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(The Courier UK)   Scots figure out that if you can do everything else in life with a beer in your hand, you might as well sketch nudes with a beer in your hand as well. Behold, art class in a pub   ( divider line
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2014-03-22 10:57:55 AM  
Is that a caber and a haggis in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
2014-03-22 10:58:44 AM  
A nude person surrounded by artistic drunks, that's gonna end well.
2014-03-22 11:05:52 AM  
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2014-03-22 11:05:56 AM  
Who hatched this brilliant scheme?

2014-03-22 11:05:56 AM  
My senior thermodynamics prof was a Scotsman-looked just like Groundskeeper Willie, but the polar opposite in disposition. Loved that man. He held the final session of the class at the bar downtown. Good times...
2014-03-22 11:06:31 AM  
Still have not mastered not spilling beer in hand when I use the other hand to choke my chicken.
Will keep practicing, but, I fear it is one thing you must set the beer down for.
2014-03-22 11:07:53 AM  
It's a stop-motion strip club!
2014-03-22 11:09:51 AM  
Nude Karen Gillian with beer?

/I'll be in my artistic bunk
2014-03-22 11:10:00 AM  
OK, I have to say that I like the name of the organization.
2014-03-22 11:12:03 AM  
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I'm half Scottish so I can (half?) say this
2014-03-22 11:16:05 AM  
And a fight will break out over the last burnt umber crayon
2014-03-22 11:16:40 AM  
Well, a true Scotsman would have a beer in one hand, and something deep-fried in the other, so how is this going to work?
2014-03-22 11:19:44 AM  
I love SCOTS
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2014-03-22 11:21:41 AM  
There's something similar in the States--"Dr. Sketchy," where you go to a local bar and "new burlesque" (read "fat and covered with tattoos") models in skimpy underwear and pasties pose. It's supposedly free, but they pass the hat so many times you might as well be paying full price at a regular figure session and have the model completely nude. Of course, you usually can't drink there.

I help run a weekly figure session in Harvard Square, and I've drawn all over the New York, Philadelphia, Providence, and Boston metropolitan areas Nobody works the models like they do in Boston. Most places it's twenty minutes posing with five minute breaks. In the Boston area it's an hour for starters, then thirty minutes on, five minutes off. You get plenty of young, attractive female models in these college towns, but young and attractive doesn't necessarily mean interesting and professional. I'd rather have a fat, old model, male or female, who can take an interesting pose and hold it for twenty minutes than an attractive young thing who moves the whole time and takes boring, unimaginative poses.

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2014-03-22 11:36:49 AM  
Naked women, open bar, lots of appreciative gentlemen... This sounds like a familiar business model, but I can't think what it reminds me of. Hmm...

Oh yes, now I remember. The wellness spas in Munich. Some of them offered small glasses of wine after the treatments.
2014-03-22 12:40:31 PM  
In my youth in the 70s, I took classes at the Arts Students League on 57th street in NYC and drew very old people naked... it will never be erased from my mind.
2014-03-22 01:38:55 PM  
Laziest stripper ever.
2014-03-22 02:01:23 PM  

grokca: Laziest stripper ever.

OK, new business plan, charcoal sketches of lap dancing.
This is gonna be so cool.

"ART", baby.
2014-03-22 04:39:32 PM  
Andy Kauffman is still alive and hiding in Scotland.  Gained a few pounds but hasn't aged much.  (0:45)
2014-03-22 06:15:43 PM  
I just wear my Google Glass into the local full nude dance place here in Mt. View called the Pink Pussycat... sweet! All kinds of sexi babez looking to earn a few dollars, and Google engineers right there for on hand tech support!
2014-03-22 06:57:04 PM  
There used to be a great cafe/bar in San Francisco that had a nude model once a week. The night I played a gig there was the night they got their liquor license. It didn't last long, but it was a great place to hang out. The name was something obvious, like "The Artists' Cafe" or something. Long time ago now.
2014-03-22 08:22:43 PM  

gryhnd: I'm half Scottish so I can (half?) say this

Having been to Scotland enough times that the immigrations person at Edinburgh airport asked me "why don't you just  move here?" I think the "in real life" picture needs to be shorter, rounder, and more prickly.

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2014-03-23 10:15:55 AM  

dbirchall: gryhnd: I'm half Scottish so I can (half?) say this

Having been to Scotland enough times that the immigrations person at Edinburgh airport asked me "why don't you just  move here?" I think the "in real life" picture needs to be shorter, rounder, and more prickly.

[ image 414x388]

Ron is Scottish?
Who knew?
2014-03-23 12:57:39 PM  
No true Scotsman would ever sign up for one of these classes, because that would mean putting down one of his drinks.
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