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14084 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Feb 2004 at 3:50 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-03 01:41:00 PM  
He should have choked the chancellor.

2004-02-03 01:47:13 PM  
Lesson #1: don't cross the boss.
2004-02-03 01:47:22 PM  
I just finished "choking the chancellor." Nudge, nudge.

Cereally, Knight's a menace and should be suspended. Fired, even.
2004-02-03 02:02:43 PM  
Just lay back and enjoy it

/probably misquoted
2004-02-03 02:09:16 PM  
There will be a general revolt in Lubbock if he is suspended. One article says that he will have to sign his own letter of suspension.

Ain't gonna happen.

I wish John Monfort was still Chancellor. He knew to stay away and go out and raise money. This asshat ins't going to win any of the alums over if he jacks with Knight too much.
2004-02-03 02:24:06 PM  
boy, he's gonna be pissed. lock up your folding chairs
2004-02-03 02:37:31 PM  
Wassup, Knight?

/choke this, you arrogant psycho
2004-02-03 02:53:16 PM  
it's probably because the chancellor took the last of the croutons.
2004-02-03 02:58:02 PM  
Why do universities keep giving Bob Knight their coaching jobs? In the end, isn't it a bit like mothers giving Michael Jackson their kids? Yeah, the guy is a genius and all, but in the end, you're farked.
2004-02-03 03:21:04 PM  
Well, lets see here NakedReporta...

Won the Dance 3x
>80% graduation rate.
NEVER had an NCAA violation.

He is allowed an outburst evrey now and then. It seems to get people's attention. I just hope the TTU Chancelor doesn't push this thing too hard...for his own personal saftey. The people of Lubbock will tar and feather him then run him outta town on the Marsha Sharp freeway...
2004-02-03 03:54:32 PM  
Who the Fark is Bob Knight, and who cares?
2004-02-03 03:54:42 PM  
Today's Exposed Boob!!
2004-02-03 03:55:15 PM  
guy has issues. and the fact that people care about college basketball so much that they flip out at someone who tries to discipline this psycho makes baby jesus weep for humanity.
2004-02-03 03:55:18 PM  
Does that sterling graduation rate include the two or three blue-chips who transferred every farking year because they couldn't stand his ass? Maybe people would put up with his shiat if he had actually bothered to accomplish anything over the last 10 years.
2004-02-03 03:55:46 PM  
Knight's been "quiet" for a while...

It was pretty stupid of him, though, to go off on the chancellor who was COMPLIMENTING him. Positive reinforcement can go a long way - this time, however, it backfired.
2004-02-03 03:56:19 PM  
And Michael Jackson has won numerous awards, broken records with album sales, and has never been convicted of sexually molesting a child. So I guess we should allow him his occasional NAMBLA moment, by your reasoning.

I don't know, last time I checked, verbally accosting your boss in a public place was just cause for termination. But I guess the rules don't apply to Bobby Knight.
2004-02-03 03:56:27 PM  
I think this will be one of those self-cleaning oven situations. He's bound to go out clutching his chest in one of his ridiculously overboard fits of rage.
2004-02-03 03:57:48 PM  
And Michael Jackson has won numerous awards, broken records with album sales, and has never been convicted of sexually molesting a child. So I guess we should allow him his occasional NAMBLA moment, by your reasoning.

I don't know, last time I checked, verbally accosting your boss in a public place was just cause for termination. But I guess the rules don't apply to Bobby Knight.

Sorry, that was directed at Dancin_In_Anson. This hit the main board while I was responding.
2004-02-03 03:58:07 PM  
I think Knight has an honest to goodness biochemically based imbalance. [image from too old to be available]
2004-02-03 03:59:03 PM  
Well, at least no furniture was harmed.
And go back under your rock albertadiver, I wish I could. :p
2004-02-03 03:59:16 PM  
Isn't banishment to Lubbock punishment enough?
2004-02-03 03:59:23 PM  
Why do universities keep hiring this asshat? Oh, his success on the court? Is he still riding the high of that 1987 NCAA tournament win? Was Texas Tech anxious to have the Bob Knight patented "do marginally well in the regular season, and then choke bigger than shiat in the post-season" legacy? Yeah, a high maintenance coach like that is worth that long journey to first round elimination. Only in Indiana and/or Texas could this asshat find work. Maybe there's a good community college that could use a hot headed intramurals coach.
2004-02-03 04:00:09 PM  
Fark 'em both. Let Texas Tech have his crazy ass. Without them, he's living off of whatever past is still salvagable; without him, they're recruiting out of Idaho.
2004-02-03 04:00:24 PM  
"One eyewitness told the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal that Knight raised his voice to Smith after the chancellor approached him at a salad bar to compliment the coach on his recent good behavior."

Wow, this could have easily turned into a case of public indecency, because if the chancellor had been holding anything from the bar,Knight just might have tossed his salad.

2004-02-03 04:00:50 PM  
I wish there was poetic justice so his Knight-ness would have kiss @$$ at the Walmart for freakin paycheck. Double darn all these rich bastages that forget that sports will be first up against the wall when the revolution comes. I don't care who you are, you bad mouth the boss you get the crap kicked out of you.
See Truman versus MacArthur for a nice handling of ass-hat employees. I don't care, you work for me, national hero my ass, say hello to the unemployment line.

Huge ego jerks suck!
2004-02-03 04:01:11 PM  
In other news, desperate universities with horrible basketball teams began weighing the drawbacks...
2004-02-03 04:01:12 PM  
He is allowed an outburst evrey now and then.

Of course he is. After all, his job is to teach college kids how to throw a ball through a hoop. Anyone else who had a verbal (borderline physical) confrontation with their boss would be fired. But since he teaches college kids how to throw a ball through a hoop, he should be allowed to act like a 5-year old. That's a far more important lesson than teaching them how to act like an adult.
2004-02-03 04:01:19 PM  
and in 'news of we saw that coming', Bob Knight suspended.
2004-02-03 04:01:52 PM  
Knight is like a hemorrhoid.
2004-02-03 04:02:34 PM  
Fark him. He's a grade A, top notch asshat, through & through.

Lay back & enjoy it you stupid fark.
2004-02-03 04:02:54 PM  
I'm Shocked! SHOCKED, I tell you!
2004-02-03 04:03:02 PM  
ummm... wait a minute. Two adults have a confrontation in a restaurant outside of their mutual workplace and one causes the other to get suspended from work? That's jacked up. If he's the boss and he doesn't want to work with him anymore, fine, fire him - you have that right - but to punish someone in the workplace for an altercation that took place away from work is a little egomaniacal for my tastes. Not that Bob isn't a raging a-hole himself... we all know that... but that's irrelevant in this case.
2004-02-03 04:03:03 PM  
Boo effin hoo

Bobby needs to learn that the athletic department isn't god anymore.

Get a real job
2004-02-03 04:04:01 PM  
You: I know who Bob Knight is and care about what he does.
Me : Great! So how's that 100 I.Q. working out?
2004-02-03 04:04:04 PM  
No mention that he tossed a salad at the chancellor?

Tossed salad... hehe.
2004-02-03 04:04:07 PM  
"The chancellor then told Knight that he deserved more respect than Knight was showing him, according to the Avalanche-Journal."

Who the fark is the Chancellor, Cartman ? "Bobby Knight, respect my authoritah !"
[image from too old to be available]

2004-02-03 04:04:46 PM  
I always thought TT was a fitting place for Bobby. Before every sporting event, they have a God-fearin' shiat kickin' cross-burning; there are no minorities to be seen on the Lubbock campus.
2004-02-03 04:05:13 PM  
2004-02-03 04:01:52 PM Dinty_Moore

Knight is like a hemorrhoid.

2004-02-03 04:05:21 PM
2004-02-03 04:06:03 PM  
Woody Hayes and JJ Burnel surrender.
2004-02-03 04:06:21 PM  
2004-02-03 04:06:46 PM  
Sorry, Bob Knight has done wonders for Tech. Gave the library $500,000 before he even set foot on campus...He demands excellence and for the most part he gets it. Those that "couldn't stand his ass" are just the same as you and I. Don't like it? See ya! If you sign to play for Coach Knight, you cannot plead ignorance...It won't hold water.

And "verbally accosting your boss in public" might be bad for some people, but Knight is a cash cow for Tech. They need it and Dr.Smith knows it...Plus it is not illegal to verball accost somebody in is a "NAMBLA moment". Come on Reporta you can do better than that...
2004-02-03 04:06:53 PM  
there are no minorities to be seen on the Lubbock campus.
I go to tech and there are plenty of minorites bud...
2004-02-03 04:07:36 PM  
The salad bar at the grocery store isn't the perfect spot to discuss the coach's recent conduct. That was stupid.
2004-02-03 04:08:19 PM  
Well said Dancin_In_Anson!!
2004-02-03 04:08:25 PM  
Bob Knight is right at the top of my "Arrogant Asshats I'd Like To Punch In The Face" list. So what if you're a good ball coach, it doesn't make you a god.
2004-02-03 04:08:34 PM  
I'm certain that if I treated my boss like this, public place or otherwise, I would be out the door in less than a milisecond.
2004-02-03 04:08:41 PM  
EyeballKid - They hire him because he has a brilliant basketball mind and he creates BS which sells tickets .I agree with your comments . He knows he cant take his act to the pro game because they wont buy what he is selling .
2004-02-03 04:09:29 PM  
Bobby Knight has anger management problems?
img.fark.netView Full Size
2004-02-03 04:11:09 PM  
I love all the Knight apologists. Oh, he makes money for his college. Oh, he wins championships.

So what? He's psychotic! Have you ever watched one of his interviews? Good Lord, the man thinks he's Jesus Christ incarnate.

Forget firing or suspending the man, he should be publically humiliated for the rest of his wretched existence.
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