so much potential gone to waste, and I feel like it's only a matter of time before he supports the Tories).
2014-03-30 02:50:43 PM  

peasandcarrots: I'll just leave this here.

...and run.

Wow. That looked like a rusty bucket of cold phlegm.
2014-03-30 05:44:59 PM  
Happy birthday you cheeky bastard!
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