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(St. Croix Source)   "Officer, please help. The bank has been robbed." "Can you describe the suspect Ma'am?" "Yes. He's pink"   ( stcroixsource.com) divider line
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2014-03-22 10:09:36 AM  
The funniest thing of the article of this is that they call the kid prison the REHABILITATION CENTER. LAUGHTER OL that is the most hilarious of things and I am thinking some people might even have a belief in this.
2014-03-22 10:56:13 AM  
What kind of a tipper is Mr. pink?
2014-03-22 11:09:50 AM  
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2014-03-22 11:16:36 AM  
He'll be pink on both ends soon
2014-03-22 11:29:50 AM  

itcamefromschenectady: [img.fark.net image 188x268]

we are through here
2014-03-22 11:56:08 AM  
"OK ma'am, which one's Pink?"
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2014-03-22 11:59:46 AM  
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2014-03-22 12:01:59 PM  
In the south he would have been 'pank'.
2014-03-22 12:03:21 PM  
I tell you, I tell you everting! He look...he looka lika gay!

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2014-03-22 12:08:15 PM  
P!nk robbed a bank?  Unpossible.
2014-03-22 12:08:39 PM  
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2014-03-22 12:10:49 PM  
But was he hatless?
2014-03-22 12:17:34 PM  
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2014-03-22 12:40:45 PM  

illannoyin: In the south he would have been 'pank'.

He would have been a poo and a wank?

www.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Do6NgB7Vy_9c&ei=6LwtU5alGOm32wW6lIHgBg& us g=AFQjCNGqHn42MuV-cD0WSAlXMyVogFFBgw&sig2=RNFbV_8FRj8f4mso0mEYmg&bvm=b v.62922401,d.b2I" target="_blank">https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source =web&cd=4&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CE8QtwIwAw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube. com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Do6NgB7Vy_9c&ei=6LwtU5alGOm32wW6lIHgBg&us g=AFQjCNGqHn42MuV-cD0WSAlXMyVogFFBgw&sig2=RNFbV_8FRj8f4mso0mEYmg&bvm=b v.62922401,d.b2I
2014-03-22 12:43:49 PM  
dangit, I can't link right. I was trying to link to todd margaret.
2014-03-22 12:45:11 PM  
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"I'm afraid they're onto me, children. Daddy may have to go away for awhile."
2014-03-22 12:49:52 PM  
He's a hazard to himself.  He's his own worst enemy.
2014-03-22 01:25:17 PM  
And did we tell you the name of the game?
We call it robbing the gravy train
2014-03-22 01:41:09 PM  
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2014-03-22 01:50:18 PM  
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Maybe that old-timer threw off his concentration.
2014-03-22 01:59:17 PM  
It's a PIGMAN!
2014-03-22 02:07:41 PM  
That's racist!
2014-03-22 02:11:02 PM  
Reminds me of my last teaching job.  The year before I was hired, some 18-year-old kid broke into the school, trying to get to the petty cash out of the Main Office and whatever drugs might have been in the Nurse's Office.  When he couldn't pry the safe open, he got a cutting torch from the shop, and tried that.  Ended up setting the Main Office on fire.

While fire trucks were responding, the kid walks into a nearby convenience store with soot around his nose and mouth, and smelling like burnt plastic.  Bought a soda, I guess to get the soot out of his throat.  Store owner called the cops, having seen the flames from the store.  The kid got busted within the hour.

He's doing 25 years for burglary and arson.  Did $2M worth of damage to the school.
2014-03-22 02:11:58 PM  
Apparently dye packs aren't as common knowledge as I thought they were
2014-03-22 02:27:49 PM  
St. Croix.
The Florida of the Caribbean...

/I wondered why all those cop cars were blocking traffic.
2014-03-22 03:02:23 PM  

Bith Set Me Up: But was he hatless?

came for this; leaving satisfied
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