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(FOX6Now)   Sappy: Widow goes through attic and discovers her husband's WWII uniform, medals, and other memorabilia. Scary: Memorabilia such as four live grenades   ( fox6now.com) divider line
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2014-03-20 07:54:29 AM  
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groppet: padraig: cman: CSB

I was stationed in Germany from 2003-2005. I was in Wiesbaden. One day when I was in the barracks someone came around screaming "Evacuate the building". Turns out they found some unexploded WWII ordinance. They still are finding that crap 70 years after the fact.

Farmers in the East of France still uncover unexploded ordinances from WWI in their fields. And on January, high tides brought back to the surface an unexploded 250-pound shell from D-DAY on Oleran Island.

I saw a documentary about bomb squads in Europe and they said they will have enough work from both wars to keep them busy for 1000 years.

Seems like self-serving bullshiat to me.

 I have a "doorstop" made from a moter shell. Dad was in ordinance and he said its safe but not to drop it dunno if he was farking with me or not.........thanks dad.

Yeah, lots of things are safe as long as you don't drop them.  The chances of it blowing up even with any impact it's likely to get are probably pretty small, but are you sure you want that in your home?

Donate it to the Salvation Army.  I hear they need to re-arm themselves anyway.
2014-03-20 06:09:23 AM  
3 votes:

mudmin: All my grandpa brought home was a pregnant Polish chick. Love ya grandma

Worst war souvenir ever.
2014-03-20 04:47:25 AM  
2 votes:
The grenades were estimated to be about 40 years old.
Did I live through WWII, and miss it?
2014-03-20 04:36:56 AM  
2 votes:
This all because she wouldn't let him go out fishing with his buddies often enough. He brought home 24 of them.
2014-03-20 08:42:51 AM  
1 vote:
What's the problem? It's not like TNT sweats as it ages becoming less stable over time.
2014-03-20 07:28:40 AM  
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hardinparamedic: There is nothing electrical about it. It's a mechanically actuated bomb with ABOUT a five second fuze.

Fixed. You have to be careful, because you might get suprised.


Old neighbor was a ex (former?) Marine, and apparently left a smoke grenade (regular smoke, not WP) in his garage when he moved. I come home one day and the new neighbor is standing in the street with a bunch of cops. I ask what is going on, and the cop says they found a grenade (which is now sitting in the driveway) and they are waiting for EOD. I say "You guys know that's just read smoke, right?" One of the cops looks at me like I'm crazy and aks how I know. "Uh...because it's cylindrical, not round, it's got a red top, and it says smoke on the side. Also I'm in the Army."
The cop goes 'oh.' So I ask "can I have it?" Cop looks at me even crazier. "What??" 'Since it's not an explosive....can I have it?' Cop says "No!" like I asked a really stupid question or something. Then he gets on the radio for a minute, comes back, tosses the grenade in the trunk and they all leave.
2014-03-20 12:06:33 AM  
1 vote:
What's so scary about an hand grenade? Don't pull the pin out and you'll be fine.

Hand it here, I'll show you what I mean.
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